Monday, December 21, 2015

2015 School Pictures

Owen age 3 1/2. Preschool

Scott age 5 1/2.  Kindergarten

Sunday, December 13, 2015

A Rincon Thanksgiving

Almost caught up, kind of.  I give you: Thanksgiving week.

Friday we headed up to Rincon as soon as I picked up the boys from school.  We (Brian) had secured a spot on Thursday morning so we couldn't wait to get up there friday and let vacation week begin. 

Glow sticks by the fire with my boys.  No place I'd rather be.

Our first morning we wasted no time getting down to the beach.  I think all the boys went down before breakfast while I cooked.

Saturday was our last soccer game so we had to drive back mid day for that, but we had the morning and all afternoon to enjoy perfect beach weather.

Watching our first sunset of the week together - my absolute favorite!

Sometimes the smiles these boys give me make me think we need some smiling lessons. Ha.

I just can't do these sunsets justice.

I wish I could describe how amazing the weather and surf were the early part of the week.  Warm but not hot, the ocean temp was mild, no wetsuit needed.  And the waves were barely visible, smooth as glass.  Which if you are a novice paddle boarder like me are the best conditions you could wish for.  Let's just say I usually can't even launch myself and need Brian's help - Saturday through Tuesday I got to go out 2-3 times per day, could launch myself and felt like I was out there for hours!

At one point a dolphin came up so close to my board I could have touched it.  It actually scared the crap out of me since I didn't see it coming, but once I got used to them I enjoyed paddling next to pods of dolphins everyday.  Honestly thinking back on it its like a dream now.

Successful launch ; )  Do you see how flat it is?  I have never seen it like this, it was like a present just for me!

We were so thankful for the nice weather because we cannot keep these boys out of the ocean.

One of Brian's paddle board outings, even he enjoyed going out several times each day.

One day we headed up to Carpinteria to shop and walk around and of course treat ourselves to coffee and acai bowls at Lucky Llama Coffee (FAVE!).  While we were there we stopped at the used book store where you can buy children's book by the inch - they charge 1$ per inch; we stocked up on five or six new books for the remainder of our trip including an old Where's Waldo - it was a huge hit.  

Waldo + wine = winning combo

We had some friends visit on a few different days which always makes a day at the beach even better.

Angelina, Lincoln, Scott and Owen hitting the waves.

Owen, Scott and Bennett soaking up the sun like a bunch of teenagers (they had been in the ocean for hours and were way to warm up!)

This picture cracks me up!

Getting buried is a favorite pass time.

They look like Mt. Rushmore heads in this one. Ha.

Later the boys decided it was time for a surf lesson...on the giant paddle board of course

They took turns standing with Daddy in the tiny surf.

It was just one of those moments...ya know?!

No hands

That face!  My heart!!!

Scott's the jump

The days ran almost all ran together.  Coffee, breakfast, beach runs, paddle boarding, surf lessons, sand castles, sunsets, books, card games, dinner, wine....there just isn't a better way to spend the week if you ask me.

I picked up a game called 'Swish' last year.  It was a little much for us then but this trip Scott got really into it.  Fun and educational, I'd call that a win.  We played it many evenings.

Wednesday we headed out to the dessert to have Thanksgiving with Grandma, Gpa, Aunt Lynne and Uncle Taber.  We were excited to have more perfect weather and to be staying in a complex with a pool.  My little swimmers couldn't wait to get in (they started pestering us to second we parked the car!)

We had a wonderful couple of days with good food and good company!

Campbell party of 4

Late on Thursday Brian and I headed back to the beach for the weekend while the boys stayed on and had a weekend with the grandparents and great aunt and uncle!  We had such a great time knowing they were having fun, thanks Grandma and Gpa.

The second weekend was a little cooler but it worked out perfectly since it was just the two of us.  We went for long beach walks, watched the sunset and even made it into town for a little Christmas shopping.

Since it was Brian's birthday weekend we had big plans to go out to dinner one night, but when it came down to it we decided we'd rather eat something simple and enjoy one last sunset beach walk.  It was pretty perfect.

Fire on our last night

It was truly the best vacation week we have had in a long time!  I think we all left feeling refreshed and relaxed, nothing better to head into December well rested!

Until next time Rincon...

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Friendship feast

The week leading up to Thanksgiving was full of Harvest fun at the kids' schools (I'm writing this a few weeks later so I can say that now.  During that week I'm pretty sure it felt like Thanksgiving hell).

The kindergarteners worked hard all week making a friendship feast for the parents.  They learned a song and made native american outfits and chopped and cooked up some stone soup and bread, complete with homemade butter (seen in the first picture, 19 kindergarteners shaking bottles of cream and marbles - fun, and somewhere in you tube land there is a video of me making butter while doing a little dance, thanks fellow kinder parents! haha).

Singing their song

Cutest ever in his native costume

Friday the whole school had a harvest festival where they all participated in group activities together (the littles matched up with their big buddies from upper grades).  We did a cardboard challenge, learned about recycling and did a drum circle.

It was really fun, but by noon our kinder were spent so we ditched the feast and headed to whole foods for some popsicles with our friends.  A much better choice for us that day!

Their friendship cracks me up:

After whole foods we picked up Owen from picnic pals and walked into this:
Best seat in the house - Love our Ms. Jennifer!!!

It was a great way to end our friday and start our vacation week!!!