Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Memorial weekend + bonus material

 Well its Wednesday night after the long weekend we just had and I'm just getting to uploading some of the phone pics from the past few days (week?).   We have had lots of warm weather and busy busy the last week or so.

One night last week Scott asked for seconds of dinner (this NEVER happens).  The kid has the worst appetite most of the time so I take it when I can get it.  This happened to be indian spiced noodles with tofu and peas.  So random.  And of course 3 straws in his juice....because he is 3 obviously.

We kicked off the long weekend with 'pizza picnic friday', a sometimes tradition in the Campbell house.

And pizza picnics usually lead to soccer games and frozen tag.  Love it.

Just having his first shoulder ride with Daddy and LOVING it.  Scott is usually the one up there while Owen is in the front pack.  This particular day Scott stayed across the street at the bookstore with Grandma and Gpa while Owen walked back with us so we could start getting ready for a wedding that night.
 And saturday night we went to a wedding.  I took no pictures.  It was beautiful.  Outdoors, at a vineyard, just beautiful.  We had a lot of fun.  Thanks to Grandma and Gpa for hanging with our boys so we could attend.

Scott and I went to a birthday party on Sunday (no pics again) while Owen stayed home and napped.  Scott got in the car and said "mom, this is fun going just the two of us."  Melt.My.Heart.  And it was a superhero themed party to boot.

Then we were off to a family bbq at cousin Rick's house.  The boys got in a few hours of swimming.  They are fearless, fearless I tell you.  Owen loved high fiving his cousin Brittney before deciding he wanted to stand on the raft.  Lovely.

You can't keep these two out of the water.  Owen is ready to dive in head first!

I know I already posted this picture but I just love this little cannonballer.
 We were pretty impressed with Scott's swimming on this day.  He was doing much better than we even knew he could do.  He is very confident and capable in the water and we couldn't ask for anything more at age 3.

We woke up on Monday feeling thankful for those that have served our country.  I opened up this melon for breakfast only to find a heart shaped middle (I know it looks like I could have scooped it out this way, but I didn't).  Silly I know, but sometimes random heart shaped things cause you to reflect for a moment.  I love finding them. 

We ushered in our last week of school with a stop a starbucks on our second to last day of school for the year.

On our way to my office later that afternoon we made a quick stop to drop off our almost over due library books.

Scott remembered the drop boxes and offered (insisted) to do it himself.  I helped him out of his carseat and he took over from there.

So grown up and so responsible.

Today we hit up Trader Joe's after our morning workout.  Owen came home like this:

And can I get an "OMG"??!!!  Gluten free joe-joe's.  Holy crap.

We were on lock down this afternoon while we waited for several maintenance guys.  Parker J came to play and the Richie girls stopped by which was a treat for all of us.  After they headed home the boys and I did a little backyard science.  Homemade slime anyone???

Owen wasn't super stoked on it.
Scott had fun though...

For the record we used the recipe of 1 cup of clear glue (we used purple glitter - we are fancy like that) with 1 cup of liquid starch (hard to find, we got it on amazon).  Not the best recipe, it was great while we played but pretty sticky.  Once Scott was done he got pretty ticked off when he couldn't get it off his hands (and body) easily.  Next time we will try a different recipe.  Mommy went with the easiest one I could find on pinterest, next maybe a few extra ingredients will make for a happier toddler and easier clean up.  Also slime does not come out of the grass easily.

Monday, May 27, 2013


Scott, age 3.  Fearless.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Ahoy, matey!

The last week of school is next week and our last field trip of the year was today.  The boys and I were up EARLY for a boat trip in the Ventura harbor with Scott's class, so early, in fact, that we even made it to Mimi and Papa's for a pre boat pit stop.  Breakfast and coffee, yes please!!!
 (Scott's is hot chocolate (almond milk) incase you were concerned)

Cheers Mimi!

Pancakes and melon for this big guy.  And he did not put that watering can down the entire time.

We headed to the harbor after we filled our bellies and soon after we were on our way.
 Two attempts at a group shot of me and my babes.  What are we looking at?  Not the camera that's for sure.

We are straight up pirates in this house and as soon as we got to go outside at the front of the boat Scott yelled out "Land Ahoy!"  LOL

We saw some sea lions and headed back to the dock.  I do not have sea legs (understatement) but I did well since we did not go out into the waves at all (I was told this in advance, if not I would have sent another family member as Scott's chaperone).  After we got back to shore we walked to the museum for a picnic lunch.  On the way Scott found this fun fellow and I can safely say it was the highlight of the field trip for him.  We looked at it, took pictures of it, talked about it, the swords, the eye patch, hat etc. for at least fifteen minutes.
Here's to a great field trip and a great last week of school.  Ahoy Mates! 

