Friday, August 27, 2010

A Very Merry Half Birthday...

Scott turns 6 months old today!!! I can't believe he is half a year! He is such a joy! He gets more fun everyday! He is definitely a wild man. He is constantly on the move, he "crawls" all over the place and nothing stops him (he crawls over, through, around until he gets what he wants). He has started to understand the game of peek-a-boo and he loves it! He loves singing songs, especially patty cake! He loves Charlie, and thinks its especially hilarious when Charlie licks him in the face! He is a total mama's boy - he tends to freak out a little when I'm not around or not holding (only when he's tired though, when he is awake he doesn't even want to be held he wants to be moving). Scott has tried many foods now and has pretty much liked it all as far as I can tell. We gave him some melon in his little strainer net thingy yesterday - he was in heaven! He is basically the happiest little man you'll ever meet! We have loved every second these last 6 months and can't believe in 6 more he will turn 1!!! Where does the time go? We love you Scotty!!!

For his 6 month birthday Grammy and Grandpy gave Scott a fun push and ride car. He is a little small for it now (which we knew he would be) but we know he will be ready for it sooner than later! How fun! Thanks Grammy and Grandpy!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

San Francisco!!!

Loaded up for the drive north!

Thursday morning Scott, my mom and I picked up Hilary and Parker and drove up the 101 to the bay area for a weekend of fun (and a seminar for me).

Parker, ready for the trip

Coffee please

We stopped in San Louis Obispo for a few hours and had an amazing lunch at a Moroccan restaurant.
Then we went across the street to the most awesome toy store! We played with EVERYTHING! (shout out to the mad libs behind us in this picture...who didn't love that back in the day!?!)

The boys had a picnic and diaper change in the park! It was gorgeous! I could definitely live in SLO!


Friday morning we decided to take the boys into the city - at breakfast: Parker is the most excited ever...Scott is not!

The boys first "train" ride. It was bart so I don't really know if that really counts as a train or just a metro?!? But I'm going to say train! Scott enjoyed looking at the map and making friends...Parker slept the whole time.
We stopped in China town so the boys could see fortune cookies being made!

Taking a break in the park!


Parker enjoyed the boats while Scott napped!

We met and made friends with a mime. He talked so I guess that doesn't make him a mime...street performer?!??! Anyways he called himself "Angel Man"...hmmm?! Scott so badly wanted to touch his costume.

And we had to take a picture in front of the giant mac'n'cheese noodle!

The most important thing of the whole trip to San Francisco was the boys getting to have their first ride on the carousel. When we lived in the bay area we went to San Francisco more times than I can count and I'm pretty sure I rode the carousel at Pier 39 every time. There are more pictures of me on this carousel than I can count. So needless to say we were excited to take the boys for their first ride! Parker even had to get woken up for the ride!

At first Scott was not about it at all...

But he warmed up to the idea of riding a panda...he even figured out how to hold on!

Scott on his panda

Parker chose a bunny to ride...

Soooo much fun!

"I think I will ride a panda again someday."

Then we had to go into the puppet store. This store has been on the pier since I was a kid as well, I distinctly remember a puppy and kitten puppet I have from this store. Hilary and I did mini puppet shows for the boys...dorky?

Maybe I could have picked a less scary puppet....puppy.....bunny....monkey.....but I picked a dragon.....way to pick the scariest puppet in the store mom!

This friendly purple guy did a dance for us in the store window!

Then we made a quick stop to see the sea lions at the pier (the boys didn't even know or care about them at all so it was a quick stop).

After all that excitement it was time for a nap.

I love these two women!

These two boys love playing together!

Scott, thinking he can walk already! Just wait a little longer buddy, I'm not ready!

HA! Love those ears! He looks like my baby elfkin here!

Back to the hotel on the train. This time Parker was awake (I'm trying to get him to smile here). The whole car was cracking up at them, they were so hyper and crawling all over each other, and me, and Hilary. At one point a lady sat next to Scott who had crazy curly hair...Scott came millimeters from sticking his hands in it...would have been so embarrassing.
Friday was soooo much fun but totally exhausting. The boys slept great that night (so did the moms and grammy).

On Saturday my pediatric seminar started at 8 so I was up early to get ready and go learn. It was a great seminar taught by an awesome doctor who really taught in a way that is definitely my style of learning! I got a lot out of it and it was a relief knowing that Scott was being well taken care of and entertained.
Naps for everyone!

A little squash for dinner!


That night I had to get out of the hotel for a while so we went for a walk then stopped at target on the way back so they could show me the famous big foot. Earlier in the day they took the boys to walk around target for something to do and they came across this big foot that if you pushed the button it gave an example of what the toy did. I guess the boys were enthralled with it for 15 minutes earlier that day so we just had to get back and see it again!

Hilary had more fun with the toys than Parker!

Sunday after the seminar was over we packed up again (it looked like a baby toy bomb went off in our room) and drove home. We stopped at Harris Ranch for some yummy lunch and AMAZING watermelon lemonade and of course a photo shoot on the cow couch!

Thanks for an amazing weekend ladies and babies! We had a blast!!!!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

This week's mommy group: Baby Bachelorette

This week's mommy group was hosted by Hilary (at my house) and we had a great turn out: 8 boys, 1 girl! We definitely joked that Scarlette was the first baby bachelorette! (Above is Scott's current signature pose, he gets in the balanced position on his side between rolling over, and we crack up at him because he always looks like he is posing!)

Auntie doing some reading with the boys.

Parker just wondered what "I'll teach my dog a lot of words" tastes like.

Scott playing with his buddy Dexter.

Teresa hanging with Ty and Scott.

Scott is not so great at sharing yet...Scarlette was playing with a giraffe and Scott just had to have it. Better be careful Scott, stealing toys will not get you a rose at the end of the episode. Poor Dex in the background was not a happy camper!!

Scarlette enjoying Scott's truck!

Our buddy Matthew.

Quality time with the Aunties

We are dorks and had to set the boys up with their letters for a picture. I took like 50 shots...they are hilarious, they go from holding them to eating them, to throwing them, to rolling on each other, to eating each others letters, it was fun for the mommies!

Hilary and Parker stayed for dinner and Parker had his first tastes of cauliflower!!!

Scott is a pro at cauliflower and showed Parker how to take it down!