Thursday, March 31, 2016

Turning 4

Before its officially April (tomorrow) lets do Owen's 4th birthday post.  This was the first year it was really hard for Owen to have to wait sooooo looooong (2 weeks) between Scott's birthday and his.  Needless to say it was much anticipated and we knew we had to make it an extra special day.  Scott birthday fell on a Saturday so we had all day to play and have fun, meanwhile Owen's was on a regular school day, but fortunately it was my work day in classroom so we got to be together all day and I knew Owen would really like celebrating and being sung to at school.  

We started the day with a birthday breakfast of eggs, bacon and toast.  Then we got to Scott's school for drop off and Auntie Andy had also prepared Owen's favorite: BACON.  She brought him a whole basket of bacon that he didn't have to share.  His sweet friend Piper however didn't want the bacon in the sharing basket (Andy brought both, not her first rodeo with food and owen) she only wanted his and proceeded to stand two inches from his face commenting on how much she loved bacon and how she'd like some.  Owen looked at her, then the bacon, then her....then the bacon.  Finally he decided to share a small piece and she was satisfied.  That's how you know Owen really loves you...

Owen also almost never gets new clothes and Scott had recently gotten some new shorts, so I decided a few new birthday clothing items were in order.  When I saw this "FEED ME" shirt I knew that was the birthday winner.

Later at school these four friends played board games on the table and no one even made them get down.

At birthday circle time all of Owens friends sang to him and lifted him in the chair four times!  Pretty special.

The teachers also let Owen pick songs during circle time.  His choice: "Bye bye Miss American Pie"

They didn't have it on hand but that didn't stop them from grabbing it from the iTunes store so we could have a 8 minute dance party to one of his favorites.

After school we met up with friends for some Sharkys and playing in the fountain.

And since Piper was getting a haircut we decided to join her since the boys were due.  In fact, it was Owens first professional haircut ever!

So handsome!

Scott too...looking so grown up

That night our good friends and neighbors came over for pizza and cake to help celebrate Owen.

Happy 4th O - love you with my whole heart!

Owen at age 4:

He still has a little bit of a baby voice left and still says his Ls like Ws.  Its kind of my favorite.
He loves, loves, loves going to school and playing with friends.  
He enjoys pretending to read, especially since Scott is really learning and Owen is there to practice every morning in kindergarten.
He still loves and wants to do everything like big brother - and Scott's really good about that.  They are really are the best of friends.
He might love to eat more than anything, favorite foods are: bacon (obviously), pizza, smooshy beans (refried beans), fat chicken (chick legs).  Although we are still struggling with food allergies he has come a long ways and is a pretty good sport about it all.
He likes to play legos, already knows how to ride a two wheel bike, loves the park and the ocean and camping.  And he just keeps getting sweeter and funnier every single day!  And he just has the best smiles in the world!
Can't believe he's already 4!

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Take me out to the ball game...

Baseball season is well underway and so far so good for the Campbells.  Signing up was a bit of a last minute decision, but we are so glad we did it.  Scott plays for the Angels this year, and may I say he could not look any cuter in that uniform.  Being Dodgers family, he is a little confused about who to root for in the major leagues, but he's doing his best to find some balance ; )

Looking so handsome on opening day:

Opening morning there is a huge party/ceremony and all the teams get introduced and get to run through the field infant of everyone.  I wasn't so sure how this was going to go for Scott, but he did awesome and definitely had his brave face on that morning.

Unfortunately after opening day in the morning we had to wait until 4:00 to come back for our game, but it was worth the wait.

This league doesn't keep score yet and everyone bats and there are no outs so its a pretty fun experience are really good for learning.   Scott is still having a bit of a hard time understanding that "if I am third base why does everyone keep running to third base...I'm third base, not them".

Running those bases like a champ!

Since baseball season has started and daylight savings time has begun we have found ourselves taking many bike rides to the park for batting practice.

Especially now that mom has banned backyard baseball after one too many close calls with our windows!!!

Owen is loving this season too and by the time he's able to play he's going to be more than ready!

Turning 6

Well I'm not quite a month late with Scott's birthday post.  Just under the wire.  As of February 27th we officially have a 6 year old in the house.  That's crazy.  Scott has really looked forward to being six and we got to celebrate with a pretty great birthday weekend.

