Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Best buds...

Parker 3 months, Scott 4 buds!!!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Summer days...

We are loving spending time outside and in the pool. This past weekend was Scott's first time in our pool (colder than Brian's cousin's pool that he had already been it). It was a hit. I think we will have a water baby. He especially liked floating on the raft with daddy while Charlie swam next to them and chased after his ball! We spent all Sunday morning in the pool until we had an open house at 2:00, but we have some great friends who allowed us to come over and spend the afternoon at their house! Oh and I also had to include the picture of our new beach tent (first picture), it literally pops up in 2 seconds, and takes down just as easily! After we saw it we knew we had to have one for beach days (and backyard days) and we even found it on amazon for 40$ cheaper and free me some bargains! Its called the InsTent (get it...instant, but tent...awesome!) and its made by abogear in case you want one too!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Four months....

Holy cow! Scott turns 4 months old today! My how the time flys! Our little boy has SO much personality! He loves to watch people, especially kids. He laughs all the time funny faces, at funny noises (like me snorting, side note: not all kids think snorting is funny, I have snorted at other babies and they look at me like I am a lunatic or they are scared), at being tickled (feet, belly, sides and arm pits), at having raspberries blown on his belly (I say "I', he starts cracking up before I even make it to his belly, I love that he now can anticipate this), and he laughs when he gets held up over people's heads.
Scott loves holding his feet! He reaches for everything in sight and when he gets it....well you've seen the simply must be tasted! He especially wants to hold and taste anything big people are eating or drinking (this past Saturday night he desperately wanted to get his hands/mouth on some cold beer cans, he got to hold, but not taste). I have started letting him have tastes of grown up food, he sometimes makes funny faces but he likes getting the experience of licking bananas, apples, cucumbers, carrots, avocado etc. In one of my pediatric seminars I learned that if you let children started tasting early they won't be picky later and introducing foods will be easier because they have already experienced texture (right now he gets to lick but not actually eat anything).
Scott is really happy that he has a dog. He notices Charlie more and more these days. Charlie will lick Scott and he loves it (I'm just waiting, because I know its going to happen soon, for Scott to lick Charlie back....bleh!). When Charlie walks by Scott, Scott reaches for him, SO CUTE!
Scott is definitely a mama's boy lately, he has started having stranger anxiety and doesn't like to be held by others for too long a period (except daddy and a select few others). He always has to know where I am. I sometimes put him in the swing in our kitchen, he is fine if I'm in the kitchen with him, but if I round the corner to the laundry room or something: disaster strikes!
Scott goes for his 4 month well baby visit on Tuesday so I don't know his stats, but I know he is a healthy growing boy. He is getting so strong. When he is on his tummy he can push up fairly high, turn in circles and army crawl (especially if there is a toy in front of him that he is motivated to go it wrong to tease your child to motivate him to move forward?). He is drooling like a maniac which is totally gross but I don't mind. I find myself wearing scarves and wraps so I have something to wipe the drool with, now that I think about it that is the truly gross part! We think he may be entering the teething process with the drooling, chewing on his hands and Friday he felt like he had a low grade fever, he was sweaty and even had a runny nose (clear though so no worries....and now you basically know everything about my kid! haha!). So I wouldn't be at all surprised if a tooth pops through in the next few weeks, we will see!
Scott is also so physical, he loves touching everything, especially other kids. At mommy group and on play dates Scott grabs all the other babies....hands, clothes faces, hair, whatever he can get at. I am already practicing for when I have to be the parent that says: "no, Scott, you can't touch the baby" "no honey don't touch his face" "gentle" etc.
But I love that we have a kiddo who is already trying to be on the go and into everything, that is how kids are supposed to be! I know he is going to take us for a wild ride and I'm thrilled!

Happy four months baby boy!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Live, Love, Munch...

Scott testing out Parker's exersaucer...being the older (by 3 weeks), and more experienced (Scott got his exersaucer almost 2 weeks ago), Scott had to make sure everything was in working order for Parker!

Finally I was able to capture Parker smiling. He smiles a lot but it is so hard to be quick enough with the camera to catch it!

Playtime at Parker's house!

Parker: lovin' the exersaucer

My Dos got me this fun mug (from Harry & David, one of the best stores ever, they tempt me so with all their treats) because it says MUNCH (and that is what I call Scott a lot!)
We had a great time playing at Cousin Parker's house today. Scott and I are trying to spend more time away from the house as it is currently on the market (fingers crossed, we will see what happens) and today we had a realtor walk through.
Today was also the first day I tried eating all raw/ far so good! I have had tons of fruits and veggies, I have also enjoyed some yum-o prepared raw food I picked up at Follow Your Heart grocery store yesterday in preparation for today (vegan bagel sandwich for breakfast...looking forward to my soft 'taco' for dinner). Hopefully I can stick with it and make it a weekly thing!

