Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Harry Potter Halloween

And just like that it was Halloween.  This year the Campbells were all in for the Harry Potter theme.

2 Harry Potters:

And Dumbledore (Thanks for being a good sport Brian!)

And Luna Lovegood

The Daniels crew came over to join us for trick or treating

Then we all met up with a bunch of friends and filled our candy bags all night. During which time I took no pictures.  But I did capture the aftermath of them all negotiating trades in the living room

Scott and Owen each got to eat something at our friends house.  Owen chose nerds and loved every artificially dye and corn syrup filled second.

Just posing with his loot back at home.  Thankfully the switch came and cleared the loot by the next day!

Fall, back at it

We seemed to not miss a minute after returning from our trip.  Next Saturday we were at soccer and baseball games, almost like we had never been gone.

Enjoying the fall evenings playing Mexican train.

More fall ball.

Fan kids.

The boys were so excited to watch the Dodgers in the world series.

Owen and I met his class in Ojai for a field trip one day.  But instead of driving up we biked.

We had to leave at sunrise to make it.

But it was worth it.  We beat everyone so we had time to stop for coffee and donuts before the story telling festival.

And since we were traveling and playing sports and going on field trips all fall we never made it to the pumpkin patch, so the bin outside of Trader Joe's had to do.

The night of the Ojai field trip was also pumpkin carving night.

The remnants:

More fall ball:

And my fall potter class, so much fun for girls night out!

London Part II, Stonehenge and Bath

We knew 5 days in London would be a lot for the boys so we made plans to rent a car and head out of town one day so they (and I) could see Stonehenge. 

After getting the rental car and actually making it out the heart of the city, which was a crazy adventure on its own, the drive was beautiful and we really enjoyed the slower pace and the views.

And Stonehenge was pretty spectacular too.

I think ultimately the boys weren't super thrilled with a bunch of rock in the grass, especially since they couldn't go climb on the rocks, but I we emphasized the historical significance and they have already seen Stonehenge referenced in other places and could make the connection that they have been there in person.

From Stonehenge we headed to Bath to see the Roman Baths.

Bath was beautiful and we were disappointed we couldn't spend a few days there.  Next time.

Back in London in time for a sunset walk to dinner.

Our last day of our trip we were back in the city visiting the British Museum.

I underestimated the boys interest in museums.  I think we got bored before they did.  They could have spent hours up hours exploring the old treasures.

This room was one of Owen's favorites

And of course we had to see the Rosetta Stone.  We're just hoping that someday when the boys study these things in school they'll remember seeing it in person, because for now they didn't find it terrible fascinating. 

One of the oldest chess sets, they did think this was pretty cool.

After the British museum we headed back to the Borough Market for lunch.  I don't think there is anywhere I like to eat more than a market like this.  I think Brian had some kind of meat sandwich, Owen had sausages and Scott had Vietnamese food.  And I had paella! And of course sangria to go with it!

And a little dessert.

Then we wandered around town taking in the sights for the rest of our last day.

The next morning we flew home, but not before a delay.  Thankfully we snagged at table at a restaurant and played a few hours of left, right, center. 
It was the trip of a lifetime for sure.  We are so grateful for the memories we made and are excited to have ignited a travel bug in the boys!  It was a truly magical two weeks!