Monday, May 20, 2013

Two wheelin'

Yesterday was a momentous day in the Campbell house.  Scott learned to ride a two wheel bike, no training wheels.  We had been feeling like Scott was ready to tackle this for a while and were keeping our eyes out for a good deal on a bike.  Yesterday we stopped at REI on the way to a birthday party and lo and behold we found one.  We couldn't wait to get home from the birthday party so Scott could try it out.  He hopped on and that was that.
If you haven't heard me rave about the balance bike then keep reading, if you have then skip ahead.  We borrowed a balance bike from a friend who's oldest had moved on and who's youngest is not quite ready.  It is seriously the greatest invention of all time.  If you have a little one I highly recommend it.  Scott got the concept of pedaling from his tricycle and the balance bike gave him the balance (duh!) and steering skills.  When he tried the two wheeler for the first time yesterday he just went, no learning curve, it was amazing, Brian and I were blown away.  We will be returning the balance bike to our friends for their youngest who is almost ready, but you can bet we are already on the look out for one we can borrow or buy for a good deal for Owen.

Speaking of Owen, this small fry loves keepin up on the tricycle (with the help of mom pushing).  He all but refuses to go in the stroller if Scott is riding his bike.

 And just for fun (from my instagram feed)  here is Scott's first day on the tricycle in July 2011 and his first day on his bike yesterday.  My oh my how time flies.

I've tried 3 times to upload a video of this experience and it keeps failing.  So for now pictures.  Maybe Brian can help me later (thank babe, wink wink!).

Watching Scott on a two wheel bike with Brian running behind him just in case made me tear up a little.  These are truly life's most precious moments.  My family blesses me abundantly and these boys are growing up right before my eyes.  I feel like the picture above from Scott on the trike to the bike happened as I blinked my eyes.  So proud of our big boys!!!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Water inspiration

 I recently discovered this blog where she just posted about yummy water recipes.  I felt inspired and went to it!  Pictured above is watermelon, cucumber & mint.  Bomb!!!

So I've been sippin' on various H2O yumminess for the past few days and its brought me back to a trip Brian and I took 4 years ago to NYC and DC.  The lobby of our hotel in DC had four huge water dispensers with different "spa" waters in them.  It was May/June when we were there so it was starting to get warm and after hours of walking around the city we would get back to the hotel and seriously drink a gallon of water a piece before we went up to our room.  Kind of a random memory of that trip, but still fun.  I also remember the last day we were there it was pouring rain, we walked through the zoo in the morning while it was just drizzling and then that night we went to see 'Night at the Museum 2' at the Smithsonian (the second movie was about the Smithsonian if you haven't seen it), such a fun end to our trip.

My favorite picture from that week at the top of the Empire State Building:

During the NYC leg of our journey was also when Scott was conceived.  It all seems like yesterday but at the same time so very long ago.

Here's to fun memories and memories to be made!!! (holds up spa water glass for a toast!)

Friday, May 17, 2013

Signs that Brian is traveling:

Brian has been "on the road" a fair bit lately.  Between golf and Rascal Flatts he has been to some really fun destinations and he knows he is missed here while he is gone.  I have mentioned before that things get a little nutty over here when Brian goes, which is fine, we manage well and have lots of help.  But I was catching myself the other day thinking of all the things that we do differently when Brian is gone.  They made me chuckle and roll my eyes a little.

1.) Bedtimes are out the window.  Some nights we try for normal bedtime.  Some nights I literally don't even try or look at the clock, we just do our thing and it happens when it happens.

2.) Whenever bedtime happens you can usually find all three of us falling asleep together.  Sometimes Scott gets moved after he falls asleep, sometimes not.

(1+2= reasons why Owen is not transitioning to his own bed, even for an hour, at night)

3.) More than one meal worth of dishes in the sink.  Always.

4.) Don't be surprised to find me in the garage in my chonies pulling out clean clothes (yoga pants, who are we kidding) from the dryer to get dressed for the day.  Laundry rarely makes it in and if it does its in very small batches.

5.) Our iPod playlist changes.  Family dance parties happen nearly every day at our house.  Usually in the morning when we are getting ready (but sometimes not if Scott is in a bad mood) and almost always in the evening while we are making or cleaning up from dinner (and sometimes while we are eating it). These are some of my favorite times of day and we don't stop the dancin' when Brian is on a trip, but he thinks my playlist is on the lame side.  So we compromise and that's cool.  But when daddy travels its mommy's picks all day!  And every once in a while a Christmas song might sneak in there, I can't help it.

I'm sure there are others but these are the ones currently making me giggle to myself.  Happy to have Daddy home again for a while!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Backyard makeover

Happy lil clam...

Oh you thought my post title meant we got a new backyard?  Not even a little, although I would love to, its usable as is so its taking a pretty low priority.  But Mimi and Papa on the other hand have done great things with theirs. 
Here is the {mostly} finished product: 

 The boys and I spent the afternoon there yesterday and enjoyed their new outdoor space.  Tons of room for riding bikes and scooters, great seating where grown ups can see almost everything the kids could get into and a corner hideout perfect for eating popsicles.

No girls allowed:

Markers in an old furniture box.  Genius.

Scott helped Mimi plant some plants yesterday afternoon too

And Owen helped water

Which made Scott want to help water too

We stayed for dinner and bath as yesterday was Daddy's last night on the road (Nashville) this trip.  It was such a lovely and simple afternoon, we are looking forward to more time spent on Mimi and Papa's patio.  Thanks for making "us" such a kid friendly backyard Mimi and Papa!