Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Summer update

Brian just got home from a looming week in Canada.  Although I would have loved to, the boys and I weren't able to go with him.  Instead we held down the fort here, went to camp, went to the pool, went to a kindergarten play date in the park, we missed daddy but we had a pretty good week.  Friday night I got a sitter so I could go out with some ladies from my gym to celebrate our lovely friend and teacher, Jenn.  It was her 40th birthday last week and we had been planning our little surprise for months.  It went off without a hitch and she was definitely surprised.  I am lucky to know such wonderful, strong and inspiring women that I get to see regularly.
Happy birthday Jenn!  I am lucky to call you a friend!

Saturday morning the boys and I headed to the OC for Erin's bridal shower.  The Johnson family happens to live right around the corner from the shower location so the boys were able to go play with the Riley and Parker for the afternoon, such a treat! They can't wait to go back.  Erin's shower was so pretty and fun and two weeks from that day she will be saying 'I do'.  

Sunday we waited and waited for daddy to get home, we went to the gym and the farmers market and the grocery store and finally killed sometime at Petco.  The boys had just seen the movie Stuart Little and decided they really really want a pet mouse.  Not gonna happen.  We did end up with two more fish for our fish tank though.

Monday Scott had a dentist appointment.  I haven't been crazy about the boys dentist but I have tolerated them. longer.  After being harassed yet again about unnecessary x-rays and fluoride and then having the hygienist ruin kindergarten for Scott (not really but she insisted he had to have his teeth checked to make sure he had enough to go to kindergarten, which by the way we have already had our little dental check form signed and more importantly how many teeth you have is irrelevant which I told her and him) then at the end of the appointment they told me they didn't take our insurance and didn't I get a call...well no I hadn't so I paid and then she had the nerve to ask if I wanted to schedule a six month follow up.  No.  Fired.

Also, for the record, I always see people's pictures of their kids doing awesome at the dentist, sitting alone, sunglasses on etc.  If you don't have that kid I'm here to tell you that neither do I.  Scott hated every minute, refused to have the light on his face (he's pretty light sensitive) wouldn't open his mouth, didn't want his teeth brushed, sat on my lap, etc.  Better luck next time (next dentist, we won't be back.)

Yesterday at summer camp Owen picked me a flower that I got to wear all day.  Sweetest.  He once told me that picking flowers is his favorite thing to do.

Last night daddy surprised us with a new inflatable pool.  So we surprised him with water guns.

Commence epic water gun battle.

Totally awesome.

 Brian grabbed the go pro about half way through and got a few fun shots of the boys.

We were all freezing by the end so we took showers before dinner and ate early.  Since we were already in our jams we decided to forego our usually evening bike ride for a trip to the book store.  We were just in time for story time and we even left with some new books.  It was a pretty special evening.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Let the wedding festivities begin....

One of my lifelong best friends, Erin, is getting married in 3 weeks, after only getting engaged a few months ago.  Its been a whirlwind, but so much fun planning her celebrations and so excited her wedding is right around the corner.

This weekend some of the girls headed down to Newport for some girly, bachelorette fun.

I hit the road early Saturday and exchanged texts with Erin about how incredibly slow traffic was.  In case you can't see: 3mph.  UUUGH!

We planned on spending Saturday by the pool, but mother nature had other plans.  It rained like I haven't seen in years, especially in summer.  Thunder, lightning, down pours.  All afternoon.  So we walked across and shopped and ate at Fashion Island instead.

Eventually all the girls arrived and we got the party started.

Marcie and Ingrid got the bride all decked out!!!


Had to document the tequila room at the restaurant.  Pretty, no?

Had so much fun reconnecting and getting to know these girls.

Bride + MOH picture

The weather cooperated on Sunday so we were able to spend the day by the pool before we headed home, it was a mellow but super fun few days celebrating the future Mrs. Thomas.  Special thanks to Brian and Mimi and Papa for shuffling the kids around so I could be there!!

