Tuesday, December 28, 2010

10 Months...

Guess how many months I am? What you can't read the blocks? Well if my mom wasn't so slow she might actually capture the picture before all the blocks come tumbling down! Also check out the awesome drum courtesy of Auntie Kel and Uncle Jason - Scott rocks out!
Oh there we go....10 Months old!

And the award for best pouty face of the year goes to.....

Scott is a baby no more! He is definitely a little kid now! He walks more than he crawls (today at the park he practically ran to try to get to the guy on the riding lawn mower - coolest thing ever right?!) he talks non stop, I have even heard some "words". He has started to be able to recognize and find things (ask him where mickey or elmo is and he will point) and he points to things if he wants to know what they are (I'm guessing that's why sometimes) or if he wants them (usually this is the case for pointing). And the kid definitely knows what he wants and is very vocal about it. We are working on manners and obedience. Scott understand "no" (used repeatedly when he stands up in the bath tub, reaches for the outlets or hits - yeah, hitting, that's new and fun - not!) and his problem is that he thinks its a game, or wants it to be a game, so he laughs and does it more, I deserve an award for keeping a straight face when I have to tell him no again because he is so darn cute and funny.
Scott likes finger foods only now - adios baby food purees. And he likes to feed himself making meal time a looooong process - but that's usually nice for me because high chair breaks = awesome for mommies!
Scott is absolutely in love with his daddy (has been his whole life) and lately has taken to crying when Brian leaves in the morning - SADDEST.THING.EVER! He has also started to become a tiny bit more of a cuddler (which isn't saying much because he has never been much of a cuddler) now he will sit and snuggle with me for a few minutes after a nap or when I get him out of his carseat, its basically my favorite thing in the world. He has also started to hold on like a monkey when you carry him, which actually makes having 24lbs. on your hip easier!
One of the funniest new things is how much Scott's sense of humor has developed. He has always loved to laugh but now he understands when you purposely do things to make him laugh (I stick rice puffs to my lips and let him pick them off and eat them...gross?) and he totally gets that I'm being funny (by the way I know its my own fault that I'm teaching my kid to play with his food and I won't have a leg to stand on when I try to tell him not to play with his - whatever I'll cross that bridge later). He is basically just so much fun! Can't believe he'll be ONE in just two short months (less than that now!).

Hey Mickey...

Scott really digs Mickey Mouse! For Christmas we got Fantasia (ie Sorcerer's Apprentice) and we got Scott a Sorcerer Mickey. Scott drags his Mickey around everywhere! We let Scott watch the Sorcerer's Apprentice part of Fantasia...now we watch it every night, with Mickey in tow! He gets so excited - its so cute!

What we have been doing since Christmas....

.....Riding in the car....24/7!

Just parked in the driveway...no big deal!

We Wish You a Merry Christmas!!!

Scott and Grandma reading a Christmas book!

Grandpa Ken let someone play in the back of the truck on Christmas Eve.

Christmas orange
The Campbells in Christmas jams!

Scott badly wanted a sip of Grandpy's drink
"THAT, is what I want!!!"

My sweet husband surprised me with this plate a few weeks ago (I fell in love with it at the Christmas spectacular, the night Scott met Santa, so Brian bought it after I left). I experimented and made one for Parker and it came out really well. I am working on more because I just think they are the cutest things...obviously the ones I'm working on won't be ready for this Christmas...so that means I have plenty of time (just under a year) to finish my endeavor!
Christmas eve my parents and Brian's parents joined us for Christmas eve dinner. My family has always had a low key Christmas eve dinner with just appetizers and crackers and cheese and this year was no exception. I wanted to start new traditions so this year I made my first ever in the history of the world cheesecake....and it turned out great! So Christmas cheesecake is new tradition #1 and that is what we had for dessert on Christmas eve and Christmas day. We also made and decorated cookies for Santa (no pictures...oops) which will be a really fun tradition once Scott is old enough to decorate! And we are hoping by next year we will have a church we go to regularly and that Scott will be ready to sit through a Christmas Eve service (there was no way in the world he could have done that this year).

Christmas morning:
Santa has been to the Campbell house

Parker and Uncle Brian (Parker and his parents arrived at our house in time for Christmas breakfast and stockings)
Scott and Auntie
Scott was so excited to get a new car from Grandma Karen and G-Pa Ken!
Parker J just really couldn't be bothered to open his stocking so Scott helped
Uncle Matt loves him some Christmas breakfast potatoes

Scott tackling his own stocking
Scott and Parker's elves left them these fun new bath boats

This is Parker J.'s "I'm working real hard" face!

Scott got this bib in his stocking. It says: "I am SUPER KID! This is not a bib. It's my cape! My mom has it on backwards!" Hilarious! And so perfect for Scott!

Scott and Parker have both learned how to make a fish face (I'm still working on capturing a picture of Parker doing it!)

My Dos and me!
I can't believe Scott has already had his first Christmas! We were so blessed to have parents and siblings and cousins to spend this special time with! Watching Scott and Parker open presents and play and take it all in was the most amazing thing. So many memories were made this year! I'm excited to carry on traditions and start new ones with our growing family! We hope everyone had a Merry Christmas! Happy Birthday Jesus!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

I want THAT!

Just a picture of Scott from this morning pointing and hollering! Don't really know what he wanted but he was yelling pretty loudly (happily though) and he kept pointing at stuff! HAHA!

Gingerbread Houses

It has been very rainy here lately...and more rain expected for the next 6 days! So in an effort to entertain the babies indoors this week my sister and I decided it was time for a gingerbread house decorating party. We invited some friends and their babies (and some that didn't have babies because really it was all about us decorating and getting a sugar high anyways) and got some kits and extra candy and went to town!

Mixing the icing (or Puder Zucker - powdered sugar in german? funny if you were there!)
Zoey says "let me at the candy mom!"
Hilary and I lucked out because BOTH of our boys napped for the first half of the decorating process...allowing ample time to focus on the decorations and let our creative juices flow!

Zoey + Hershey's = happiness (no she didn't actually eat any, her mom said "if you can get it open yourself you can have some!")
Please note the snowflake candies on the roof...Andy found these...GENIUS....they totally made our houses!
Chinese Handcuffs (you had to be there!)
Hilary & Parker J.'s masterpiece

Andy & Zoey's masterpiece

A baby Jesus snowman peep for Uncle Matt (this is what happens when I have had too much sugar!)

Helping mommy decorate

Mommy & Scotty P's masterpiece

Pretty sure he just wanted to pick off pieces to eat!

HAHA love how Scott is looking at the house
The Blacks came to decorate their house after work...true test of a marriage: can you decorate a gingerbread house together incorporating BOTH of your ideas...they did great!!!

Scotty P loves his Uncle Adam

And his Auntie Crystal!