Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Super friends

You probably already know that the Richie girls are a staple in our lives.  

We have known and loved these girls (well and their dadda too!) for years!

We even go to school together now!!!

When we moved from the valley almost two years ago we were sad to lose them as neighbors, although we still get to see each other quite a bit.

Well good news for us - they moved to Thousand Oaks!

Neighbors again!!!

Before they left we went over for one last play date in their awesome backyard.

And we got some adorable pics of the crew:

Nothing like popsicles and friends!!!!

Monday, April 21, 2014

Spring Break, Rincon Style...

We all had last week off for spring break, well the boys did, including Brian who took the whole week off of work, and I worked my regular hours (about 6 in total).  We decided to do some camping while we were off and it was truly the best week ever!  I know I went on and on (and on and on) about how amazing our Mexico vacation was, but if I had to choose between the two I think I'd go for the trailer on the beach with my three favorite guys every time!

We headed up Tuesday morning and got settled in by 10:30.  I ran out to the grocery store (it takes about 4 minutes to get to ventura from the beach we were camping at...perfect!) and came back to find the boys already down at the water having a blast.  The first day stayed over cast almost the entire day, but that didn't slow us down.

Mimi and Papa stopped by for a visit that evening which included a nice long beach walk!

After a quick outdoor shower these two were ready for jams and some sitting by the fire.
After the fire was going the marine layer decided to burn off and it was roasting.  So much for a cozy campfire.

Wine definitely tastes best while camping...

We changed out of our warm jams to go back down to the beach to enjoy the last few hours of sun.

 The next morning Owen and I were up early so we decided to head into town for some Palermo, including a tea latte for mom, kiddo hot chocolates and a chocolate croissant for daddy.  Best breakfast EVER.

The big guys were up when we got back just in time for some scrambled eggs and sausages.  Camp breakfast - the best!!!! 

Then a quick beach run for me...perfect start to the day!

We were also lucky enough to do some whale watching right from the beach:

Can't see them too well in pictures but there were at least 3, it was pretty spectacular.  We watched them head up the coast for at least half an hour.

More wild life...

Did I mention that Charlie joined us on our campout?  He was in heaven!

It burned off much early on Wednesday and the boys were able to hit the waves before noon.

A lovely shot of our little trailer from the beach.

Probably my 30th trip up and down that morning for snacks, changes of clothes, sunscreen, snacks, toys or snacks....glad Brian was able to get a picture as opposed to coming to get the stuff out of my hands ; )

Ok, I swear we sunscreen our kids, although you wouldn't know it based on their tans.  If you knew either Brian or me as a kid you would understand.

A little before lunch Mimi and Papa came up with Parker J.  And these cousins had a BLAST.  I don't think they got out of the water all day.

Except when we forced them to come eat lunch.

Charlie, meanwhile, was soaking up as much ocean time as he could handle.

Then the seaweed:

And sandcastles...

These two goobers.  I love that I have this same picture of them at the beach since before they were one.

Cousins <3 p="">


And of course, OF COURSE, there was sword fighting.

Fierce pirates:

Hilary came to pick Parker J up at the beach and the two of them decided to join me and the boys for dinner (Brian had to go home for his M/W class...BOO!)  On the menu: nekkid spaghetti.

Because why would you get spaghetti all over your clothes, especially when you are eating on the warm beach.

While we were eating we spotted this amazing sand castle made by our neighbors.  They invited the boys over to "help" after we ate.  Scott and parker wasted no time engaging the beautiful Italian woman in deep conversation/flirting.

Beach Magic:

We spent another night and then headed home Thursday in time for me to go to work.  It was the most amazing time and we are already planning our next trip!  Love our happy little campers!!!

And for my own reference we were in site 58 which was perfect so shoot for that in the future +/- 5.