Thursday, December 27, 2012

You'll shoot your eye out: A Cautionary Christmas Tale

Have I peaked your curiosity with the title of this post?  Well, I will get to that.  But first buckle up for picture overload from The Campbell Christmas 2012.

Saturday night started the festivities at the Staves' Family Christmas party hosted this year by Kay and Richard.  It was a blast and an ugly sweater theme.  I have no pictures.  Whoops. Maybe I'll be able to steal some from someone at some point.  In my defense the party started at 7pm which is a half hour past Owen's bedtime and a half hour before Scott's, so all I was worried about was keeping my kids happy.  Which they were, and we lasted until 10pm!

Christmas eve we enjoyed dinner as a family and then got ready for Santa.  During the day I asked Scott what kind of cookies we should make for  Santa, what he thought Santa's favorites were (assuming Brian had coached him to say chocolate chip).  Scott's response:  "gluten free, mom.  Santa needs gluten free."  Sweet.  So we made chocolate chip cookies and laid out a carrot for the reindeer.  Then Scott decided the reindeer needed celery too ("they like celery a lot mom.  its to help them fly.") and while we were in the fridge getting out the celery Scott added an onion to the mix.  I almost offered to make the reindeer a salad but was nervous Scott would take me up on it.  The candy cane was added for Santa at the last minute, because....why not?

Then we watched a Christmas movie (The Grinch) before snuggling into bed!

Christmas jams didn't work out in our favor this year.  Both boys had accidents so Scott changed into regular jams and Owen changed into ones that were too small and he kept busting out the bottom.

Christmas sweetness with my littlest little...

Noshing the (fake) candy cane

This is Scott's "Rhino face" when he plays rhinos from Robin Hood (which is everyday)

Christmas morning we were up around 7:30 and went to see if Santa had stopped by the Campbell house.  Indeed he had and he left a guitar for Scott.  Scott could not be more excited.  Side note:  Santa is majorly relieved that Scott is, in fact, happy about the guitar.  Scott asked Santa in person for a guitar when he met him a few weeks ago, and has asked for a guitar from Santa ever since, for weeks it was the same.  So Santa went home and made one specially for Scott in his workshop only a few days before Christmas, assuming it was a safe bet since Scott had not changed his request.  No sooner was the guitar ready to be dropped off did Scott spend time chatting with a patient at my office who plays the tuba and the saxophone.  Scott immediately decided he wanted Santa to bring him a saxophone instead.  Santa was FREAKING OUT!  Fortunately, after some coaxing from mommy that Santa had, perhaps, already made him a guitar for this year, Scott decided a guitar was still what he wanted most of all.  Phew.

 Owen checking out his Mr. Potato Head from Santa

Not to be left out, Charlie got a purple duck in his stocking, that was promptly destroyed within 10 minutes.

Future rock star.

A nativity scene, with dinosaurs of course.

The boys getting into their mega blocks from Santa.  They were a mega hit.

"Mimi, you gotta try these, delish."

Boys building with Daddy, a sweet Christmas scene.

Mimi, Papa, Grandma and Gpa joined us for a Christmas concert (and most of Christmas day).

Scott getting ready to test out his new bean bag chair from Grandma and Gpa (kinda looks like he's gonna poop on it!)

The boys looking big in their chairs.

Looking mighty grown up for 9 months.

Super excited face - he's still got it : )

Obligatory bow on head picture

Family picture attempt....

Don't think we will ever all be looking at once.

Mimi made us a Christmas pita and we just love it, so cozy.

Scott was not particularly cooperative with pictures

Mimi and Papa gave Scott a construction worker costume so Scott could dress up as Jeff.  Another Jeff story for you:  One of Scott's give was addressed to "the best chef in the house".  I asked Scott who he thought that was.  I assumed Scott was said he was (or maybe me, conceited much?).  Scott said, "Jeff!"  In all fairness he could have thought I said Jeff when I said chef.  But still pretty funny.

