Tuesday, June 9, 2015

End of school + start of summer

We closed out the school year in the only we way we know how....craziness.
Brian travelled to Hawaii for work for 10 days during the last two weeks of school, Owen came down with a mysterious rash that kept him home missing most of the end of the year festivities.  Fortunately, I felt it had faded enough and was not contagious and we ended up making it to the class picnic in the park.  We have been camping already and are halfway through our first sessions of swim lessons. Shazam!

So to sum it up in pictures:

While Brian was away Hilary and I and the kids had "sister weekends".  We went on hikes, and stayed up late and did art and even were stupid enough to think that a trip to costco with all four kids would be fun.

 Hiking buds.
 When we made it to the top the boys were wandering around and exclaimed "look a snake, we see a snake."  We told them we could never joke about seeing a snake when we were hiking, only say it if its real.  Turns out it was real.  It was up climbing a tree, I got a great picture and now can't seem to locate it on my computer....sigh.  But you've seen snakes so I'm not worried.  The boys were STOKED to say the least.  They talked about it the whole way down and wanted to call mimi and papa to tell them.

Evening bike rides and the occasional picnic dinner at the park are also underway.  Owen loves to stop on bike rides to pick all the flowers.
 And makes wishes...

Backyard concoctions helped us make it through our days of self quarantine.

And this guy has been all over these work books I picked up at Lakeshore, he has been choosing them during quiet time, and even sometimes "just for fun."  I'm glad he is showing some interest in reading and writing with kindergarten right around the corner.

The last official day of school and picnic pals this lovely lady and I decided to stop for a quick drink to celebrate, I'm gonna miss the heck out of this family at HH next year, but so so happy and thankful we will be at the same elementary.

Little back yard sand art:

And some saturday morning yoga and planks with this guy:

The first official weekend of summer we also attended Zoey and Kenzie's birthday party at the park.  Owen had a heart to heart with one of his favorites, Miss Jennifer, we are so lucky that we have such wonderful relationships with our teachers, I mean who gives up their Saturday to do piƱatas and cake with their students they see all week??!!

Three musketeers are five!!!!

And this party girl rocked her hat the whole day!!!

Kite flying and chasing in the park

And this past week we headed up to Rincon.  Tuesday we dropped of the RV for mimi and papa to camp/save a spot for us.  And you know we can't go up even for an hour without hitting the waves:

Never gets old:

While we were home and Mimi and Papa were camping we got to have Eden over for the day.  These boys just loved giving her attention....not sure how much she loved it though...

Scott started swim lessons...Owen kept himself entertained

And just for posterity:  That day Scott and Owen's car seats were next to each other so we could fit Eden in the car, well they got in a fight over something and Scott punched Owen in the face.  And gave him a bloody nose.  Fantastic.  The redeeming moment is that when Scott realized how bad he'd hurt his brother he cried, and not because he was in trouble, because he genuinely felt bad.  He spent the rest of the afternoon apologizing and checking on Owen.
  The same day we went to Parker John's end of the year performance/graduation from preschool, that Scott kept calling his coronation....LOL!!!!

And by Friday at 2ish we were back on the beach for the weekend.  Happy place!!!

Freeze tag:

 Obligatory family selfies.  Owen's smile in the bottom picture cracks me up every time.

Rincon sunsets are my favorite...

I made Brian stop at a random liquor store on the way up for tequila...just had the craving.  And then I drank it looking like a unibomber...

Brother love:

And more sunsets...

Summer is off to a good, but busy, start!!!  Looking forward to more camping, and school camp starting up and swimming and beach days galore!!!