Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving Part II

On Friday Brian and I did Thanksgiving dinner at home! We have never cooked the whole meal by ourselves and we have never done a turkey so we wanted to use this year to practice. We spent the morning doing a little black friday shopping for birthday tools for Brian and a new TV for our room (kind of the end of an era as it is our first flat screen). When we got home we started on dinner and Brian hooked up the TV. 4 hours and several phone calls for cooking tips later we enjoyed another turkey dinner with all the fixings (expect the stuffing that did not turn out so well) and we watched one of our favorite Christmas movies 'Love Actually' on our new TV!

Thanksgiving in Malibu

Brian and I spent Thanksgiving day in Malibu with Hilary and Matt and Matt's family! The weather was gorgeous (gotta love southern california) and we enjoyed great food and great company! We had a blast!Here are the baby boy cousins at their "almost first" thanksgiving! We can't wait to have both rowdy boys ready to sample the thanksgiving feast next year!!! (I am 6 months along and Hilary is 5 months!)

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

3 months and counting...

Today makes 3 months until our due date! Which I guess now makes me officially 6 months pregnant?! The months and the weeks definitely do not add up correctly!
We started our child birth classes last Sunday which was really fun! Our instructor is also my yoga instructor and so far class and yoga have been amazing and very confidence building! Hilary and Matt are also in our class which is fun and there are 9 other couples including one other couple that is planning to have a home birth like us! It is nice to be around other people experiencing what we are!
We are looking forward to our vacation which officially started today! Our last Thanksgiving just the two of us is just going to be mellow and relaxing which we are thrilled about! On Friday we are going to try to cook a whole Thanksgiving meal from scratch without any parental guidance just to see if we can, if it doesn't work out we'll have pizza!
I am so thankful for this time and for my family and for our little boy growing into a healthy baby!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

T minus 100 days...

February 25th (SPC's due date) is 100 days from today! Time flies! I know it will be here before we know it, but it also feels like the next 3 months are going to take forever!
The crib and dresser are up but the rest of the room is completely bare! Currently we are enjoying as we try to decide on a color scheme for his bedding, once that is done we can paint and decorate!
Only 100 days left to get ready for our baby boy!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday the 13th!

I love when a Friday the 13th rolls around because Brian and I got engaged on a Friday the 13th (of July 2007)!!! So to me Friday the 13th always bring back fun memories and I think it's good luck : )
Today we are 25 weeks and 1 day along...less than 15 weeks until the due date! My belly feels bigger by the day (sometimes by the hour) and I am starting to feel our little Scotty move more often...which is my favorite feeling in the world!!!
In the photo please excuse my scrubby clothes, the first thing I do after work is change into "play clothes" and our undecorated mantle...eventually we will hang up our "C" and put some stuff up there! But do note our jogger that I am so excited about! I am so tempted to take it out for a trial run, but I still feel too lame to jog around with a stuffed Pooh bear and being still visibly pregnant so it will have to wait! Thank you mom and dad for our is going to get tons of miles and I know Scott will love going out in it!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

2 boys...

Our little dude is expecting a cousin one month after his due date! Hilary and Matt are also pregnant and on Thursday they found's a BOY too! So now we are anxiously awaiting the arrival of not one but two rowdy little boys! We are so excited that they will get to grow up together and be best buddies!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Photo shoot...

Here is the picture from our 20 week ultrasound! Our little guy is so handsome!