Saturday, May 29, 2010

Little flirt...

Last week we finally got to meet my friend Andrea's daughter Ava! What a cutie pie! She is 3 days older than Scott. Andrea and I joked when we met in yoga (way back when, we were the least pregnant girls there when we started, crazy to look back on those times) that they would be boyfriend and girlfriend. Scott is becoming very baby aware and he loved looking at Ava and kept smiling at her. When we put them both down next to each other Scott went right for her hand....SO STINKIN' CUTE! Of course he really grabbed her hand so he could put it in his mouth, but it was still cute! We just love spending time with all of our new friends!!!

Gym time...

Happy Saturday morning! I finally made it back to the gym this morning. We have been trying to figure out when I could go get some workouts in but because we don't really have a nap routine down for Scott yet, not to mention that he only naps for 20 to 45 minutes, it has been difficult. Finally we decided to give an early morning workout a try...after feeding Scott at 5 I hit the gym and was home by 6:30! It felt great and I'm energized for the day!! Hopefully I can keep up this routine, at least on the weekends, and shed those baby lbs.!!!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

3 months old...

Today Scott turns 3 months old! As I type this its about 20 minutes until his actual time of birth! I can't believe how quickly these last 3 months have gone by! As proof of how grown up Scott is becoming, he proved how difficult these monthly photo sessions are becoming this morning. In between almost every shot he kicked over the blocks, he absolutely, positively will not sit still, this upright position was not quite enough he really wants to do it on his on, so in an effort to be even MORE upright he ends up tipping over (which is actually hilarious because he just lands on the teddy bear's soft leg and looks at me like "um, not what I was expecting"). His hands are in his mouth in half the pictures, many of the pictures his face has a nice "glow" from the drool he has smeared across his chunky cheeks. He is also so into his toes, there are also many pictures where he is grabbing for his 'piggies' (also causing face plants, also hilarious). I am in no way complaining about how long it takes me to take these pictures, I look forward to doing them each month and I have about 40 to choose from, its actually hard to choose which ones to post. In the first picture he is laughing (still trying to capture this on video) and the second picture was just too cute!
3 months is a fun age so far. Like I said, the little man is constantly on the move. He wants to do more and more things on his own too. He loves to hold things and gets more coordinated by the day. He still likes lights and sounds and he is now into the TV. I'm not too thrilled about this but what can ya do? I try to not have the TV on during the day and when it is on at all (ie basketball playoffs) we make sure its in moderation and no commercials, the kid is going to love sports because of his daddy so I figure there is no harm in a little now and then (especially if it means I can cooks dinner and he is happy watching the Lakers on daddy's lap). And my favorite of all at the 3 month mark is LAUGHING! There is nothing more precious in the world!

Monday, May 24, 2010

So much fun...

This weekend we got to go to Orange County and hang out with our closest friends, The Johnson Family! Here are the 3 kiddos hanging out!

We had a relaxing Saturday just hanging out and catching up! We even walked to the park and those of us that were old enough enjoyed the swings (read: not Scott), this included Brian, however it seems the swings are not made for grown ups swinging at a high velocity, but no harm done!

Danny and Parker

Riley showing off her skills! It must be fun to be the oldest in the group and get to show the little ones all they have to look forward to! Scott is lucky to have such a cool chick like Riley to look up to!

The daddy-os with the bambinos!

Scott checkin' out Ri

NBA playoffs of course!

Thanks for a great time Johnsons! We can't wait to play again soon! We love you guys!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Ha ha ha!!!

Scott laughed for the first time today! We are not talking like a little bit of laughing, I mean the real thing, totally cracking up! There is nothing better in the world!!! I could spend all day, every day making him laugh! We were at Cousin Parker's house and Auntie Hilary and Uncle Matt were there as well as our friend Andy. I'm sad Brian wasn't there for his first laugh but I know there will be lots more to come! : )

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Go Lakers!

What are my boys so into???

The Laker game of course!!!
Brian and Scott had some great bonding time last night while watching the game. I was able to make dinner as well as keep an eye on the game. Its so fun to watch Scott watch his daddy. Scott will stare at him and they will make faces at each other. At one point last night Brian started looking at the TV and Scott yelled for his attention! Scott loves his daddy so much!!!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Happy Wednesday!

Getting a stronger grip! The loops on these toys aren't quite long enough for Scott to get them in his mouth, we are not pleased about this!

"Hello Panda!"

