Sunday, April 22, 2012

Lions, giraffes and trains....oh my!

 Mimi and Papa, Scott, Owen and I, and Hilary and Parker went to the zoo this week.  As always we had a great time.  The big boys raced up and down the hill many times.

Owen celebrated his first trip to the zoo by sleeping

The lions were up and about this trip...they are usually sleeping

Giraffes...always a favorite

And this trip we went on our first ever zoo train ride.  Our train was red and named Emmet and the boys were thrilled!!!!

Signs of summer...

 You know summer is just around the corner when its 97 degrees in the valley.  In honor of the hot hot heat we hit 'get shaved' twice in the last two days and Scott and Papa hit up the pool.

Lovin' it!

He may have retained some of his skills from last summer...or just his fearlessness...

And not to be left out...Owen hangin' poolside with Mimi

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Look who is smiling...with intention....not just gas. The first time he did it was for Scott and Parker who were "playing" with him (by playing I mean getting in his face). It was way cute...but I didn't get a picture. This morning he woke up all smiles though so I caught a few smiling pictures!

And just for fun this one is hilarious! "kick a$$! Mom"

Ok, this one might be gas...

First bath

Owen took his first non sponge happened the day Scott wiped melted Popsicle on him. The same day Scott also spilled bubbles on him so I figured Owen was good and dirty. I think little man liked it! Looks like he may outgrow the infant hammock sooner than later too.

Thanks pinterest...

Found this great idea on pinterest....made it. For super cheap I got craft sticks and self sticking Velcro and voila....hours (not really, but a girl can dream) of quiet entertainment for Scott. Check out our bird above....we are artsy, I know!

Took the words outta my mouth...

So lately I find myself cracking up at the things that come out of my mouth. In the last two days I have said out loud to Scott: "honey please don't jump off the couch with that shovel in your hand." nothing about not jumping off the couch...I gave up on that battle...just no metal shovel please. "Scott play dough does not belong in your ears." and "in your nose" on a separate occasion. "Do not wipe your melted Popsicle on Owen's head!" "Don't lick Charlie."
I just wanted to document a few of these great lines to remember someday! Love our sweet crazy boys!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

One month...

This big guy is one month old already. Wow! And talk about a big guy. I feel like he is bigger than Scott was at this age. Owen has already outgrown newborn diapers and clothes. He is so long and last time I weighed him he was over 11 lbs. Big big boy!
Owen is having more and more awake time, and specifically happy awake time, lately, which has been fun. He is focusing on us well and holding his head up like a champ too. He seems to want to look towards Scott's voice whenever he hears him (which is a lot, homeboy is loud and constant, no breaks), but that could just be my momminess wishing my boys were already falling in love with each other. Well actually they really are. Scott is a great big brother, he loves holding Owen and giving him hugs and kisses and he always has to know where Owen is and what he is doing.
Owen is a good sleeper at night and still cat naps on and off all day....he naps on me during the day which makes it hard for him to take long consistent naps (after all it's hard to sleep when your big brother is a t-Rex). He sleeps with us at night and would probably sleep all night if I didn't get him up part way through for a diaper change and a snack, at first I was worried that he wasn't eating every two hours at night like Scott did but his ped said with all the weight he has gained to let him sleep...fine by me.
hmmm...not sure which finger he is has up in this picture....I promise he is not intentionally giving the bird.

We already feel like Owen has been its us forever but still can't believe he is already a month old. We love you little {big} boy! You have already brought so much joy to your daddy, Scott and me!

PB&Js...and friends

Nothing like having your friends over for a little lunch, lots of playing and some curious george. P.S. Scott is not naked here...diaper is hiding under the chub : )

Zozo practicing being a big sis...she's gonna be great!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Easter weekend

Happy Easter friends (although this post is a little late). We had a great Easter weekend with family and friends and we hope you did too. When prepping for our egg hunt I let O roll around in the eggs ....unfortunately the pics were not so great so this was the best we got....still cute though. The weekend capped off our week of having grandma in town to help us out.
Saturday morning we invited Brian's side of the family over to have brunch and meet Owen. Scott played with some new tools (a "big brother" present from a patient of mine) while we got ready.

