Friday, June 28, 2013

Sharky & Bones

Any Disney Junior fans out there?  Well netflix just released 26 episodes of Jake and the Neverland Pirates (well not just, they've been out long enough for us to watch the whole series twice, don't judge) and we are kind of obsessed in the Campbell house.

At the end of each episode these guys, Sharky and Bones, perform a little pirate rock musical number.  The songs are super catchy and sometimes I just pull them up on you tube fore Scott.
 So lately Scott has been taking his guitar playing to a whole new level.  Super intense rock'n'roll with lots of jumping and kicking.  Thankfully I've seen enough sharky and bones to realize this is where is he getting (if not I would be seriously wondering if this kid had been pulling up MTV videos on the internet or something).

So yesterday the boys created their own little pirate band and seriously rocked out.
 And I had to include so many pictures because these faces CRACK.ME.UP.

Hope you have a rockin' weekend, scallywags!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Summer mornings...

Good morning from Captain America

Before we head to the gym in the mornings you can usually find us in the backyard or at the park until it gets unbearably hot.  Somedays thats earlier than other.  

Today Parker J. joined us for peanut butter and banana waffles (and almond milk lattes for the mamas) for breakfast and then to hang out for the day.  After auntie headed to work the 3 boys and I walked to the park. On the way home (when it was becoming too hot to handle the park anymore) I got this picture, they are adorably cute cousin/friends when they are not trying to kill each other.

We got back from the park at 9:30 and figured its never too early for a popsicle.
This cutie took down the whole thing by himself (the big kind from TJs, that a kid!)

And this mama had the rest of the coffee in the form of an iced latte - happiness in a glass!
 And we just welcomed daddy home from 4 days in San Diego where he was working on next year's Farmer's Insurance Open - so it was only appropriate that I use the cup!!! 

The rest of the morning was filled with sprinklers, water tables, trucks, dirt and sidewalk chalk.

Love getting to spend my mornings with this crew!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Soccer practice

We are just packing our summer full of activities, up next: soccer practice.  Scott has been really looking forward to this.  So today we headed out early with a picnic lunch packed, we did our errands, worked out and stopped for a big ol iced tea (I can't tell you the last time I had a 32oz iced tea from coffee bean, before I was pregnant with Scott for sure, it reminds me of sitting in class with Kelly while we were in chiro school, most days we would get a giant one after lunch to get us through the rest of the day, awe memories).  After we ate our picnic lunch we played on the playground for about 45 minutes before soccer started.  Turns out Owen wasn't quite ready for the swings because he threw up his lunch (he literally just ate before he started on the swings, oops my bad) so we changed clothes and then it was time to start.

Start immediately made friends with a little boy named Clark which was a blessing because the two of them joined the circle a little late (about half of us were at the wrong field), Scott isn't crazy about being "late to the party" so to speak so to join the practice already in progress (even though it had only been about 4 minutes) was a bit intimidating.  Luckily he was able to jump right in with Clark by his side and he was all set to go.

They did some stretching and some drills...

Scott and Clark held hand a few times (I think they were both a little nervous) and I was so happy that they found each other.
(Clark in the orange visor and Scott in the black (batman) hat)

More stretching

I tried to watch the practice and take as many pictures as possible while chasing Owen around the baseball fields... Next time I hope Daddy can meet us on his lunch break and I can bring my good camera

The last 10 minutes or so the coach gave half the kids jerseys so they could play a "game".  LOL!

Scott's biggest fan/water boy

All the kids just swarmed the ball and they all seemed bewildered by the whole thing half the time, but they were having a blast.  Scott got into the front of the pack a few times and kicked the ball (I was curious to see if he would get in there or if he would mostly avoid the ball, I was an avoider as a kid)
Every ten minutes or so they would get a water break (it was pretty warm out) and Scott would come grab a quick sip and then say "Mom, I have to get back to practice."  So grown up.  He didn't want to leave when we were done and he's already looking forward to next week so I would say it was a successful day.
Now we are taking some major down time before we head back out for swimming.  Phew!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Swim lessons

This is the first year we've signed Scott up for swim lessons and he is LOVING it.  We did what I call "swimming bootcamp" which is a lesson everyday for two weeks in the hopes that he'll get really good and retain what he's learned.
He was already pretty confident in the water so when I was signing him up I was a little concerned that the class recommended for his age level was described as "lots of water play, blowing bubbles and possibly dunking their heads."  I couldn't sign up for the next level online because of Scott's birthdate, but after talking to the director one day when we went for open swim I was able to get him on the wait list for the next level class.  Glad we went that route, he would have died of boredom in the other class.

The first day they were in the kiddie pool (1.5 feet deep) and the teacher asked them to hop across the pool.  Scott didn't go with his classmates and the teacher said, "Scott can you hop across the pool?"  Scott said: "No, but I can swim."

Well that settles that then.

