Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Counting down to summer...

We can't wait for summer.  With a late spring break this year we came back with only a few weeks to go before summer.

First week back and these friends could be found "reading" to each other in the TEAM library. Love them.

Owen playing a game he and his friends made up.  Standing on top of monkey bars and playing dodge ball.  Super safe.  For the record he never fell off though.

We have had some seriously hot baseball and t-ball games

This particular saturday was a real scorcher and required a snack shack push up popsicle in order to cool down, raise blood sugar and raise spirits.  

During Scott's game the coaches needed to spray down the hot dusty field, so they took the opportunity to spray down the players as well. 

We got our baseball pictures back.  My heart can barely take it!

We have been enjoying weekend pool days with lots of friends.

And this lucky guy got to have a date night out with our special Ms. Sandy.  The plan was to go for ice cream since our school was having a fundraiser.  Well this particular cafe serves more than ice cream and Owen decided (swindled? his way into) a burger, fries and lemonade instead of ice cream. It should be noted I fed him dinner before they headed out for the ice cream date.  Second dinner for the win.

Nothing like a little left over burger and fries for breakfast the next day!

Since switching first grade classes and getting classes Scott has really started enjoying reading and writing more.

These two friends.  Heading to kindergarten in a few short months. 

Pretty excited they'll be in the same class next year!

More naked gardening day : )

And of course....more t-ball

Gardening 101

To say that I'm not a gardener is a terrible understatement.  I have always wanted to grow vegetables and generally tend to outside plants and have never had much luck keeping anything alive.
Scott's school has a gardening teacher that helps build gardens for families as a side business.  Sign me up.
The coolest part is that she builds the soil from scratch.  She calls it soil lasagna; layers of leaves, seaweed, mulch, manure, compost.  She is so knowledgable about soil health and micro biomes.  I was so excited learning how to grow some super healthy veggies.

So we started with just one bed and we will see how we do and hopefully add more in the future.

We have kale, lettuce, zucchini, tomatoes, cucumbers, bell pepper and strawberries happening here.  Fingers crossed for some yummy produce soon!

And luckily for us our garden was planted just in time to celebrate World Naked Gardening Day!

Happy gardening!

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Spring break Part II: Rincon

The second half of spring break week was spent at Rincon.  And it was heavenly!

We were greeted by whales you guys! WHALES!

Beach runs, carp coffee runs, smash ball, boogie boarding, sunsets.  A few of my favorite things!

My little collector examining his finds.


Thursday morning Brian commuted in to work while the boys and I stayed at the beach.

Coffee with a view!

Mimi came and picked us up late morning for a little Ojai and beach adventure day!
Yarn bombed trees...Ojai has a piece of my heart!

Later we met Papa and Parker John at a beach in Ventura with the best driftwood in all the land!

These cousins played for hours in the houses/forts constructed by previous (talented) beach goers.

Can I live here?

Collector in action:

Back at the beach - ocean dreaming...

Happy place

Fave girls

Snacky cousins ; )

Owen admiring his beach art in the late afternoon

His inspiration in the neighboring site

Sunset soccer

Beach family selfies, always a must

More soccer

More beach art a la Owen

Pictures by Owen:

And more sunsets, I never get tired of sunset pics

Carp mornings

And carp art

Checking out the beach in the morning

Flying a kite before we head home

It was the PERFECT vacation week! Til next time Rincon!!!!