Monday, June 30, 2014


At the end of each school year there is a raffle basket fundraiser at our school.  Each class puts together a basket with a theme and then we raffle them off.  Our class happened to do a science basket...and we happened to win it! Major summer score.  There are so many fun things to do, we can't wait to explore them all.  A week or two ago we finally dug into it and I asked Scott what he wanted to do.  He knew immediately, he had remembered seeing the volcano kit when we were deciding where to put our raffle tickets, he had been chomping at the bit to get his volcano on.

We starting by mixing the plaster and pouring it into the mold.  Thankfully we only had to wait 20 minutes for it to harden because I don't know if Scott could have waited 21.  Then we set to work painting it.  Scott kept telling me how much he loved painting it.  I was delighted that he was so into this craft until he said, "I can't wait to explode it."  Well at least he liked art for a moment, but then end game of course was exploding it.  Boys.

The finished product came out beautifully, and then we waited for it to dry again.  Torture.

The volcano construction happened during a rare nap for Owen, but baby boy was up in time to get the party started with the eruption.

It was Owen's job to put in the scoop of baking soda each time.

And Scott's job to *slowly* dump the vinegar

The results did not disappoint. 

Another win for backyard science.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Mama's night out

The week we got done with school (I say we like its my school, but you know, in a lot of ways it is) was Red Hen week.  The parents come in either without kids or the kids play on the yard and other parent volunteers watch them, and we clean the heck out of our classroom.  I have heard people sort of dread it, but you know what, it was pretty fun.  First of all it was all my mama friends and no kids to interrupt our I call it a win!  And you know what else, I love our school (duh! I can't shut up about it) and I was happy to invest in our classroom for next year!  So we Red Hen-ed it all week and decided a mama's night out was a great way to reward ourselves at the end of it.  
We ended up at Ladyface for dinner and drinks and lots of girl talk.
It was a blast!
And these women.  They are the best.  Some I know better than others, but I am so thankful for all of them.  They are all so intelligent.  Such good moms.  Have so much to offer and so much love to give.  They all make me better.
I am thankful we have already had summer play dates, and we get to see each other at preschool summer camp, and almost all of us will be in the same class next year (our sweet Tammy is leaving us because her son goes to kindergarden next year, and we are really screwed because she was the queen of teacher gifts and crafts, and also the best cook EVER, we have already solicited her to come back just to hang with us though).  
And I am especially thankful for a husband who said "go, have a great time, stay out late".  It was much needed and so much fun!  
Can't wait to do it again, ladies! Ya'll are THE BEST!

Friday, June 20, 2014

Brother love

I have been adding pictures to this post for a while now.  Just a little collection of these two boys being the sweet brother that they are (at least most of the time).

This is is probably the oldest, you can tell because Owen still looks pretty small compared to Scott.  Not as much these days.

Just a sweet moment in the car.  Heart melt.


While baby isn't actually a sibling, he/she is still a presence in our lives.  Including the rare nap and bedtime.

Anytime the boys watch TV I can almost catch them doing this....and I love it.

Ok so its the same picture over and over, but its just too cute.

See what I mean:

Ok I swear my kids don't just watch TV all day.  I just can't help taking this picture over and over when they snuggle up like this.

Beach day

Making pancakes together:

Look cool in their sunnies:

Little popsicle break at whole foods.  Did you know whole foods has a kids club where they will give a free treat.  The kids get to choose from a bunch of coupons for something free and then "pay" for it with their coupon once they've found it in the store.  Pretty genius because it keeps my two occupied almost the whole shopping trip (until they have found their treat and then get amped to go pay and eat).  And I guarantee they aren't losing money on the deal.  Pretty sure my two free popsicles with my 80$ bag of groceries is more than fair for them.

We are full summer mode, sleeping in, swim lessons, park play dates and more.  Summer camp starts next week and we can't wait.  Hope to update on our comings and goings more soon!

Monday, June 16, 2014

Wedding weekend

You might remember that back in March we took an awesome little trip to Mexico with the wedding party of Brian's good friend Adam to kick of the celebration of their upcoming wedding.  Since then there have  bridal showers, bachelor parties, and lingerie showers and thing past weekend was THE BIG DAY!  
We were supposed to head down Thursday night for the rehearsal, dinner and a party, but unfortunately team Campbell was sicker than sick and decided to keep our germs at home.  We were bummed to miss the beginning of the celebrations for the weekend, but nobody wants a sick bride and groom.
We rallied on Friday and Brian made it to the boys golf outing.  I met up with them Friday night for dinner and drinks....and the Stanley Cup Finals, in which the Kings won it all.   Did I mention we were at the Ritz at downtown live?  So we were overlooking the Staples center.  I made it with about an hour to spare before they locked down the place incase people rioted (which they have been known to do, ya'll its a game, no need to set sh!t on fire).  It was pretty fun to look down on the commotion from the bar on the 20 something-th floor.

