Saturday, July 23, 2016

Rincon {july '16}

We finally made it back out to our favorite camping spot earlier this month.  We hadn't been since April, which is simply too long!  We lucked out getting a spot on Wednesday after the 4th of July, it was super crowded.

Thursday the boys had camp, and although I could have just let them miss I decided to make arrangements for them to go so Brian and I could enjoy a little date day.  My awesome friend (and their teacher) Jen allowed me to drop my kids at her house early that morning and she drove them in on the "party bus" (she had two of her own kids plus one other friend....geez i really need a mini van).  She even made extra bacon and eggs for when we arrived...she definitely knows Owen well!

Brian and I got to hang at the beach and walk around Ventura all day sans kids.

Late that afternoon Jen and co. joined back up with us at the beach for fun in the sun and also burgers and margaritas on the beach.  Perfect summer day!

Scott, Bennett and Owen - dinner on the rocks.

Grandma and Gpa camped with us this weekend too. Unfortunately they didn't find a spot, but they were good sports and moved around a few different local campgrounds near by for the weekend.

Rincon sunsets never get old.

Campbells in our favorite place!

The pictures just don't do it justice.  The moon was so clear and bright that night.  Just stunning.

We made a point of going up to Carp for at least one breakfast at lucky llama.  Even though it was freezing that morning we still all got down with our acai bowls.  So yummy! That's my kind of camp breakfast!

Then it was back to the beach

Whenever we are at the beach I am ready to give up regular life.  Sell everything and just live here.  The boys are happier searching for rocks and making stacks and creations then they are with all their toys at home.  This is the life.

Owen has to decided to take up boogie boarding full time and has really gotten brave in the water lately (not to mention he taught himself to swim over the last few weeks, I'll save that story for another day)

And these two spent hours rallying with smashball

Hilary and the kids joined us for the afternoon as well.  Nothing better than cousins and friends at the beach.

We ate dinner and watermelon and played games til after sunset.

After 3 days and nights at the beach Owen was fully cooked around 6 saturday night.  I ended up taking him to bed early and going to bed pretty early myself.  I had planned to stay in that night and get a good night's sleep anyways because I was getting up early Sunday for the shoreline 10k in ventura.  

This was only my second race ever, but I can already see why people get addicted.  Its so much fun to run with people of all different shapes, sizes, and levels.  I am definitely not the fastest out there, but I'm not the slowest either and it is so much fun to have this unspoken bond when you finally find your pack of people who are going your pace.  

I thanked at women at the end of the race whom I had run next to nearly the whole way.  We never talked during, but we would slow down and speed up and even walk close to the same time.  The last two miles we made this unspoken decision to go hard the rest of the way.  It was so awesome!
By the time I got back from running the boys had packed up and we were all ready to head home and clean up for the week.  It was the perfect mini vacation!  Until next time Rincon....

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

4th of July, 2016

We made it down to Orange County again this year for another fun filled 4th.  

We headed out mid day but not before a family selfie while everyone was all spiffed up.

Its always such a great day with great friends, and I never get enough pictures.

Owen had a particularly great time with sparklers this year.

We love all these kiddos and wish we could hang out with these families more often!

Seriously though, why aren't we neighbors! Love you Leilani!!!

My most handsome dudes!
Thanks for hosting another great 4th Johnson fam! Love you guys!