Monday, February 29, 2016

"Pp" week

Scott's kindergarten class celebrated Pp week in a big way these past two weeks.  We started with pajama day where we made pancakes during centers.  Shout out to his teacher who let me be in charge of the mix and syrup we corn syrup here!!! 

Then we went on a field trip to the post office followed by making our own pizzas at a local pizza parlor.

Scott mailing a letter at the post office to our house!

Owen joined us on the field trip because we were going directly from there to the beach for a Rincon weekend!

I love watching my guys watch out for each other.  So cute!

Kindergarten class plus a few siblings.

Then it was pizza time.  All the kids got little chefs hats...
then they got a lesson in pizza making, including how to toss the dough...

Scott got to make a gluten free for himself and a regular that we brought home for dad!

Owen got to join in the fun too, there aren't too many things that make this kid as happy as food!

Finally this week we studied planets and had princess and pirate day in class.
We have a pretty special school and a pretty special teacher!

Friday, February 26, 2016

Vail 2016

So last year we went out to Colorado with some friends for a weekend of adult time and skiing....well as luck would have it our friend was back working in Vail this winter so we all jumped at the chance to go back!

We headed out Thursday and hit the slopes Friday, Saturday and Sunday.


Last year we got a lot of snow while we were there and this year the conditions were more clear giving us some stunning views!

I couldn't have been more excited about our trip and skiing, but I think the thing I was looking forward to the most was blood mary's at the Ritz at Beaver Creek to end the day.  Sound ridiculous a little bit right?! Try them - honestly best bloody mary I have ever had!!!

Great end to the day!

We also happened to be there for Super Bowl weekend and as luck would have it The Broncos were in the super bowl so Sunday the slopes were basically deserted.  We made it down the hill in time for the 4:30 start time.  And fortunately we travel with a couple we are super compatible with: the boys were stoked to watch the game and the girls were just fine with spending our afternoon enjoying the amenities at the spa.  I think I'll take a jacuzzi and a steam room over football almost every time!
Another amazing adventure with our good friends!  Thanks Daniels!

And thanks to Grandma for keeping the boys the whole weekend!

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

School and sports

Can't believe we are half way through Scott's kindergarten year.  We continue to love his class and his teacher and recently we have found ourselves working on lots of projects at home.  Back in January they did an arctic unit and during that unit each student had to do a report on an arctic animal of their choice.  Scott chose the arctic fox and we had a great time getting books from the library, learning and writing down facts about the arctic fox and printing and drawing pictures to make a poster to present to his class.  

I appreciate that our school really emphasizes the students doing these projects on their own with minimal help from parents, nothing is more annoying than letting your kid do something on their own that they are proud of and then the kid next to them in class comes in with some professional poster clearly done by their parents.  I loved every project I saw and I really enjoyed watching Scott learn from this process.

T- ball has started up and Scott has loved going out side to practice nearly every day since we got his gear.

Owen just missed the cut off for this year but that doesn't stop him from getting out there for his turn when we play backyard ball.

Just a fun little picture I got of Scott and two of his buds on our recent field trip to the Moorpark College learning zoo.  We had a super great time having the zoo to ourselves and learning so much about all the animals from the zookeeper students.

Kinders hanging out at big deal.

Owen's usually hang out while waiting to pick up Scott.  Lunch under the board.

We celebrated the 100th day of school a few weeks ago with a little party in class as well as a 100th day of school project at home.  Scott chose to do his in perler beads and his day was made when his teacher told him that as long as she'd been doing this project no one had ever used perler beads.

Some days I pick up Scott first while Owen gets to stay at picnic pals.  Its especially fun to bring Scott back to his old preschool to hang with all his friends who are still there.  He really loves being "the big kid".  This particular day Scott had a new library book that he was ready to his friend Nelly.  The cutest thing in the world.  

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Family days

Recently we got to spend a 'monday at mimi's' (and papa's).  The Richard girls even got to join us for coffee and lunch and a little kitchen science with papa.  

The kids got to experiment with elephant toothpaste and ivory soap clouds.  It was tons of fun!

And Eden finally decided she loves her Auntie.  She picked out some books for us to read together.  Swoon. 

Pretty special to get to share your papa with your friends for story time.

A few weeks later the boys and I went to play at Auntie's new house.  Owen read this book to Eden.  It went: "Once upon a time there were three wittle pigs and a big bad wolf."  

They play outside and in, read tons of book and watched Night at the Museum.

Cousins are pretty special.

And I snuck in some snuggles with O.

Catching up with friends

Its been ages since I've blogged.   In an attempt to catch up I start with a friends post.

We had a bunch of rain when we got back from Christmas break and we had fun bundling up and splashing in the puddles.

Love this site when I pick up from preschool.  Our amazing Ms. Jennifer dancing in and singing in the rain with our babies.

You know my baby boy likes to get down with some food.  Well here he is with a baked potato, burger style.  Ha.  He never stops cracking me up.

More preschool fun.  I personally love the hat and glove combo.

My little yoga babe:

And not to be left out, these friends.  We headed out for a much needed girls night a few weeks ago.  Dinner, margaritas and bowling.  Love them!

And we always have a blast with our neighborhood crew.  The oldest three took turns cruising in Katelyn's new truck, complete with an iPhone plug in so they could listen to their tunes.  I couldn't help but thinking that they can do this for real in about 10 years.  Sobbing.

Owen always makes time to hang with the my little sweetheart!

These crazy friends monkeying around at school!  They have become quite the threesome lately.  Practically inseparable.  Pretty lucky my kids have found such wonderful friendships already!

Last week both of the boys had friends over after school.  It was tons of fun and surprisingly much easier for me once they were able to entertain each other!

Love those puppy snuggles.

So that about sums up our January and a little extra...