Monday, March 27, 2017

Finishing up February (and starting march)

Baseball baseball baseball.  That's about where we are at this time of year, but we are loving every minute!

Friends in cubbies at school....good stuff

#7 - heart explosion

Friday after school with friends.  These are the best days!

We love this school fiercely!

Snow day at preschool.  It never disappoints.

Even big brother got in on the fun!

Scott switched first grade classes recently and his first experience with the new class happened to be an epic field trip with our school naturalists to Point Dume and the tide pools.
Here's the class with the sand whale they built...

Views from our hike to the tide pools

I was so happy I got to go on this field trip with my guy

We really had THE BEST day!

How school should be!

Tide poolin'

These two! I love them so much! So lucky to get to grow up with the Richards girls!

Pancake morning with Owen the future "Jeff"

Face painting at picnic pals, this is O as a coyote!

Pool weather (almost)

Grown up night out to celebrate Emily's birthday! 

Love this mama tribe!

A special trip to karma baker with my almost 5 year old!


Valentine's day (over a month ago....sigh)

We had donuts and green juice for breakfast (balance y'all) and roses from Daddy.  And new baseball T-shirts

And chocolate covered strawberries at team class for snack.  Best.Day.Ever.

We had to document our flooded out back yard.  This puddle took days to go away and those two dark spots are stepping stones that are usually about 6 inches above the dirt - it was nuts.

Rainy weekends made for the perfect time to bring out dad's old baseball card collection.  Scott has been getting a baseball card after every game and practice from his coach so he's super into it!

We also took the opportunity to turn it into a geography lesson when Scott asked where each team played.

We spent hours with our invention box and weaving loom on those rainy weekends too.

And of course made time for our morning yoga.  Owen is becoming quite the little yogi.  

Owen brought his own gluten free bagels to class one day so he could participate in the bagel pizza day.  Also his shirt says "I love snacks" and has a picture of a stomach on its perfect.

Friday batting practice for Scott means a little boochkraft to go for mommy.

Snacks in the bathtub.....leave it to Owen.

Owen's practice with a pep talk from daddy.  Melt my heart.

Owen's team is called the Volcanoes and he was pretty stoked to get his gear ; )

Coming soon...birthdays on birthdays....and more baseball of course!

Baseball season

Way back in February we started practice for baseball season.

I had to drop Scott at his first practice because Owen had his first practice 30 minutes later at a different location.  I could have left Scott at the gate for all he cared, he was ready to get out there with his new friends, but I insisted I go in this time and actually meet the coach and you know, tell him how to reach me if he needed to...responsible parent stuff.

Scott....only picture I got that day

Watching big brother for a few minutes before we left for his first ever t-ball practice.

Then it was Owen's turn.  Just walking in like a total grown up.

He insisted on wearing his batting helmet for much of practice, even when he wasn't batting.

First batting practice.  Just the cutest thing ever!
Here's to a great season boys!

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Big Bear Weekend

The first weekend in February we got to celebrate our friends Erika's birthday with a trip to her parents home in Big Bear.  
We made it a long weekend and left early Friday morning.  We got up there by 10 and got right down to business with some sledding behind the house.

This was the boys first interaction with real snow.  They have had snow day at their preschool but man made snow over half a play ground while its 70+ degrees out is not really the same thing.

Needless to say: THEY LOVED IT.  Next time we are trying ski or snowboard lessons.  They are all about it! So fun!!!

My favorites.

He would have done this all day, eventually we had to go in to eat meals.

 Unfortunately our first night was a little rough with a fever for Owen, but, if you don't already know this about Owen he's like the biggest trooper out there and he bounced back big time the next morning so we decided to continue our weekend with some inner tubing at a local park.

It was super sunny, borderline hot so we just wore t-shirts, no complaining from these california kids.

I even got to take a ride with this sweet girl.  I love borrowing daughters whenever I get the chance!

After lunch we wondered around town for a while.

Complete with a stop at the local (super crowded) candy store for chocolate covered strawberries and caramel apples.

Happy camper.

Sweet friends with sweet treats.

View from the house.  Just beautiful!

Thanks for an amazing weekend Howells! We love you guys!