Friday, September 14, 2018

Back to school 2018

And then school started.  Always bittersweet. 

Scott 2nd grade

Owen kindergarten

And why go back to school and not add sports...Fall ball comin' atcha for Scott

But never without his speedo

Practicing his pitching skills

School starting hasn't stopped us from beach days though

Mondo's with our faves

Owen up on the board (lovingly called "the big black tuna")

But before you go thinking he's a natural...he didn't catch every wave:

Another weekend morning Owen and I conquered a six miler in wildwood while the rest of the Campbells enjoyed the beginning of football season

And then sports weekends begin.  First up soccer Saturdays for Owen.

Purple Megalodons comin' atcha

And then baseball Sundays for Scott.  

First time pitching

Buddies cheering each other up after getting creamed in both games.

End of summer adventures

Summer seemed to come and go just like that. Before we knew it, it was winding down and we were making sure to sneak in a few last minute days with friends, beach trips and freedom!

Megan, Deanne and I met up at Heaven's now we can officially say its annual thing.

Owen took us on an adventure to his "secret beach" that he and I found during his adventure week. 

Then we rode back to the pier that night to meet up with our friends for some fishing and tacos.

Ren is super cooperative for pictures...

My heart...

Success.  His first ever catch.  Unfortunately i missed it as i was picking up tacos.  Thankful for sister wives who grab the perfect photo!

 The perfect end of summer fishing adventure.  I could not love this group of kiddos more!  They are so amazing!  Framily forever!

Summer, Part II

And then.... a summer heat wave.  Just in time for 4th of July!  

No better place to be when its 100+ out than surfing with your best buddies.  We were super appreciative of the Daniels for lending us boards and giving us lessons.  Both boys got up (some more than others) and may have been bit by the surfing bug (Owen said that's what he wants from Santa last night)

Scott rode this one all the way in! 

Beach people!

Unfortunately this trip also brought about a torn calf muscle for Brian.  Thankfully our good friends hooked us up with appointments and equipment for healing. 

Brian was stuck at home nursing his injury but that didn't stop the boys and I from heading back to the beach a few days later

And then it was time for 4th of July fun!

Friends came over for BBQing, swimming, baseball and fireworks

It was a 4th to remember

And of course summer magic didn't stop there...

The boys got to visit Grandma and Gpa again and Owen got to copilot the flight

And we kept ourselves busy with swim team practice (this picture was mostly to document that epic swim hair)

We beat the heat bowling one day

And spent many evenings swimming and dining with friends

And we got a special visit from Eden and Mimi one day.  These boys love cousin time!

We went back to the rock gym so Scott could give it a try this time

And we rode bikes to Ojai - 20 miles roundtrip 

No trip to Ojai is complete without a stop at Bart's books

They each only got to choose one book because I wasn't about to ride with 20 lbs of books in the backpack for 10 miles back

Then we celebrated Adam's 40th birthday with a great party at his house, complete with whiskey tasting

An awesome party to celebrate an even better friend.  Not totally sure how we got to our 40s already though.

A mini meet at practice for Owen.

And a zoom beach day with school friends to show off our tans.