After we opened gifts Brian built a fire outside.  And Owen literally ooohed and aaaahed from the playroom.

"wow mom!"

Daddy, Scotty, Charlie and Grandma enjoying the fire

Owen and Papa snuggled up

The whole gang.  Minus Jared (Brian's co-worker who joined us a few minutes after this and stayed for Christmas dinner)

Fireside serenade.  Future Jack Johnson among us?  I could go for that!

Owen chewing on Batman (which he gave to Scott for Christmas,  Scott picked out a present for Owen and was so excited to give it to him.  It was so cute.)

We changed it up a bit this year for Christmas dinner and went traditional mexican style Christmas food.  Tamales, spanish rice, beans, mexican Christmas salad and all the fixings.  It was fun and different.  After dinner the boys were enjoying their new toys and everyone was cleaning up and putting away left overs.  I got out some tupperware from the garage (it should be noted my tupperware is all glass) and two of the pieces I wanted to use for leftovers were stuck together.  So I brought them to Brian and asked him to get them apart for me (not the first time something like this had happened, thought nothing of it).  I was in the playroom with Owen when I heard glass EXPLODE everywhere.  Then Brian yelled "I think I hit an artery."  So first of all I scooped up Owen just as I saw glass fly over his head (Brian was in the living room and we were in the playroom which is around the corner).  Then Scott was crying and barefoot in the living room so Jared scooped him up which immediately, which led to Scott freaking out.  So I grabbed both of them and went to Scott's room.  My mom came and relieved me so I could go out and check on Brian. I came out just in time to hear him say (for the first time in the almost 10 years I've known him) "I think I need to go to the hospital." Whoa. That's big.  Then I saw the cut.  Yep.  Stitches for sure.  And that's when I got a little woozy.  Very unlike me, I can handle the bodily fluids people, I dissected a cadaver for goodness sake.  But blood from family members...different story.  I rallied and drove us to the hospital.  Jared joined us for the ride to help walk Brian in and to be amused but Brian's constant joking around (which he did the entire time).  Long story short:  yes, he did in fact sever and artery.  Along with three tendons that will be repaired on Monday (NYE) by the hand surgeon.  Fun fact every plastic surgeon is a hand surgeon.
Talk about a freak accident right?!  And never did I imagine he actually severed an artery and tendons.  I spared you the picture of the stitches in his wrist, but it basically looked like he tried to slit them.  Poor Jared, it was only the second time he had ever come to hang out with us - welcome to Christmas with the Campbells.
Moral of the story: maybe the cancer causing plastic tupperware isn't so bad after all.  Just kidding, its still bad.  Oh and also it was  great way to get out of cleaning up Christmas dinner.  I came home to dishes done, put away, toys picked up and floors swept, vacuumed and mopped (glass was literally everywhere, but the grandparents did an awesome job because since then I've only found one teeny tiny itsy bitsy piece).  And I'm kidding of course, would much rather have cleaned the house top to toe alone than have this freak accident occur. 

All smiles waiting on the doc.  Merry Christmas from the ER.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Being polite...

Scott is really into the movie Robin Hood (the disney version).  He loves playing rhino (there are rhinos that march around with the king lion, they are the "bad guys").
The other morning he told me "Shut your beak."  I was shocked (he used it in the context of "shut up") and I asked where he learned that, he said Robin Hood.  Greeeaaaat!  So I explained how that was not nice and we don't talk to people like that and if he wanted me to be quiet and needed to ask me more politely.  Lesson learned.  (Brian informed me there is a part where someone says that in the movie to the bird character.  whoops)
So tonight Scott said: "Mom, please keep your beak closed."

At least he was more polite??!!??

