Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Fun at the beach....

We just love a great Sunday afternoon with our friends at the beach! Daddy even went body surfing - he got out when he saw unknown fin nearby - he assumed it was a dolphin and we later confirmed it was, but still! Scott was so mad at me for not letting him get in and swim with Daddy!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Today we hit the zoo again! It was the perfect overcast (but not too cold) day!

And extra special because Abby and Sarah came too!

We picnicked and played at the fountain first thing!

Then we saw literally every exhibit! It was awesome! And I don't think Scott let go of Abby's hand for one second!

Chinese Alligator - we asked Scott if he wanted to pet it, he said "day" (okay!)

Great picture of the kids! In front of the vulture (I'm sure we could have picked a more appealing animal for them to stand for their portrait but our friend Kelly likes vultures (and knows all the kids) so Sarah was trying to text her a picture, so I used the opportunity to get one too...and I never got a second chance)

Zoe the snow leopard

This is Scott watching Zoe - he would have gone in the cage (he would have gone in all the cages for that matter) had he been allowed

Last zoo trip the gorillas were at the vet, but they were there today, definitely mommy's favorite

Parker J. is ALL DONE!

We also saw the giraffes (I thought I posted a picture but evidently did not and I'm just too lazy to go back and find it and then put it in the proper've seen a giraffe before so you get the picture). I mention them because Scott can say giraffe - "gerofffffff" its very cute. He can also say Abby, which usually comes out "Abbybaby" - funny stuff!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Confession: yesterday it took me like 3 hours to do the dishes. This is actually not uncommon. I get distracted, say by a little boy who puts a grocery bag over his head (paper, see pictures) and runs around and thinks its hilarious, even when runs into things because he can't see. This just begs me to stop what I'm doing and do an impromptu craft. So we cut a window into the Whole Foods bag and TA-DA!!! Hours of fun! So thank you to my wonderful husband who comes home to half done dishes and moderately cluttered house and happily cleans up our "learning experience"!

Once there was a window for Scott to see out he thought it was extra cool! Below he had taken the bag off then tried to get it back on by himself - backwards buddy!

"Tuck, TUCK!!!!" (Stuck - a favorite word!)
Right after this picture was taken Scott got un "tuck" by ripping out of the bag incredible hulk style!

Then we explored...

Way cool mom!

What a grown up little boy we have! (minus the bald head making him look like baby still - LOVE IT!)

Afterwards we colored the back - which may have been more fun to do before then wear it as a costume but I don't think Scott is quite patient enough yet.


Scott's Daddy has been working super hard on the Farmer's Classic which is coming up in less than two weeks! Scott got to try on one of the cool visors his Daddy designed to show his support for Farmers and all his Daddy's hard work!

His very own...

When Scott goes to play at Cardio Barre, his very favorite thing (if I've told this story before please bare with me) is to play with the plastic horses. There is a big bucket of plastic animals in the kids room, all types of animals, but Scott goes through the whole bucket and picks out ALL the horses and plays with them the whole hour. He shows each one to Sarah (and other kids who don't really care so much) and plays with them and gives them all kisses (and tries to get the other kids to kiss them too, it is a mystery to Scott why anyone would not love horses as much as he does and why they wouldn't want to kiss the plastic ones!). When we leave he says goodbye to the horses and gives them goodbye kisses. So I figured it was high time I bought him some plastic horses of his own.

Last week Scott came to my office with me and was such a good and patient boy, so afterwards we stopped at the toy store to buy some horses. There was a whole rack of plastic animals....Scott was in seventh heaven. He looked at all the animals, but when he saw the horses it was D-O-N-E! He practically screamed "neigh neigh"! He tried to get 5 or 6 in his hand at once and when he couldn't he would pat each one and kiss some of them and put them down to pick up another. He fell in love with one of the horses pictured below with the blonde cowgirl on it. I think its because she reminds him of Abby. So we got that one, then I picked the others because there is no way Scott could have chosen, plus he was so into his cowgirl one that he stopped caring about the rest.

So now we play with "neigh neighs" every spare minute we have. Its the toy he likes to take with him in the car or to hold when we read books. He even puts one in his crayon tray of easel while we "druh" (draw).
Below: kissing his horses

One excited little cowboy!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

A boy and his book...

Scott cannot get enough of his "neigh neigh" book (mentioned in previous post). Yesterday I found him in his bedroom reading it to himself having tucked himself into a blanket to sit with his bear. He loves this book!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

If you drink don't the watermelon crawl!

