Monday, January 25, 2010

Bibs & Bottles, Diapers & Pins...

On Saturday, my sweet cousin Alyson hosted a Baby Shower for Scott! Above is the adorable tree from Aunt Kay

Cute baby cupcakes with binkis that Hilary made.
One of the incredibly cute and creative centerpieces made by Auntie Al. There was also a playtime, bedtime, bathtime, yummy and first aid themed basket...but Brian was particular to the Dodger one!

The hostess with the mostest!!

My spf&ever Auntie Erin!

Hilary & I sporting the baby bump cousins (Parker John 31.5 weeks & Scott Parker 35.5 weeks)

Grandma Karen in just a few short weeks...

Leilani and Scott's future BFF: Parker...they will only be about 6 months apart

Checking out some great stuff that Scott received

Like father like son...I can't wait to see both of my boys in their Puma gear!

Another mommy friend : )

Cousin Chantal and her beautiful diaper cake talented!

All ready for baseball season with tons of Dodger gear!

Scott's baby shower was so much fun! So many family members and close friends were able to come and celebrate! Everyone was so incredibly generous with their love, support, advice and gifts! We are definitely ready for his arrival! He is such a blessed boy already to have so many people that love him so much!

What are you doing in a month?

One month from today is our due date!!! I cannot believe how close it is getting! We are SO ready to meet him! Although I have allowed myself to start the 'one month countdown', I am mentally preparing to be a little late. I know that so many first babies are late and my mom was late with both myself and Hilary, so I do not want to get my hopes up that we will be meeting the little man in exactly a month. But, knowing myself, if the 25th comes and goes I am going to start getting very impatient! He will come when he is ready and each day that goes by is one day closer to being a family of 3!!!

Child birth class

Yesterday we finished our 8 week series of child birth classes! The class focused on natural childbirth and we really learned a lot. It was not always Brian's (or mine for that matter) idea of the best way to spend our Sunday evenings but it was worth the time we put in as we both feel prepared and confident about the birth experience! We met many other amazing couples and I cannot wait to hear their birth stories and see them all at the reunion, when we can meet each other's little ones!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Charlie's 5th Birthday!

Charlie at about 4 months

Hanging in the pool (about 2 years old)

Such a cuddler!

Helpin with the laundry...

Our first "baby" turns 5 today! Can't believe how the time has flown. We are so happy that our kids will get to know Charlie. We couldn't ask for a better dog! We are excited to see how he handles having a baby brother around!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Welcome to my crib...

SPC's room is painted and the bedding is picked up! We are getting there! I just adore his bedding! The rest of the room still needs some work, but we still have some time! Can't wait to finish the nursery! We are so excited for him to get here!!! Can't wait for snuggles in this room!

Happy New Year!!!

We rang in the new year in Palm Springs with the Johnson Family and the Driscoll Family this year!

Riley was such a helper in the kitchen the whole weekend...hopefully she can teach Scott about helping in the kitchen because it was so much fun to have a helper!

The littlest and best dressed member of our new year's celebration: baby Parker!

Love this girl!

Mmm martinelli's : )

Trying to make it until midnight...

Happy 2010 everybody!
We are having a baby THIS YEAR! WOW!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Christmas in Big Bear

My Christmas Booger Bear Charlie!

Belly shot...

This year's Christmas hostess, my mother in law.

Baby boy is growing in there!

Me & Al
We spent Christmas day and a few days after at Brian's parent's home in Big Bear. Most of Brian's extended family was there as well! We had a great time with everyone! We spent a lot of time in the kitchen which I loved (even though I burned one of my appetizers). The non pregnant ones were able to ski and snowboard and get in the jacuzzi...maybe next year for me! We had a wonderful Christmas with all of our families and we are already looking forward to next year when our baby boy will be here with us!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Christmas Eve...

This year we spent Christmas Eve with my side and the St. Amant family! Here are the mommies, aunties and uncles to be!

Christmas PJs for the boys to wear next year! I can't wait to see them in these cute jammies on Christmas morning!

We are 31 weeks along!

Christmas Eve 2009!

Palm Springs...

We spent the weekend before Christmas in Palm Springs visiting Brian's dad! We had a great time relaxing, visiting and enjoying the great weather!