9 month follow up

Went to our ped today for Owen's 9 month well baby visit.  He is fighting a cold, so I guess it wasn't a completely well baby visit, but close enough.  And she gave his lungs and ears the all clear and said we were on the up and up.  Home fry is 22lbs 7oz.  He is also 90% for height and 99% for head circumference.  This is all with him not eating many solids yet still.  New foods tend to get him all constipated so we are still doing pureed zucchini and pears and easing in applesauce, carrots, sweet potato etc.  The last few days with his cold he hasn't wanted to eat much and has been really constipated (poor baby, and if he ever reads this sorry for discussing your poop buddy) so over the last week or so we've been back to exclusively breast feeding.
The nurse made a funny face at me when she asked if we were feeding him all food groups yet and I said no.  Then she asked what we were feeding him and I said just fruits and veggies.  Then she asked if we were doing rice cereal or oatmeal - are those a fruit or a veggie?  Then no.  This was the same nurse that told me I could alternate motrin and tylenol when Owen's fever spiked a few months ago.  She clearly doesn't know me at all.  But my doctor reassured me that Owen is thriving and that "I must be making cream" since he isn't eating many foods yet and is growing like a weed.  So, in your face Nurse Negative Nancy, my way works too!  (This is not meant to be a knock on how other people feed or medicate their children, this is what works for us but this is nurse is very judgy about that)


So if you were to spend some time with us you would probably hear Scott talk about Jeff.  And you would wonder to yourself, "who is Jeff?"  A cool uncle perhaps? Brian's best friend from growing up? A neighbor or a friend's dad who we see a lot?
He's our contractor.
So here is the story.  Jeff has done work at my parent's house, then our house and he's currently back at my parent's doing their new bathroom (ooh lala).  So Scott basically thinks Jeff is second to Jesus.  Coolest guy ever.  Ok maybe second to Jesus and Daddy, but really up there. When Jeff used to stop by our house to finish up last minute things Scott would be so excited to see him and talk to him (I'm sure much to Jeff's delight he had to schedule 15 extra minutes with each trip to our house to account for talking time with Scott, but he is a grandfather himself so I'm sure he gets it).
Recently a neighbor was over and complimented our floors.  Scott immediately chimed in and informed them that "Jeff made those!!!"
A few days ago Jeff was at my parent's house and we were all there.  When he walked through the door the boys were just beside themselves with excitement.  Parker J did frog jumps for him, both boys talked to him non stop and then Parker J told Jeff to "call me if you need help."
At our gingerbread house decorating Brian had a 'home depot' gingerbread house (this is an actual thing, not made up) with a worker on it - Scott informed me tonight that it was Jeff.  And then he proceeded to "fix" things around the house and tell me that he was Jeff.
You would think we really knew this guy personally and/or we were related to him.  Not the case.

Gingerbread houses...

 We hosted two rounds of gingerbread house decorating this year.  The first a mini round with H&P and AZK because they couldn't come to the one yesterday.

My talented friend, decorating and ergoing.

Scott creating his masterpiece.

Sugar high.  Scott frequently does not wear pants.

Yesterday we had the Blacks, the Daniels and the Langs join us for round two.  We had a north pole breakfast of eggnog french toast (regular and gluten free), cinnamon roll waffles (thanks pinterest), gluten free banana bread, gingerbread coffee and hot chocolate.  

My favorite thing in the picture below is Crystal eating her breakfast and talking and grabbing Jacob's ankle to save him from toppling over the step.  Typical mom.

Then we got to decorating.

Owen's first gingerbread house!!!  Excuse my tired eyes - not a lot of sleep the night before and apparently coffee doesn't improve the eye bags.

Gingerbread casa de Campbell, Black and Daniels (the Langs had already left when I remembered to take this picture).  I would love it if our actual houses were all in a row like this.  Neighborly bliss!

Christmas fun!!!

After our friends went home Scott had a sleep over at Mimi and Papa's house with Parker J. (Owen will be invited next year).  Owen had the evening to hang out and enjoy the bath and all the toys to himself, although I know he missed his brother (as Brian and I did too, it was our first night at home without Scott there, we have been away for nights without him but never at our house, it was weird, and quiet!)

