Saturday, May 19, 2018

December festivities

December is always crazy, but we always manage to pack in all the fun we can during the holiday season.

Kicking it off with a visit to the salt spa with the boys.

Basketball season got underway for Scott.  His first time playing basketball and he LOVED it.  

When he wasn't at practice you could find him playing wherever he was with his friends, or alone even.  Sports are truly his love language. 

While Scott was on a basketball playdate one day, Owen got some special one on one time.  His choice: watching the grinch and going to OSH to pick out a Christmas decoration for the house!

Elfed out:

Then back in early December came the fires.  It was a truly crazy few weeks.  Starting with Hilary and the kids evacuating to Mimi and Papa's house, only for them to all evacuate here for the week. We made the best of it with lots of movie nights and cousin time:

School was even cancelled for us one day due to air quality, so we escaped to Disneyland for the day.

This little dude braved space mountain for the first time.

We had a super fun and exhausting day!  Disney is so magical during the holidays!

We had lots of days filled with chess games:

And we celebrated Brian and Alexis's birthdays

Basketball buddies

I was supposed to relay a half marathon but it was cancelled due to fires.  I still managed to stop by the race start and donate the toys they were relying on being given during the season!

We made latkes in kindergarten

And celebrated with friends

And hosted a gingerbread house decorating party

Dads above, moms below..... hahahahaha

Toben, the oldest in the bunch, and Owen, the youngest, make such a great team and it warms my heart.  Owen is so lucky to have such a great friend!

Love this crazy crew

Capped it off with sequence with all the parents!

Visit with Santa: check

Kindergarten Christmas celebration: check

And holiday love notes from Scott.  "Guis" (guys) heart melt. 

Thanksgiving '17

So waaaay waaaay back in November it was Thanksgiving.  And now I try to catch us up....

We camped at Lake Casitas and had a blast (minus the high temps)

Along with the Staves clan we also had our good friends, the Daniels join us, which made for extra fun for the boys.  Their days were filled with bike rides, football, and monopoly amongst other things.

Thanksgiving night

Feasting their little hearts out

And saving room for dessert!

Campfire diaries...

And one of my favorites, face timing the family that couldn't make it!