"oh daddy, family and my first Easter, how exciting!" - Owen
Attempt at a family picture. Someday we will get it right.
Owen enjoyed some tummy time!
and a nap...
I have no other pictures of the actual brunch or family. Whoops.

Easter morning we kept it mellow. Mimi and papa and Beau, Alexis, Ryker and Maddox joined us for egg hunting and more brunch.
another try....hey at least no one is crying...
bunny ears for Mimi
this was the Scott's first year to "get" egg hunting. He still needed some coaxing until he discovered the gummies in some of the eggs. His lunch was spoiled but it was all in good fun. He even wanted us to re hide the eggs but was then less enthused when rehiding did not equal refilling.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Owen and friends...

We are so blessed by the many friends we have that live close by (and by those that don't live so close, you know who you are and we miss you all the time!). Its been extra fun this year because lots of us have had babies together. Above is Ryker's little brother (Maddox, 6 months) and Adam and Crystal's first born (Jacob, 2.5 months) and of course Owen (2.5 weeks here). It was fun to be pregnant with these lovely ladies and even more fun getting our boys together. The above picture makes me wish I hadn't chosen to sport the au naturaul look this particular night...i'll make more of an effort next time (or the time after that)

Add these 3 boys to the older 2 (Ryker and Scott) and I think we've got ourselves a basketball starting line up! I'm excited for the craziness that is sure to ensue!

Junk Food

From the pictures I have taken recently, one might wonder if my children eat anything nutritious (I assure you, they do!). But this past week we have sure had some treats in the Campbell household. I discovered break and bake gluten free cookies (Immaculate Baking Co. gluten free chocolate chunk, I got them at whole foods) and thought it would be a fun activity and treat for Scott. We made them the other night when to take over to Ryker's house....success!!! Scott wasted no time and instantly grabbed a whole cookies worth of dough and ate it! Like father like son I suppose (Brian loves him some cookie dough). That plus the two cookies he had after dinner that night and oh dang Scott had a sugar high.
We have also been enjoying popsicles every afternoon since its been so nice out. I discovered coconut milk based fudgesicles at whole foods (So Delicious brand, I buy the mini version - only 80 calories per, super great for Scott and Mommy). Scott clearly enjoys his desserts...

Monday, April 2, 2012


Sunday I turned the big 3-0! Which is so crazy but also not at the same time. I used to always say to my mom what a crazy decade your twenties was. I was away at college, then grad school, I met Brian, got married, started my career and had two kids in my twenties. Talk about a life changing decade.

For my birthday we headed up to my parents to hang out and celebrate (my dads birthday and Matt's birthday fall within the same week so we used the time to celebrate their birthdays as well, and Parker Js because Brian and Owen and I didn't make it to his party). It was a gorgeous day for playing in the backyard, having fish tacos and frozen yogurt.

Celebrating as a family of 4....thanks for making such an awesome face Scott!
family time
I love how intensely this kid eats his frozen yogurt.
I couldn't ask for anything more than these two sweet babies! Lately Scott asks to hold Owen all the time. He is so good with him. For my crazy jumper, runner, t Rex stomper guy to sit still and hold his brother so gently is the sweetest thing in the world. Owen (usually) likes it too, he will stare at Scott while in his lap. Love.
I thought about looking back at my list of things to do before I turned 30 list and see what I had done, but then I realized making the list was so fun anyways and I didn't want to be reminded of what I hadn't done (after all there is still plenty of time to do those things, 30 is not that old right). So instead I've been thinking of the great memories from this past year. Going to Europe with Brian, getting pregnant again, fun day trips with Hilary and Andy, Scott turning 2, prenatal yoga, my practice growing and becoming specialized in the area I have always hoped it would, and of course Owen being born! What a great year....can't wait to see what the next 30 have in store!