Thursday, September 7, 2017


Our big summer trip was planned way back in February when we got up early, timed our computers and by some miracle scored reservations in Yosemite for August!!

We hit the road Saturday for our Sunday reservations in the park with plans to overnight it in Fresno and break up the drive.  Unfortunately we didn't factor in Fresno weather in August so it made for an extraordinarily hot night, but in the end it worked out and it really did make for a nice easy drive both days (or so I'm told, I'm not the driver....thanks honey!!)

Yosemite or bust!!!

We were in our site and set up by lunchtime Sunday so we hit the trails and explored first thing (and also picked up a bike tire repair kit in the village!)

Light through the trees, mid ride

We lucked out with perfect weather, especially considering the looming threat of forest fires in the weeks prior (and since!)

Campbell's camping adventure officially begins...

After some exploring we hit lower falls trail for a quick hike before dinner

Yosemite magic...

The boys wasted no time hoping right in the freezing water and had the time of their lives

This first hike taught us to bring board shorts on all our hikes from there on out.  The boys quickly mastered the art of the deck change (or the "duck" change as Owen referred to it for most of the trip)

The next morning we set out early(ish) for the Mist trail hike to vernal falls.  One of the best things we did was bring our bikes.  Staying in upper pines we were fairly close to many of the great trail heads, but still most of them were a few miles away.  Instead of waiting for and taking the park transit we were able to hop on our bikes and cruise all over the valley in no time, and the boys could still hike for miles since they didn't walk 2-3 miles just getting to the trail.

Views from Mist trail

My cutest hikers.  They did so well on these long hikes!

And finally the mist....

Top of the falls

That afternoon we scoped out a great little "beach" to play in and cool off.

The following day we hiked to mirror lake.
Snacks on logs are always a must.


Sandwich stop and more swimming

And I brought along our latest (first!) book club book, kind of the perfect read amongst the trees if you ask me.

Perhaps a little out of order, but most mornings looked something like this.  Breakfast outside, bike rides before and after, board games and coffee.

An evening exploring adventure through over the meadow....

And through the wood...

On this adventure we discovered the coolest little beach island that we returned to several times the rest of the week.

Another day...another hike.

We pretty much started each day with a good long hike with our packed lunch and plenty of water.  We were able to get in so much great exploring before it got too hot or too crowded.

Lunch on the rocks, overlooking some place better.

He likes food, ya'll!

After this hike and lunch we biked directly to the Majestic Hotel for blood mary's with a view.  It was kind of a bucket list stop for me, not gonna lie.

Heading to the village to mail some postcards.

As is our tradition on vacation, we always try to head out for a night time exploring adventure.  This time we saw some deer, and lots of bats!!!

And just for the record, we jumped off all the things.

It was a truly spectacular vacation.  I wish I could bottle up the magic of Yosemite to bring with me everywhere!