These pictures are from tonight's BBQ @ Zoey's house, but I felt they were deserving of a post all their own! Stinkin' hilarious!

This boy loves him some watermelon!

Soooooooooo delicious! Scott ate a bit much (see previous post about watermelon: revisited, but he didn't throw it all up) but man was it good and fun and messy goin' down!

Beatin' the Heat!

We just got done with a fun evening playing at Zoey's house! Zoey, Parker and Scott (the 3 muskateers if I've ever seen em) tore up the house in no time and we quickly moved them to the back yard where we played in the water table and set up the sprinklers for them to play in! SO.MUCH.FUN!

The "back and forth" sprinkler in the absolute best for this because you can change the level of the water and it doesn't go too fast...not to mention the nostalgia factor!

A little "suns out, guns out" shout out for my husband : )

We ate an amazing dinner of BBQ chicken, salad, black bean burgers, watermelon and greek salad dip (let me just give a major shout out to Danny, the only hubby present, who cooked for all of us girls and kids and then cleaned up the whole mess, and it wasn't a small mess, it was like a food, toy, water, throw up (Scott ate too much watermelon so some revisited us) tornado. Danny you rock, thanks for a great meal and of course your great company - hanging out with three mommies talking breastfeeding, diapers etc. = trooper!
Parker J. even got an impromptu haircut post dinner and pre bath! Yeah, then the 3 muskateers took a bath together! Thanks for a great night Richards'!

When I dip, you dip, we dip....

7 Layer Greek Dip:
found this on Pinterest (omgosh my new obsession!!!)
Tried it out tonight for a BBQ at the Richards' house.
Goes a little something like this:
(bottom to top)
tomatoes/bell peppers/onions chopped
shredded lettuce
more tomatoes/bell peppers/onions
feta cheese
kalamata olives

Layered like traditional 7 layer dip. I found this version to be super yummy, refreshing and A LOT healthier!

The good life...

Who doesn't love sitting on the table in a diaper and coloring?

Scott having his waffle laying on the bedroom floor (we are very formal about our meals in the Campbell house!)

P.S. check out the new shoes - can you handle the cuteness?

"Neigh Neigh"

Scott has a new favorite book! It's his "neigh neigh boo(k)". Sarah and Abby gave Scott a National Geographic book called Wild Ponies. Abby had a copy when she was little and she evidently loved it so they thought it would be a great gift for Scott since he loves horses so much. Scott has taken to only wanting to read the pages of his books that have horses on them, so what a great book that has horses on every page! I have already lost count of the number of times we've read it. When Scott gets up in the morning the first thing he asks for is "ma (my) neigh neigh". His whole life (since he's starting talking and eating solids) the first thing he's asked for is his breakfast banana - horses trump food! WOW! This picture is of the day Scott got the book....he couldn't wait to show Daddy when he got home and tell him all about every much so that we didn't even wait for Daddy to get in the house....we read it in the driveway! Thanks Sarah and Abby - we love it!!!

Splash Park

This past week we hit the splash park in simi! Glorious! It has been insanely hot lately (and randomly humid for CA) so this was a great way to spend an afternoon. Hilary and I went with the boys and Sarah and Abby, can I just say how lucky we are to have great friends like them. Abby is so sweet and patient with the boys and of course they love Sarah too!

The splash park was Parker J.'s little slice of heaven. The kid was in his element for sure. The more the water splashed him the more he wanted. When it would stop he would sign for "more, more"! He seriously got blasted in the face and didn't even slow down.

Scott enjoyed the park too but was a little more hesitant, especially when more and more big kids started showing up (Parker just pushed past them all, ha!) Abby was great and really watched out for our guys!


Great naps were had by all after this outing!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Happy 4th

Our 4th of July was terrific this usual! We headed down to The Johnson's for fun, friends, food and fireworks!

Scott enjoyed A LOT of time in the pool!

With his buddies Charlie and Parker!

Dear Friend, I don't see you enough! Love, Charlotte

Leah and sweet baby Lucy, who so badly wanted to get in and splash around with the boys!

Mad skills!

The guys, back from picking up the fireworks for the evening!

Tried desperately to get a good family pic with Scott smiling, or one of either of us with Scott smiling, FAIL. This was the best we could muster....eating a pretzel!

Riley and her mama getting in on the sparkler action!

Happy Birthday America!
As always, a wonderful day and a wonderful celebration! Thank you Johnsons for hosting us for such a fabulous day! Unfortunately Scott was way too tired to make it for fireworks so we headed home not too long after this picture was taken!