Friday, October 29, 2010

More Farm Fun

Ok so I went to the Pierce Farm 3 times this week...what?!?! Hilary and Parker really wanted to go and its not fun to go alone...who is going to take pictures? Then of course my parents are now in town and wanted to go with the we went again! I did not post the scads of pictures we took each time because there are already sooooo many pumpkin patch pictures up, but I just had to put a few more!

"Don't be scared cousin, I'll show you how its done, come on!!!" - Scotty P.
Parker in the pumpkin patch

Carousel ride

Pumpkins with Grammy and Grandpy
Wheel barrow fun!!!

8 months....

Happy 8 Month Birthday Scotty P!

I'm a little late with this post but our little dude is 8 months old now! Can you believe it?!?! We already know Scott is full of personality and energy and it only becomes more apparent everyday! He is so much fun! We love going to the park and playing outside! He is desperately trying to walk and can stand with no hands for 5 to 10 seconds! He can walk while holding onto furniture and even takes a few steps with the push car toys but they eventually get the better of him by going to fast and he tumbles! Scott loves other kids, especially his cousin Parker, he loves playing in the sand and playing with Charlie, his favorite time of day is when Daddy gets home from work...he is sooooo excited even just when I say: "Daddy is home" and then when he sees Brian he is beside himself! Scott is a good eater and rice yogurt is his all time fave (blueberry flavor please!!!!). He sleeps most nights in his crib but spends a few hours here and there with us and we love it! I absolutely can't believe he is already 8 months old and only 4 months (less than that now) he will be one! We are still loving and treasuring every moment!

My Gym

Scott turned eight months and learned to big thing!

This week we had my gym day on Scott's eight month birthday! We had sooo much fun and I finally remembered to bring my camera and bonus Hilary and Parker came with so it was double the fun and we got pictures of both boys!
Parker was pretty excited for his first class.
Scott loves the push cars and scooter boards!
Good muscles Parker J!
Just trying to do pull ups!

Trampoline is always fun
Too tired to go another step!
First "roller coaster"

Swings are #1

Double swinging cousins

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Pierce Farm

Yesterday Brian took the day off, so aside from getting some things accomplished (like tire rotations on our cars...super exciting!), we also went to the Pierce farm for more pumpkin patch fun!

I just can't get enough pumpkin patch pictures!

Checking out all the cool pumpkins with his dad!
Family photo op!
My personal favorite picture of the day! Too cute and too hilarious!
Playin' in the hay!
Scott just wanted to climb the whole pyramid! Maybe next year buddy!
This was my first time at Pierce is so cool! There are so many activities! There are animals, a corn maze, a train, a hay ride and all kinds of cool stuff!!! Most of it Scott was too little for this year but I'm already looking forward to taking him back next year!!!

After the farm we went to the park for a little while! Scott went down the slide for the first time (with daddy!!!). Then we did our grocery shopping and came home for a nap!
Later in the day Scott and I went out to the park again (we go at least 1 or 2 times a day, sometimes more!) and met our friends Andy and Zoey there! Scott and Zoey played on the swings, in the sand and on the dinosaurs until it got too dark and cold to play anymore! Then we picked up dinner and came back to the house! It is so nice to have a playmate for Scott and a girlfriend for me that live so close by! We treasure their friendship!
Zoey and her mama ridin' the dinosaur!!!
It was Zoey's first time swinging! She loves it too! I see many swing dates in our kids' future!

Just looking so grown up!

Friday, October 22, 2010


Below: not a hat picture (duh!) Just showin' off his stair climbin' skills! Thank goodness we don't have stairs in our house or I would be in such big trouble!!!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

To bed I said...

"Mom, do you seriously think I'm going to make this bedtime thing easy on you?"