Friday after school (the day before his birthday) we had a big playdate at the park with friends!  With all the rushing around and go, go, go we seem to do it was a special treat to spend the entire afternoon at the park.

Owen and Eamon watching the fish at the Lakes.

The kinder friends playing meerkats.   They games they come up with, I tell ya?!?!!!

Saturday was Scott's birthday and he got to wake up to a streamer covered door (per his request, I did this one year and he's asked for it every year since.  Its funny what sticks with them!) and then we headed to the farmers market for breakfast.  Unfortunately our plans were foiled when our gluten free waffle guy was nowhere to be found, so on the way home we stopped at Hugo's for blueberry pancakes and cinnamon rolls.  Delish.

That afternoon Parker J, Auntie and Eden and Mimi and Papa headed over for a little "party".  We had pizza and cake per Scott's request. He specifically wanted a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting with vanilla frosting and strawberries in the middle.  I gave it a shot but it definitely ended up as a pinterest fail.  He didn't mind at all and said it was delicious!

Pizza picnic


Excited to be 6....and also the the result of eating sugar basically all day.

This little girl got down with some cake too!!!

Then for our big surprise/gift.  We told Scott he could finally watch Star Wars.  When we told him he said, "For real?"

He has been begging to watch Star Wars forever.  I have been hesitant, but finally over Christmas Brian and I rewatched the original (Episode IV) and deemed it ok for the boys, but we didn't just want to sit them down and say here ya go, we really wanted it to be memorable since he had been excited for it for so long.  That's how we came up with the plan of giving this to Scott for his birthday. He was thrilled.  Mission accomplished.

Littlest cousins snuggled up for the movie.

The next week we had a fun play date with the Richards girls, which led to concoction making in the backyard and eventually us staying there for dinner.

I love their friendship!

Scott at age 6:
He is a very black and white thinker and serious about learning and understanding facts, but he still knows how to have a good time.
He loves all things Star Wars.
His favorite things to read are non-fiction.  He likes books about science and history the most right now.
He is super social at school - friends and recess are definitely his favorite part of the day, reading, math and centers are more of a struggle right now.
He's really gotten into loving sports: soccer and baseball are probably his favorite because he has played both.  He's also loving taking ninja class with Owen at a local gymnastics place.
When he grows up he still wants to be a dad, as well as a firefighter or police officer depending on the day.
Legos are hands down his favorite toy, but he also still loves to play make believe with his brother and or his friends.
His favorite food is pizza, but he's a pretty phenomenal eater - if we are eating something for dinner and he likes it he asks if we can have it every week on that day (ex: tuesday tostadas...."Mom can we have these tostadas every tuesday!) 
He is kind and empathetic, funny without always meaning to be, sensitive, intelligent and it is a joy and privilege to be him mom and get to watch him grow up!

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

First Rincon trip of 2016

At the end of Pp week in kinder we headed up to Rincon for our first Rincon trip of the year.  We've been missing this place.  We planned the weekend with our neighbors who just bought a new pop up trailer and since Brian was able to hitch a ride up the RVs with them the boys and I headed up the second we were done with our post office and pizza field trip.

Just waiting on daddy to arrive with my two dudes.  We could not love this place more.

Team work.  The boys are truly at their finest at the beach.  They get along, no one whines, every one is so happy!

Our friends came before too long and we were able to enjoy the sunset and dinner all together.

Our friends Jen and Bennett even joined us for the afternoon and evening.  Sweet friends on a rock watching the sunset at the beach.  Perfection.

The next day we woke to high tide and no beach.  But that didn't stop us from enjoying the views and dreaming of surfing.

Dad and his almost 6 year old:

Once everyone was up and fed first breakfast we headed to Carpinteria for the morning to play at the park, grab coffee and eat second breakfast of course.

Rock paper scissors going down:

We were back by noon to spend the rest of the day on the beach.

So lucky to have neighbors who are such good friends!  And Erika and I of course had to have a picture with our matching beach wine glasses ; )

Found a crab on our long beach walk.

Almost 6 in this picture.  Can't believe it.

The neighborhood crew.  No matter where life and houses may take us in the future I'm super glad our neighborhood brought us these friends!  Pretty sure they're lifers!