Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Beach days

Remember in my snow day post that I said we had also been to the beach that weekend.  Well we have been every weekend since.  There is something magical about the beach in the "winter" (I use the word winter loosely).  The beaches are less crowded, its usually warm and sunny but there is sometimes a little chill in the air, you almost always get to see dolphins, the sunsets earlier so sometimes we get to see it, its just one of my favorite times.

And if you think winter beach trips means we go in sweat pants and stay out of the waves you are wrong.  All boogie boarding, all the time         : )

This guy does like do some digging and dump truck playing before he hits the waves...

But Scott gets in ocean first thing!

I think these two could spend all day every day running in the waves.

Scott is starting to get the hang of boogie boarding (so long as daddy is close for both Scott's comfort and mine).  As soon as I put my camera up he caught his first really good wave and rode it all the way in.  He was so stoked!  It was so awesome!!!

We are definitely looking forward to spring (because the temps are already there!) but I am hoping for a few more winter beach trips before then!

Monday, February 24, 2014

Valentine's Day

Another Valentine's day has come and gone without a big to do in the Campbell house.  I guess its just not our holiday.   Mimi surprised us with some gluten free cupcakes one afternoon so that was a big treat!  And Scott had a valentine's party at school which he could have cared less about and for which I was making his homemade valentine's (because despite my having the supplies a week a head of time and asking him to do it regularly he just couldn't get into it.  understandable.) that morning.  In bed.  With a sick kiddo with me.  And incase you have a fantastic, pinterest worthy homemade valentine in your  Pipe cleaners, heart stickers and popsicle sticks ya'll.

There was no valentine's breakfast or any other fanciness - and everyone was ok with that.  Valentine's afternoon was beautiful and we spent it in the back yard making mud pies.  Perfect if you ask me.

That weekend my girl friend Andy and I had our own little "gal"entines day.  We went to a free Sunday morning yoga class across the street (which I plan on making a regular thing.  I need more yoga in my life.) followed by lunch and then a mama grocery store trip without kids.  Of course the only evidence I have of the day is our insanely packed cart with all of our stuff:
I really don't know why we didn't just take two carts.

Valentine's evening Brian and the boys surprised me with the most wonderful card and the cat and the hat book "inside your outsides" (about the human body).  A children's book about anatomy....they know me so well!!!!

Happy valentine's to all!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Snow Day

Ok East Coasters, don't laugh.

A few weeks ago Scott's school had a snow day.  So I know everyone else in the country is trying to escape the snow and has been been by storm after storm, but out here in sunny CA.....well we are craving a little cool.  The school has snow brought it to cover the playgrounds so the kids can play in the snow to their hearts content.  No one has to come in early because they are too cold, because its still 75 and sunny out.  In fact Scott went to school in ALL of his winter attire:  sweat pants, tennis, long sleeves and a vest.   No beanie, no mittens, no boots.  We are california kids through and through.

Scott lucked out and got to have snow and two of his school days. 

There was a "big hill" with snow on it for kids to sled down (most of them used pool rafts brought from home).

I came to pick Scott up from school with Owen one day, so even O got in on the fun.

So this was at the end of the day and it basically looks like dirt, but it was still fun.  And I guess that's what a California snow day looks like...

So for all of you in actual snow, shoveling driveways etc. I'm sorry if this made you want to punch me.  Also, we went to the beach this past weekend. 

Monday, February 10, 2014

Superheroes. Always.

Its no secret that we are obsessed with superheroes around these parts.  
Costumes happen daily.  Sometimes before clothes.  Sometimes in lieu of clothes.

I leave you with some recent documentation:

Friday, February 7, 2014

Adventures of Baby

Owen has fallen in love with a doll he found at Mimi and Papa's.  It started as something he only played with when he was over, but has recently taken to bringing it home....and everywhere else.  This is totally fine by us, I love that he is so interested in baby and really likes playing with dolls right now (a nice break from super heroes).  Baby has been to the park several times (once we met my girlfriend, who's son is in Scott's class, for a playdate...she has an actual baby, so when Owen was done with "baby" and gave her to me I looked like the crazy lady walking around with a doll trying to be like my friend with a real baby.) 