Bedtime has been....interesting....lately! Scott starts most nights in his own bed and usually stays there until between 2 and 6 when he wakes up and cries. Due to sheer laziness on my part I go get him and bring him back to bed with us, because quite frankly I don't want to wake up completely to rock in his room I would rather just fall back asleep with him next to me. I'm not ashamed to admit that I still enjoy him sleeping with us and I know it won't last forever so I will enjoy it while it lasts. Even Brian admitted that when he is in his crib he misses him. Never the less we know that we should at least be practicing sleeping in his crib, hence the nightly starting off the in crib routine. Last night Scott would not settle down (the trend lately) he was soooooo tired (from our super busy day...see below) but just kept wanting to play, and then he would fall or get frustrated out of extreme exhaustion and completely melt down, I would finally get him calmed down and he would want to play again, repeat sequence (If You Give a Mouse a Cookie comes to mind here, a metaphor for life truly!!!!). I'm not a supporter of "cry it out", I will not go into my reasons because you might be and I don't want to sound critical, but suffice it to say it is not right for us. But last night I didn't know what to do to get him into bed mode so I put him to bed and let him cry for about 5 minutes and then he got quiet. I checked the monitor and he had fallen asleep sitting up with his head on the bumper of his crib. I let him sleep like that for a few minutes then moved him to a more comfortable position. I check the monitor again at 2 (he wakes up so often at 2 that when he doesn't my body clock still wakes me....awesome!) and he had sat himself back up to sleep on the bumper...weirdo! So I moved him again and he stayed there until about 4 when he needed a diaper change. All in all it was an ok night, but bedtime is definitely the hardest part of our day!!!


Yesterday we were busy busy busy! We started by going to cardio barre for mommy to get a workout. Scott has been doing really well playing with his friends and Miss Sarah so we are trying to go more often. Then we had an hour break to have a snack before we went to My Gym class for Scott. He LOVES it there! I swear one day I will take and post pictures but it is just so wild I haven't gotten a chance yet. He climbed, played on the slide, did the stairs, took his first few steps while pushing a car, rode an airplane swing and my favorite of all: chased girls! One girl in particular, Zoey, he just couldn't get enough of, I don't know if its because she is a better walker than he is and he was interested in that or if he just thought she was cute, but it was hysterical! Then we met Hilary and Parker J. after their yoga class. We ran into Robin and tons of other friends and had a good time talking. Then we stopped for lunch on our way to Hilary's house. At Hilary's it was too rainy to go to the park so she could work in the kitchen so the boys and I made a tent out of boxes and blankets in her room! It was a blast! This tent is pretty weak sauce compared to tents/forts I intend to build in the future. But you do the best you can with what you have! Hours of rainy day fun!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Pumpkin Carving 2010

Oh my gosh!!! Could pumpkins be any more fun?!!!?!?!?! Sunday night Scott and I went to Adam and Crystal's house for a pumpkin carving party! (Brian was home sick : ( so sad that he missed it) Before we left Scott and I got all geared up for pumpkin carving! I just had to dress him in a cute halloween outfit! Then we played with our pumpkin for a while! And tasted it of course!

And we mad a fun pumpkin desert: butterfinger rice krispie treat pumpkin!
Here are some of friends getting the party started!
The top: Scott not so sure about it!
Digging in!
Loving it!
Being a helper with the pumpkin guts scooper!
"What the heck is in here?"
Tasting it!

Not so sure about eating pumpkin guts!
The finished product! Good team work Mommy & Scott (and all the other hands who helped hold Scott and cut the pumpkin etc!)
The Campbell Family Jack'o'Lantern 2010!!!
Ryker (Alexis) chose the most elaborate pumpkin design! She worked forever on this thing but it was worth it in the end because Alexis' (Ryker's) jack'o'lantern turned out awesome...I think they should get an award! My favorite was when Ryker said "Mom what are you doing?" and she said "I'm carving YOUR pumpkin!" He was super into helping...haha not so much! So funny!
Ryker putting a lid on his pumpkin as we lined up all the finished products!
Riv keeping the little man entertained!

Mommy & Scott with all the awesome pumpkins (I tried desperately to get Scott to sit in front of them by himself and with other kids and it was not happening so this is what we get!)

We had sooooo much fun carving pumpkins with great friends! Thanks Blacks and Riv and Ally for hosting! Hopefully it will become a tradition (hint hint)!!!