Enjoying some tummy time!

Scott and I are just enjoying another happy Wednesday! We are half way to the weekend...hurray!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Old school style...

Its a rainy, chilly, gloomy day here today! Scott and I needed to be bundled up this morning so I couldn't resist putting him in this outfit that used to be Brian's. Too hilarious! Side note: since Scott can't seem to keep his socks on check out his big old piggies! I just love 'em!
We are staying cozy and dry today by playing with Scott's toys, doing a little reading and right now during Scott's nap I am making roasted kale (I'm so addicted to this snack right now) and brownies, not to mention I even got in a shower!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Up nap!

Charlie and Scott, already the best of friends! They had a blast playing with Scott's toys! At one point I swear Scott looked at Charlie from his seat with a look in his eyes that said, "Bro, help a baby outta this thing!"

"Hey Charlie, wanna play trucks?"

When I was young I guess I famously said, "up early! no nap!". Evidently I was not a big napper. Although Scott can't talk yet I believe that this is what his true sentiment is, up at 6ish (sometimes before) and maybe one or two 20-45 minute naps. That is fine by me (unless he gets so tired he is cranky because that is no fun for anyone) because that means there is tons of time in our day for walks and running errands and playing with toys and reading and meeting new friends!
Yesterday Scott and I set up his fun ABC mat from Auntie Hilary and Uncle Matt. Charlie was the first member of the family to be excited, he was certain that this must be a new place for him to hang out, and of course, he was welcome! Scott enjoyed the bright colors and he really liked when I rolled his trucks around! And both Charlie and Scott did a great job of sharing the toys! Later yesterday afternoon Scott and I did some errands. Scott is so much fun to bring out with me now because he is into looking at everything. We had a great time a target playing with all the toys in the baby aisle (and not buying any, yeah I'm that crazy lady who pushes every noise making light up toy in the aisle then bails!). Then we went to Follow Your Heart, an awesome vegan market and restaurant by our house. In the front of the store there is a whole section of goodies, like bamboo bowls and organic cotton table linens etc. Hanging from the ceiling are about 50 wind chimes (wind charms in my family), they hang so low that you almost have to duck to walk under them. Scott was in the ergo baby (this is his preferred means of travel these days as it allows him to see things and socialize) so the wind chimes were almost at eye level. I have never, in his whole two and a half months of life, seen him so enthralled. I swear he was thinking these were a little gift from heaven sent just for him, and that was before I even moved them to make noise. I think we spent 10 minutes just standing in the aisle looking up!!
Today we went to a free stroller strides class at the pump station in Westlake. Boy does that ever make me feel like a mom (in a good way don't get me wrong, just WOW). It was a great workout with lots of other fun moms and babies to meet! After we did some shopping and finally found a hat to fit Scott's noggin! Then for a really special treat we called Daddy and he was able to meet us at the park during his lunch!
Who needs naps when you've got all this going on?!?!

Ladies Man...

Scott and I have been getting out on more play dates lately! Here he is with his girlfriend Scarlette...her mom and I did yoga together while we were pregnant so these two have already been friends for months!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Saturday night we went over to visit our good friends Beau, Alexis and Ryker! We got to hang out in their beautiful new home and catch up (and watch the Lakers!) while the boys played! Scott is really focusing on people's faces now and he could not get enough of his pal Ryker! Scott watched everything he did and Ryker was so sweet with Scott, he even got down on the floor with Scott when he needed a diaper change and kept him entertained! It was a great night out of the house with great company, we are so lucky!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Best Mother's Day Ever...

I cannot think of anything I would rather do than be Scott's Mommy and Brian's wife! This Mother's Day weekend was so incredible and it was all made possible by these two amazing men!!! The cherry on top of my mother's day was when I received this picture text! Auntie Hilary and Uncle Matt are ENGAGED!!!! YAHOO! I am so excited for the wedding planning to begin!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Going to the beach...

Scott's first time to dig his feet in the sand...I think he liked it!

Checking out the waves!

Yesterday Scott and I joined my parents and some family friends in Malibu for Malibu Seafood (always yummy) and a walk on the beach. This was the first time Scott actually went down to the beach. We got close to the water but didn't touch his feet in (it was freezing) and I made sure he got to put his feet in the sand! We had a blast! Scott loved looking out at the ocean while we walked! And he stared at the piles of seaweed like crazy! I'm sure he can't wait until he's big enough to make a big old mess in the seaweed!