We are on week two and have moved up to the big pool.  Scott is rocking his "big scoops" (arms) and has really progressed all around (especially back floating which he has always hated).  He's loving it so much that I signed him up for another session in July.  The teacher said he could move to the next class up, good thing because Scott asked to go off the diving boards today and I'm pretty sure he will get to when he starts the next session.  Now if I can just find a class time that offers a "mommy and me" for Owen at the same time we will be golden, chasing that boy around the pool deck during Scott's lesson is exhausting!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Movie night

And not just any movie night.
Scott's first movie in the theatre.
And not just any movie in the theatre, but the WORLD premier of Monsters University.

 So on Monday night Brian met us at Scott's first swim lesson (I'll post on that soon) and they changed in the car (partially, I packed a clean polo for Scott but somehow he is wearing his dirty t-shirt from the day still, frown) and headed to The El Capitan Theatre for the big event.

They got to walk to red carpet amidst the movie's stars and other celebrities and participate in all the premiere night fun (namely: free food).

They had to pay a visit to the Farmer's Insurance race car for a photo op

And they stopped at the Lowe's booth to build a race car to bring home.  Scott also got to keep the hammer, which by the way is not a kids hammer, that thing is no joke, I found him playing with the next day and realized how legit it was, I promptly put that in the garage for daddy supervised work only.

This is one of my all time favorite pictures of Scott, ever.  He was just so stinkin' excited!!

One of the things Scott told me was that he got to see the people in Monster costumes (these aren't them) and that he wished he had a costume to wear too.  He just LOVES dress up!

When I asked him about the movie he told me, "A guy played music for me and for daddy.  He played for both of us."  This was the next day when Brian was at work so I had no clue what he was talking about (I thought maybe there was a band or something outside before hand).  Turns out Brian and Scott were some of the first to get to their seats and there was a pianist playing on stage before the movie started.  So funny the things that stick out in a kid's mind.

Almost ready to start

Thankful for a booster seat

Oh and it was in 3D, Brian was a little concerned with Scott keeping the glasses on, but it turned out fine and Scott had the time of his life!
I'm so glad these two got to have such a fun night out!  And here's hoping that next time we take Scott to a movie in the theatre he isn't disappointed that there is no goodie bags to take home and characters to greet him and a personal piano player.

Monday, June 17, 2013

The Campbell's Camping Adventure 2013

This is going to be a long post.  Get comfortable.  Maybe grab a snack or a beverage.  I give you the story of our camping adventure.  I did not skimp on pictures.
Last Wednesday we packed up and headed out to meet Mimi and Papa at Calaveras Big Trees State Park.  Brian decided to work a half day and come home at lunch so we could leave at noon (or 1:00 as it turned out, because who actually leaves when then think they are going to?!?!?!).  So we got everything loaded up and the kids in and we were off.  But then we had to stop to get Charlie a new collar (don't get me started!) and ice.  Then we were off.  But then we had to stop because the tie downs on the top of the car sounded like a helicopter was landing on us so we unpacked the car, moved the boys car seats next to each other (cozy!) and shoved some stuff inside.  Then we were off.  But only to Bakersfield to drop off Charlie.  Huge shout out to Erin for taking him last minute.  We had planned to bring him as the campground allowed pets, but when I called to make absolutely sure Charlie was welcome the person told me he was allowed in the campground but not on the any of the trails...well that does me no good.  So the day before we were leaving I'm searching for a dog sitter.  My sister would have but she picked up two new cats the day before we left so we thought that was not a great idea.  Our drive took us right near Erin's house and she so graciously offered to take him (and coincidently her dog is Charlie's niece and the two of them had an absolute ball!).  

A few hours in we stopped for some in'n'out (for Brian) and we decided Scott could have some of Brian's milkshake.  I mean its a road trip, you are supposed to eat junk food right?!?!!  Scott still doesn't handle dairy well, but I knew a few sips wouldn't kill him.  He was obsessed!!!  Good thing it was a super thick shake or I think he would have sucked it all down in one gulp.  He also had a few french fries (which at the point I realized he had never had those either), we were just breaking all the rules!

A few more bathroom stops and a nap for Owen and we were almost there, Scott even got to watch a movie during what should have been the last hour of our drive.

Did you get that?  What should have been....well it wasn't.  And now the story of how smart phones make you dumber.  Our GPS worked really well, even out in the boonies, but we took screen shots of our directions just in case.  Its dusk at this point and we should be at the campsite in 30 mins or so.  We make our turn off and both thought "well its a little weird that there isn't a big sign", but we kept following our directions.  A few minutes later we felt like we were really wrong...but supposedly only a mile away so we kept going (stupid!).   Then bam:  "You have arrived at your destination."  Um no.   We were on the top of a mountain, dirt road, deer.
 So we try to find our away back and miss our turn (only by half a mile or so) and then we are at a gate.  Crap.  Then we (I) started to panic a little.  We found our way back to the main road eventually and remembered seeing a ranger station, but turns out they close at 5 so that wasn't helpful.

 We played around with the maps a little longer, tried another route which failed but eventually made it to the campsite about 2 hours after our ETA.  Tensions were high but at least the boys were sleeping and now we are able to laugh about it!