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Leo Carrillo weekend

We were back at it camping last weekend, this time with a group of friends we have known fro 10 plus years.  We camped with them two years ago and didn't make it out last year, its crazy how different is camping with and 18 month old compared to a three and a half year old.

 Shout out to Mimi for the awesome RV socks...
 We hit the road  mid day on Friday (its basically down the street from us so its not like we were hitting the road on a road trip).  We could have gone over the canyon but instead we had made plans to see a guy about a paddle board in camarillo.  Ever since we rented them back in April for my birthday I have been hooked. 

A big special thank you to Grandpa Don and Gerri for giving me my very own board for my birthday!!!  We had so much fun going to pick it out and even more fun taking it out on its maiden voyage at Leo, despite the gigantic surf.

After the board purchase we made it to the campsite, set up and of course immediately hit the beach.

Dads hanging out.  I have so many memories of these guys being the ones in the waves over the last decade (not to say they don't go in anymore, of course they do) and its so fun to watch them all be parents together now.  They are a great bunch who have so much to offer our kiddos and we are lucky to call them all friends!

No place they'd rather be.

That night we roasted marshmallows and played with glow sticks.

For the record you CAN buy allergy free marshmallows (no gluten, dairy, corn, soy - found in most marshmallows).....for about 8$ a bag.  But worth it a couple times a year so this little dude can get down with some smores.

Then we crashed.  Hard.  And when Brian and I came in for bed with saw this:
 Next day we were at the beach bright and early (although Scott was ready to be down there an hour or so before we actually were).  Leo is fun and a great campground but its pretty rough to have to haul all your stuff down to the beach for the day and the beach is pretty rocky...and basically I'm spoiled to Rincon and nothing else lives up.  We still had fun though.

It was also time to take the board out.  The surf was CRAZY big last weekend (you can't tell in this picture) and basically every surfer in southern california was out.  We were a little further down the beach and luckily I had some seasoned surfers there to help me time the sets and make it out.  I went out a couple of times, hung with some dolphins and basically fell in love with paddle boarding!  I'm itching to get back out!!

 Family smiles from he boys, but we tried.

Back at the campsite the exhausted, sun bake kids rallied for a few more hours of playing, dinner and another round of smores. 

Wine by the fire with this guy.  Absolute favorite thing in the world!!!

Only picture I got of maybe half the group?  New goal: take more group pictures!

Scott hopped on Brian's lap and said "Mom, will you take our picture?" (heart melt).  I said, "Scott, do you best smile."  

And this is what I got.
Its seriously my favorite picture ever. LOL!!!

Can't believe we are halfway through summer.

And see, I told you this was a camping blog. ; )

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Happy 4th

We made our annual 4th of July trip down to Orange county again this year to celebrate with the Johnsons and family.  It was the perfect day, great weather, great food and the best company.   

First ever otter pop:


One of my favorite pictures, Owen's not so sure this is safe

I am a little sad I didn't get a great picture of all the kids together, but they all move quickly and in different directions, hopefully next year.

Watching fireworks, and of course eating....always eating...

Owen really loved watching the fireworks this year, it was pretty magical.

Lucy and Riley in the front row and Owen in Scott in the back....that glowing mass in front of them?  They used all the glow sticks, glow necklaces and glow balls to make what seemed to be a glow fire pit.  Riley even made a list of all the "club members", can I just say wasn't she just born?  How are you writing and making lists and joining clubs...they grow up too fast.  My favorite was that the glow balls would only stay on after they got hit for a few seconds and cute little Lucy was trying to get them all to glow at the same time by striking them on the ground two at a time, so determined and adorable.

4th fun.

I love how the boys get more and more into the festivities each year.  Thank you for hosting us again Johnson family, its always one of our favorite days and you guys think of everything ( table....freakin' genius!) you guys!

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Swim time

Just some pictures I stole from Go Pro videos Brian took when we were at Uncle John's pool on Friday.  

Surfing on dad's back:

And these are my favorites, I kept saving shots as the video was playing because it was just too cute for words:

Happy swimming!