Sunday, December 16, 2012

9 months

The littlest T-Rex turned nine months old on Saturday.  He has yet another cold and/or is teething right now so our photo shoot was short and sweet and didn't result in many smiles.
Owen goes for his 9 month well baby visit tomorrow and I'm anxious to know how big he is getting because I'm sure feeling it, homeboy is HEAVY!
Owen is not walking yet, but can cruise along the furniture with the best of them.  I think he is waving but its a pretty funny hand motion so I can't be sure, he uses the motion when it would be appropriate to wave to that's my guess.  And its pretty cute.
I don't know if I've written about his growling noises, I feel like I must have but can't be sure and quite simply don't have the time or energy to look it up.  But for a few months now he's made a growling noise when he plays and we always have joked that he is around so much growling by having Scott as a big brother that he is learning early.  But now I know for sure that he is growling.  He does it all the time and loves growling back at Scott when Scott does it to him.  Cuteness.  When Scott plays T-Rex (which is 90% of the time) he calls Owen the baby T-Rex.
Sleep has become an issue lately.  Hard to get him down for naps and bedtime.  We were doing fine and then we were hit with the teething/sickies/fever over Thanksgiving and we haven't quite recovered our routine.  I know that this will pass but man our rocking chair is not comfortable for 3 hour stretches.
Owen has also started exploring things he is not supposed to, like bookshelves and night lights.  He goes for these things every time he's around them and we have started telling him 'no' and redirecting him.  Enough that I think he is starting to have an understanding of the word 'no'.  Now he goes for them and then pauses and looks back, when we tell him no he either a) goes more quickly for them to try to get there before we stop him or b) turns around.  And Scott loves helping to tell Owen no.  He does so very nicely, but Scott loves to boss people around.
I can't believe in a few short months he will be turning one.  Love my happy little man!

Friday, December 14, 2012


I thank God to be tucking my babies in bed tonight.  I can't help but hold them extra close after a day like today.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Day in the life....

I'm sure you've seen people do (or you, yourself have done) an hour by hour account of how they spend their day.  I enjoy those posts of other people.  Unfortunately, this is not that.  But I did take a lot of phone pics on Monday and looking back it ends up being a somewhat hourly account of how we spent our day.  Plus it was a fun and different sort of day for us.  So here goes.  Above:  Owen awake around 7, just waiting for big bro to wake up.  This seems to be our typical morning, Owen wakes up 1-2 hours before Scott on average, so he and I end up getting some one on one time while he plays in the playroom and I drink a hot beverage!  Its truly a great way to wake up!

9 am:  Scott is awake and we head out on our walk.  Here is a shot of the stroller on a "light" day.  A few pitas, the front pack, beverages, toys, phone, keys.

10am still walking and everyone is awake and happy (typically Owen should have been asleep by this point)  And now you see the rest of gear, books, snacks, cars...

11 am:  Lunch for Owen (cinnamon pears!)

11:30ish: set up for round one of gingerbread house decorating.  We are having a decorating party on Sunday but my H & P and AZ&K couldn't make it, so we decided to do a practice round just the three of us (with our 5 kids)

Noon:  The kids decorate and eat french toast (I have better pictures of this on my camera, for another post I suppose).  The mommas, watch and are amused, and drink coffee and eat french toast.  Oh and we told the kids the frosting was glue and the candy was pretend and made out of plastic.  LIARS.  But it saved us in the end.  Plus it was not "approved" candy (meaning fully of corn syrup and artificial colors)

One of the kiddos finished products (not Scott's, after he decorate his he tore it apart, boys)  and the awesomeness that is TJs gingerbread coffee

1pm: Hopped up. 

Then our cousins had to go home and the boys and I headed to my office to see some patients.  After the office a quick trip to target, then home again around 5:30.  This was a late work day for Daddy so Scott ate cereal and entertained Owen while I made dinners.

Then a little brotherly wrestling session before daddy got home and joined in the fun.  The baths and bed for everyone.