The next morning we had some breakfast together before everyone had to go start getting ready.  Brian and I even hit the pool for an hour or so.

While Brian was getting tuxed up and taking pictures I had the hotel room to myself.  I ran to starbucks for necessities and then proceeded to get ready slowly - if you have kids you know that getting ready alone and taking your time is basically like being at a spa.

 Then it was wedding time.  Good thing I left early because it took me 40 minutes to drive 4.5 miles.  LA.

I stole this picture from someone on instagram.  Basically I took zero pictures the whole weekend.  Hopefully we will get some professional ones some day and I can share those.  The bridal party was stunning and the ceremony was beautiful.

But nothing, NOTHING, compared to the beauty of the bride (and groom, but mostly bride, come on, Bonnie is insanely beautiful!).  These two are so much in love and just the most wonderful people and perfect couple.  We could not be happier for them!

The reception went late into the night and included a live band,  a signature cocktail that was tequila based (it might as well have said my name on it), tons of dancing, the perfect speeches by the maid of honor and the best man, which of course led to some tears, and the company of wonderful friends, many of which Brian has known for more than 20 years.

Me and Lucky

Brian and Jen:

Bonnie, me and Natalie (Bonnie's new sister in law)

 My wedding date:

Adam and Bonnie, from the bottom of our hearts we are so happy for you two and we wish you a lifetime of happiness, love and laughter.  We love you!

** Special thanks to Grandma who watched BOTH boys by herself friday and saturday nights so Brian and I could enjoy the weekend!  The boys had a blast and we had a worry free weekend!

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Catch up

I am determined to catch up on our happenings and be up to date on our summer adventures.  And because I wrote that......its now for sure not going to happen.

Our last field trip of the year took us to the strawberry fields at underwood farms.  It was Owen's day with Mimi and Papa, and although he was welcome on our field trip, I decided he could enjoy his special one on one time with them while Scott and I enjoyed some one on one time of our own, not to mention our first every field trip just the two of us.

It was hot and windy.  I started the day with a bad attitude.  But something about the amazing strawberries that we ate until we nearly burst, and the company of my favorite four year old helped me turn it around in no time.

We spent 6 dollars and got 6 boxes of strawberries.  And they are the most delicious things on the planet.  I can NEVER eat them from the store again.

Weekend beach trips are upon us.  

The Daniels boys and the Campbell boys:

Summer hair cut.  #Isuckatselfies

The boys got a fun gardening kit for their birthday so we did a little planting.   They may or may not have been watered since.  No drip system = no plants for this mama.

But they had fun doing it. 

And this guy just had to get tucked into on the couch with the hulk. 

Boy mama.

Giving kisses.

And someone is working on potty training.   He has basically decided to do this all on his own.  When we are home (or in this case Mimi and Papa's) he goes most times in the potty (number one only so far).  We are not pushing it, but we are definitely making the hugest deal ever when he is successful!  

Here's to being potty trained by fall??!!!?!!!!

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Last day of school

I feel like school only just started and we are already done with the year.  My mind is boggled by the fact that Scott only has one year left of preschool, at this time next year he'll be kindergarden bound.  Is it weird that I am so sad that we only have 3 years left at our amazing school?! Obviously I'm in love with it.  It has become our home, our community, our village and really like a big extended family.    I am already looking forward to fall when both kids will be attending, well officially, if you ask Owen or really anyone at school Owen basically already attends, but next year he'll be officially official.  

We finished off the year with a picnic at the park.  I had wanted to get a picture of the boys will all of their teachers....fat chance of that happening.  So this is best I got, Scott sitting next to one of them, neither of them looking or acknowledging that I'm even taking a picture.  Oh well.  Better luck next year I guess. 

The only other picture I got was of these four buds reading to each other at the end of the day.  
It was fun and eventful, and also both of my kids had a turn throwing up which was fantastic : /

And I stole this picture from our team Facebook page.  The mom who posted it called them "the dream team" and I couldn't agree more.  I can't thank these women enough for all they have given us this year.  We truly love each of them!  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts ladies!
And maybe I can photoshop the boys standing with them....

Happy summer vacation everyone!!!