Once we forgot baby at Mimi and Papa's and Owen looked at her for days until we were able to pick her up.  This past week the boys and I went out to dinner for a school fundraiser at Chipotle (maybe the second time they've been to a restaurant...I'm kidding, kind of.)  Baby made an appearance there as well.

Yesterday while Scott was at school all morning Owen and I played with baby nearly all day.  Owen decided baby needed to go potty.  We are not potty training with Owen yet (although he's super into sitting on the potty because of Scott, and tries his hardest to squeeze a few drops out, and of course when he does I make the biggest deal ever and practically do kart wheels, but no expectations yet).

After the potty it was time for a shower.  We opted for a pretend shower because baby really isn't the kind that can get wet.

Then it was story time for baby.  When asked what baby's favorite book was Owen responded with "tomnee the twain" (thomas the train).  But of course!!  Its Owen's favorite too ; )

Baby got tucked in for a nap not too long after.  Looks like Owen has the bedtime routine down.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

{Almost} 4 year old hilarity

Some more funny moments with Scott.

The other day he was at a 9 out of 10 on the whiney scale.  I told him whatever he wanted at the time wasn't going to happen until he could stop whining.  So he started screaming and covering his mouth.  I asked what was wrong.
Scott: "I can't."  (said in a scream like he was in the most pain of his life)
Me:  "What? What's wrong?"
Scott: (both hands covering his mouth like he's trying to shove something back in)  "I can't stop the whining from coming out."

And  another day:
Scott: "Mom, when I turn 18 I'm going to go to another school called college.  Preschool college."

This is out of nowhere, no recent discussions about college, turning 18, etc.  Don't know who he's been hanging out with.

Scott:  "Hey dad, you want a cookie?  You deserve one."   -  HA, thanks bud!

And my favorite (debated posting this one but its really too funny not to, sorry future Scott, hope you don't need therapy from the embarrassment)
Me in the kitchen, Scott going to the bathroom (door open, duh!)
Scott:  (full yell) "Mom....I want a long penis."
Me:  stunned silence, I go to clarify
Scott:  (normal voice level) "Mom....I really want a long penis,  (my friend) has a long penis and I want one.  Can I have a long penis when I turn 5?"
Me: "Well buddy, as we grow older and get bigger all of body parts grow and get bigger too."
Scott: "Good.  I really want a long penis."

So incase you were wondering if the "size matters" business was media driven, its not, its absolutely 100% in male DNA.

Since I started this post a few weeks ago and have yet to finish it here are a few more:

Scott had noodles with peas mixed in for lunch the other day.  He ate all the noodles and left all the peas.  A few minutes later I came into the kitchen to find his bowl of peas full of juice.
Me: "Scott! Did you pour your juice into the bowl of peas?"
Scott: "No, it spilled."
Me: "Are you sure?"
Scott: "Yes."
Me: "Remember how important it is to tell the truth?  I hope you are telling the truth."
Scott: "Yep."

And yesterday when I had just taken a cake out of the oven and it was cooling on the counter.   Scott and I were in my room while I was getting dressed for dinner at mimi and papa's.  Scott disappeared for about two minutes then comes running back in my room:
Scott: "Mom!!! I ate the cake.  It was just an accident."
Me: "I think you are using the word accident wrong."

So I have been adding to this post little by little.  The "yesterday" referenced above is months ago now.  Most recently:
At karate and Scott's teacher is doing a game/drill where she is teaching them about what to do if someone bothers them and keeps hitting them or something (i.e. DO NOT HIT PEOPLE.)  So they were doing blocks and then learning to say "STOP" and then running away.  Maybe this isn't making that much sense…but not that important, you kind of have the idea now.  Its Scott's turn and she uses her pool noodle to swing at him like a weapon.
Scott: "I can really stop you with my ice."  Holds hands out and does a spraying/blasting sound (as all super heroes do in some for or another? duh!)
Teacher:  "But is that real or is that pretend."
Scott: "Its real, because I'm iceman."
Teacher: "What would you do if you weren't iceman?"
Scott: stumped.  "But I am iceman."
Teacher: stumped.