With the first night adventure behind us, we woke up bright eyed and ready for our adventure.  My mom and I planned to do a big yummy breakfast that day so between eggs and sausage and hot coffee first thing in the morning everything felt back on track!  And I have to say camping breakfast is one of my favorites.  Something about warm food outside, I don't know what it is exactly but I just love it!

Brian took this picture on my phone and was looking back on it later and said "wow, we really looked so much better and cleaner at the beginning of this trip."  And that statement could not have been more true.

Scott was so excited to wake up "at camping"

So was Owen, and Owen had {chicken} breakfast sausage for the first time which might have been the highlight of the trip for him.  This little one can put some serious food away these days.
 We cleaned up from breakfast and discovered a special surprise waiting for us:  Pirates had visited our campsite....

The pirates (aka: Mimi) had left clues all over the campsite that sent Scott on a pirate treasure hunt.

Scott was IN HEAVEN

Mimi helping Scott decipher the clues

Magnifying glass needed of course.

Scott did a pretty good job of figuring out the clues (with some guidance) but he was definitely distracted with each new clue.  He just wanted to play with the flag he found or the swords or the map etc....

Owen was a good student and listened to Scott explain what was going on...

And he got some quality Papa time...

It took Scott a minute to find the treasure map buried in a tree stump covered by pinecones but once he did GAME.OVER.  He was so happy to have a treasure map the whole adventure could have ended right there.  The fact that the map showed him how to find buried treasure almost pushed him over the edge.

Studying hard...

And we're off

The map specifically said he had to climb over a log.  No prob.

More studying to figure out the next step...

Looking for "X marks the spot".  Binoculars were an absolute necessity.

These two trees crossed in a perfect "X" so the pirates figured there was no better place to bury their treasure.


When he saw the box he yelled out "TREASURRRRRRRE" in a pirate voice.  BEST.EVER.

The "treasure" included a telescope, a bell, fruit snacks and Jake and the Neverland Pirates "guys", which Scott now sleeps with

And all this kid got was a crummy pine cone??!??!!!  Just kidding, Scott shared he finds with his brother of course, he was just a little young for the clues, maybe by next year.

SUPER EXCITED FACE (he's still got it!)

Later that day we headed out on a short hike near our site.  This kid was loving the back pack, I might have to get him one before Scott is ready to pass his on.

We borrowed this back pack from the Richards and worked out awesome....until Owen fell asleep and then he was just plain too big for it.

Scott and Papa taking a little break on the path

Exploring the woods

Trying to nap with mommy's t-shirt as a makeshift head support

Big trees ya'll

And this kid scored a piggy back ride half of the way back...good thing we're best buds and I didn't mind

These two headed back early so Owen (or both of them?) could get a good nap...

Friday we visited the ranger station before we headed out on our hike. 

We did the North Grove hike and I can't say enough good things about how great it is for kiddos.  I mean I guess its a little touristy and more of a walk than a hike but it was perfect for the boys.  Its about a mile and a half and all the "landmarks" are clearly marked and most of them offered something extra to explore.

We started at this big ol stump (the biggest in the grove)

Then Scott took over the map and became our navigator...

Heading into an hollowed out fallen tree with Papa

And Owen did not get left out of the fun.  I tried keeping him in the back pack and walking into the tree with him that way, but he was not having it...

I guess we have two little explorers on our hands.

Tree huggin' with daddy...

I think this one was called "the bachelor"

Family photo op, sorry its so far, we were trying to get both trees in there...

Mimi and Papa photo op, and now looking back we really should have asked someone to get a picture of the whole group of us....rats, next time I guess.

We took our time and explored all the trees, tunnels and "troll holes"

This guy had a blast:

 His new "phrase" is "ooooooooh", if you look at his mouth above and below you can completely tell that's what he's saying.  So stinkin' cute!

Captured this picture in honor of Father's Day which was a couple of days later

Owen made it through about 3/4 of the hike before crashing out in the ergo, but he still made it in our family picture, sleeping or not!

After lunch we explored this meadow before heading back to camp....

....for some sword fighting....

...and dinosaurs...

...and sword fighting....

...and {pretend} juice pouring...

Scott hamming it up when I asked him to say cheese.  Goober.

Pretty special time with Mimi and Papa

Saturday morning we headed to the Junior Ranger program put on by the park.  Scott was hesitant at first but warmed up pretty quickly.

He had fun participating, especially when he got to use a magnifying glass

The very last thing they did was ask for a volunteer to dress up like a tree, Scott volunteered but another girl beat him to it.  The ranger said Scott could go next, so after everyone was packing up Scott put the tree costume on...

 Love this kid.

Saturday's hike was little tougher so we didn't all go to the top.

But we did meet back at Beaver Creek for some awesomely refreshing water play!!!

 By Sunday morning we were exhausted and dirty, really really dirty.  We packed up and headed out to breakfast with Mimi and Papa on our way out of town.  It was the perfect end to a wonderful trip.

We figured out a faster way home and both boys crashed for at least half the drive.
It was the perfect trip and we can't wait to go again!