Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Spring break Part II: Rincon

The second half of spring break week was spent at Rincon.  And it was heavenly!

We were greeted by whales you guys! WHALES!

Beach runs, carp coffee runs, smash ball, boogie boarding, sunsets.  A few of my favorite things!

My little collector examining his finds.


Thursday morning Brian commuted in to work while the boys and I stayed at the beach.

Coffee with a view!

Mimi came and picked us up late morning for a little Ojai and beach adventure day!
Yarn bombed trees...Ojai has a piece of my heart!

Later we met Papa and Parker John at a beach in Ventura with the best driftwood in all the land!

These cousins played for hours in the houses/forts constructed by previous (talented) beach goers.

Can I live here?

Collector in action:

Back at the beach - ocean dreaming...

Happy place

Fave girls

Snacky cousins ; )

Owen admiring his beach art in the late afternoon

His inspiration in the neighboring site

Sunset soccer

Beach family selfies, always a must

More soccer

More beach art a la Owen

Pictures by Owen:

And more sunsets, I never get tired of sunset pics

Carp mornings

And carp art

Checking out the beach in the morning

Flying a kite before we head home

It was the PERFECT vacation week! Til next time Rincon!!!!

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Spring break (the first half)

I love spring break.  And this year we were more than ready.  It fell really late this year so our week off was much needed.  We started the week off fairly low key, lots of sleeping in and back yard playing.

Monday morning we even made it out for breakfast and played at the Lakes

We made our fair share of perler bead creations...

and played out side with elf houses in there trees

By wednesday morning we were ready to start packing and planning for camping the rest of the week.  Spring break dress code: jams, even at the grocery store
Up next: we finish our week off at Rincon, and its heavenly


It seems like I just turned 30, but here I am deep into my mid thirties.  To kick off the day I had decided to sign up for the Great Race of Agoura 10 k.  I was lucky enough to run it with two great friends and we had a blast!

I don't get to see Anna enough these days, but when I do its time well spent.  Anna is a runner and could have probably finished the race in well under an hour.  I however had not really trained, but Anna hung with me the whole time.  It was a great way to catch up!

And we are lucky to have Tori again for kindergarten next year.  This was her first 10k and I'm so inspired by her and her dedication to running!

After the race Grandma treated me to a mani/pedi and then we all went to thai food for lunch.

That night Brian and I headed to Stonehaus for drinks with some wonderful friends!

Complete with birthday chair lifts team class style!

My friend Deanne gave Owen and me some crystals for my birthday (which he calls "peace rocks").  He spends lots of time playing with peace rocks and meditating these little zen baby!

The next morning Sandy and her daughter treated me to my first aerial yoga class.  It was kind of a trip, but overall amazing.  I felt 12 feet tall after leaving that class.  I cannot wait to go again!

Overall I could not have asked for a better birthday celebration!