Friday, August 22, 2014


About a month or so ago Brian sold his 1969 k5 blazer, a toy he bought right after we got married that he has worked on and fixed up ever since.  It was a little sad to see it go, but it was for a good reason (and a very unselfish one on Brian's part I might add).  We had our sights set on an RV or trailer so we could do more camping, particularly at the beach.  So a few weeks ago we got a deal we couldn't refuse and just like that we had ourselves an RV.

This past week we took it out on its inaugural trip - and what better place than Rincon (its also one of the only place that still has first come first serve spots during the summer).

We headed out midday on Sunday and found the perfect spot (71 for the record).  We were settled and unpacked in no time and down on the beach.

The boys were in seventh heaven, they love beach camping more than anything and had been dying to take the RV out.

Even Charlie was a happy camper.

We spent the rest of the afternoon and into the evening playing on the beach, enjoying our first dinner in the RV (taco salad), goofing off, and even hosting Mimi and Papa and some friends visiting from out of town.

My dudes on the beach:

Evening beach walk with Papa.  Life is good.

After sunset we finally got all tucked into bed.  The boys, Scott especially, have never been so excited to go to bed.  First night in the RV was MAGIC.

The next morning Owen and I were up and at em EARLY.  So we took Charlie out for a walk/potty break and played on the beach until a more reasonable hour.

Owen gave me just enough time to make a cup of coffee before we headed out, it was a life saver, and really there is nothing more delicious than hot coffee on the beach early in the morning.

By the time Scott woke up the sun was up and we were already to start the day.

Twins?  They really look the exact same size to me here:

Around lunchtime our friends came up to hang with us for the day.  These four boys are such buds, and such boys, we knew it was going to be a fantastic day.

Scott and Ryker hit the waves first thing.  

Scott's been wanting to boogie board for a while, but until now he's mostly just stood or kneeled on it right at the edge of the ocean where the last of the wave can lift him up just a  little bit.  He's always been just a little nervous to venture out further and really catch a wave.  But with your best friend at your side all of a sudden you can conquer anything.  Scott was catching waves and riding them in in no time!

Little mister looking like a true californian:

Surf break

Owen and Maddox:

Its pretty clear from these shots that Scott loved every minute!

The Daniels stayed for dinner, drinks and the sunset.  Perfect day.  And what better way to eat dinner:


Then they decided to get buried:

Hilarious....and the perfect babysitter.

While Beau was digging Maddox's hole he dug through and tickled Owen, I only wish I could have captured the look on his face at first.  

Perfect timing for a little wine on the beach.  Don't mind if I do.

The next morning I hit the beach for a morning run where I spotted this beauty:

 The boys were fried and exhausted from the day before (lots of August sun!!!!) so we took the middle of the day to head over to Mimi and Papa's to escape the worst of the sun, have lunch and relax.  Owen napped and Scott had quiet time and some how I managed to complete a whole craft.  I've been dying for some RV art for inside our {dated} RV decor, but everything I found on etsy was a little pricey, so I improvised and came up with this.  And it was so fun to complete a whole project.  That never happens.

We were back to the beach by mid afternoon with Mimi, Papa and Parker John in tow.

So naturally we busted out the swords and went after those waves like true pirates.

Brian took the big boys to the "deep part" and stayed close while they got knocked down by the waves again and again and had the time of their lives.  Thank goodness for life guard daddy/uncle.

Home sweet home for the week (and so many weeks to come I hope!)

Owen took a few breaks from the water to build sand castles.

Summer perfection

Baby pirate

Cheers Mimi!

Sharing blueberries:

Thankful to this guy for making all this happen for our family!!!

After dinner we snuggled up for one last beach sunset before heading home the next day.

Until next time, Rincon.  Thanks for the memories.