Monday, June 21, 2010


In the latest issue of Pathways magazine (if you don't read it, find one or borrow mine...its GREAT!) Dr. Monika Buerger wrote an article about eating green/organic/sustainably etc. Great article! There were actually several great articles in this issue about organic eating etc. Dr. Buerger challenged readers to eat completely raw and organic just one day a week. I know that eating vegetarian or vegan one day a week is really good for the environment and sustainability but I like the challenge of eating raw and organic as well. In April, I decided to return to my pseudo-vegetarianism (I still eat some fish and occasionally eggs), I had started eating chicken again occasionally during pregnancy but was happy to give that up once Scott was born. I like the idea of vegan eating but quite frankly right now checking ingredients on everything I buy to make sure there are zero animal products in them, well its a bit daunting for me. So for now pseudo-veg it is! I think I will challenge myself to one day a week of completely raw organic eating! I feel that by writing this down I have officially accepted this challenge and that will some how hold me accountable (I'm not really sure how but let's go with it). Wish me luck and stay tuned!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day...

Scott got an orange truck to match daddy's!

Scott made french toast for breakfast, Daddy's favorite!

Boys and trucks!

My dad

Happy Father's day Dad!

We have had a fun first father's day! I'm so lucky to have such a great dad and to be married to such a great husband who such an amazing dad to Scott! Happy Father's Day!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

3 month pictures...

Love these cheekers!
Smile baby boy!

Favorite sound in the world: Scott's laugh!
Getting so big!

"Piggies in my mouth please!"

HAHA! Drool mark on his left shoulder...I literally waited until the last possible second to change him into his picture outfit and he still managed to drool all over it! Gotta love it!

So we finally got around to taking Scott for his 3 month pictures! Hey at least I got him in before he turned 4 months! Can I also just say how much I love baby boy clothes...I had a ton of fun picking out something for him to wear...I just love how I can dress him like a little man only tiny! Precious! We love you Scott!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Mommy group...

Welcome Friends!

Brian and I met some wonderful parents through our childbirth class. Some of the other mommies and I decided we should start getting together regularly for some girl time, baby time, feeding time, eating time, you name it!

Here is Scott waiting for all of our friends to arrive!

Cousin Parker arrived first and finally got to try the exersaucer that we have been raving about! Parker is also a fan! Side note: Parker came with a war wound! Sunday he was hospitalized for two nights for a skin infection on his face. He is doing much better now but he has to sport a bandaid to protect the area and be on antibiotics for a few more days! He was so brave in the hospital and barely cried at all from what I hear! We are just glad he is home now!

Michelle and Dexter (passed out!)

Christy and Madelyn (also passed out!)

Alex and Mattew

Mommy time

Scott and Ava

Apparently dresses need to get tasted!

We had so much fun with all the mommies and babies today! It is so refreshing to hang out with such great women who can understand everything it means to be a mom! You all are an inspiration to me! Thanks for coming over friends...we can't wait until next time!

Well adjusted!

Have you had your adjustment today? Scott has! For the record he doesn't actually lay on my table to get adjusted yet, he is still too small, but it makes for a way cute picture! Scott does like watching all the patients get their adjustments and it won't be long until he can climb up on the table himself!

Monday, June 14, 2010

New trick!

After weeks of trying...TAH DAH!!! Piggies finally made it to the mouth! Scott couldn't be happier about this!

Thursday, June 10, 2010


Yesterday we bought Scott a new toy: the exersaucer! Today we played in it for the first time! Huge hit!!! Warning: I'm obsessed with my child and I've posted a TON of pictures of him playing...there are just too many cute expressions, I can't just choose one or two. If you think this is a lot keep in mind that this is only about 1/16th of the pictures I actually took of him playing! Told you: OBSESSED!

Having fun!

"Mom! This is totally awesome!!!!"

"I'm confused, how come I can't get it my mouth!"

So many toys, he didn't know which one to play with first!

Note the towel: Scott is still a little small for it and doesn't always have the most control over his body so the towel was useful in preventing face plants!

Just thrilled to pieces over his new toy!

Playing with Parker J.

Parker has now mastered the big boy seat!

The boys both received new boats for the bath tub from our friends Ron & Susan. We opened the package and gave the boats to the boys...Parker observed...Scott tasted! And an extra bonus is the boats are made from recycled plastic - our boys are already learning to be green!

Hanging out at Parker's house in the pack and play. We have been able to capture more and more pictures of the boys BOTH happy lately!
This pictures was taken when Hilary turned on the mobile above them. I love how intensely Parker looks at things! Scott was just happy about the whole situation - especially because he was close enough to Parker that he could reach over and touch him, so affectionate!

My Sister: My Hero!!!

Recently Hilary was very sick and had to be hospitalized. Parker was only about three and half weeks old at the time and she had to be away from him for six nights (this included his 1 month birthday). It was absolutely horrible and, from everything I could tell, excruciatingly painful, but through it all she never cried or complained - she was only upset when she feared for Parker's well being and when one (idiot) doctor said she would have to stop breast feeding (not the case, hence: IDIOT doctor). Her soon-to-be-husband was such an amazing support for her and father to Parker through it all, I always knew I liked Matt but watching him in action solidified the fact that I'm excited to get to have him as my new brother! Welcome to the family 'bulldog' (Robin called a bulldog when we were talking about how supportive he would be during Hilary's L&D). Hilary is doing much better now, yesterday she came over with Parker and the boys played for a few hours (and the mom's shopped while the boys had a nap...YAY!). I love that we get to be mommies together - starting at basically the exact same time! My sis has turned into an amazing woman and mom - and for this (and other reasons) she is my hero!

Blowin' out the candles on her 24th b-day! Happy birthday sisteriffic!