Saturday, December 27, 2014

A Cousin Christmas

I was an absolutely terrible picture taker on actual Christmas, but I did manage to capture the events leading up to the big day.

The 23rd we FINALLY fit Santa into our schedule.  We got there right when it opened and were the second people in line, I personally cannot handle waiting half an hour or more to meet Santa.

Wasn't sure how the meet and greet was going to go, but it turned out wonderfully.  Both boys got hugs from Santa and took their time chatting about what they would like for Christmas.

Scott wanted a laser car (which I finally determined actually meant a remote control car) that could transform and fly.  Scott really does think that Santa can make whatever he dreams up in his workshop.  And Owen wanted a candy cane. Only a candy cane.  He's since gotten several, including one that morning, so he's a happy camper.

My 20$ picture from the elves.  Seriously y'all, its a racket.  Yet somehow I buy a copy every year. 

Per our tradition we headed to Sprinkles after.  Well surprise surprise Sprinkles moved a few doors down and really upped their game.  They now serve ice cream, cookies, floats, ice-cream sandwiches, sundaes...the works.  And cupcakes of course.  The boys couldn't decide.  Finally we decided on two (dairy free) kid sized servings of ice cream and a (gluten free) cupcake to share.

Yummy tradition.

We have been thoroughly enjoying all the Christmas cards we have received this year.  One in particular from the boys' teacher and babysitter, Owen has been carrying around everywhere for days.  Its really adorable.

He even takes it to bed with him.

Christmas eve day we hung out, grocery shopped and made cookies for Santa.  This year Santa went paleo, so we kindly obliged with grain free cashew cookies sweetened with honey. Yum.  The boys had a great time helping too.

Then we waited for our special guests.  This year Auntie, Parker J and Eden had a sleepover for Christmas eve.  The boys were stupid excited about this.  We got all jammied up, then of course made them pose for pictures.

Parker and Scott....I just can't.

My sweet Owen just loves to hold Eden.  He even tells me she's his best friend.  Heart melt.

Finally we got the older two to sit close and participate in the picture (it probably involved bribery of cookies eating)

Then we frosted our cookies so we could leave them out for Santa.

And obviously had to taste the frosting.


You'll notice Owen still has his card.

A cookie and a carrot left by each boy, and almond milk too, of course.  Happy paleo Christmas Santa.

And here is where I dropped the ball on pictures, I don't think I have one from Christmas morning.  Brian did bust out the Gopro for part of it so hopefully at some point I can get some good shots from that.  We woke up bright and early and had quite a time keeping the boys out of the living room until they were all awake (we eventually woke Owen).  We enjoyed our coffee, breakfast, stockings and cousin silliness all morning.  Grandma, Gpa, Mimi and Papa joined us eventually too.  It was a wonderful day with family.  I cherish Christmas and the memories we make each year.
Hope you all had a wonderfully magical day as well!
Merry Christmas 2014!

And today, the 27th, we are two months away from Scott turning 5.  So I'm basically freaking out already!

Friday, December 26, 2014

Christmas Camping

Last weekend we headed out to Rincon for a spontaneous camping night.  I have to be honest, when Brian first suggested it I was not into it.  The RV was already in the driveway because he had been working on the lights, but I was in no way prepared with foods or clothing to head out.  When we found out there were spots available the boys were gung-ho, but I was being negative nancy.  Brian said to just grab what was in the fridge and stop at the store on the way up, so we did.  All I was thinking about was how much had to be done before hosting Christmas this week.

By the time we got to the beach around 2:30 I was still sort of grumbling at the whole idea, and then, about 15 minutes later, I realized this little beach trip was exactly what I needed. 

We arrived to cold temperatures and gorgeous low tide.
And wildlife...

And then, you guys, the most amazing sunset I have ever seen.  Ever.  These pictures do not do it justice.  We watched the sky for a full hour.  Brian even captured it on his Go-Pro (thanks Grandpa for the new toy, he loves it!!).

Sunset overload? Maybe, but it was incredible.

I was so thankful for a spontaneous and enthusiastic husband who made this night happen for us!

We woke up the next morning to extreme high tide, we are talking no beach, and waves spraying the top of the rocks.  

The boys were entertained by it for a little bit, but before long they were annoyed we couldn't go down to the beach.

We ate yummy breakfast outside, a highlight for Owen, obviously. 

Watching the waves

We ended up in a great spot where there was at least some room to play while waited for the tide to go out.  Brian and I enjoyed our comfy chairs, good books, second cups of coffee and each other's company for the morning while we watched the boys dig in the sand and throw rocks into the ocean.

Family selfie, of course. All smiling??!?!!  Solid.

Rock jumping (with supervision).  Owen, incase you can't tell them apart ; )

Around 2 I had to leave to go to work, it was tough to leave this scene.  But I do love my job and since it was the only day I was working this week I figured I better show up.

Can't think of anywhere I'd rather be for our Christmas vacation.

Tree trimming at Mimi and Papa's

A few weeks ago we all ended up at Mimi and Papa's for tree trimming and family dinner.  And it took me this long to post it.

Most of the night looked like this:
Too fast for pictures...

But I did get the three oldest cousins to pose for a few pictures:

And Parker J also decided that Mimi's beautiful, antique tree skirt would serve better as a cape.  So, you know....

The rest of our Christmas season posts coming soon!

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Holiday Disney Adventure

This past Tuesday we headed down south for a disney day.  Rain was predicted but we decided to chance it and go anyways, and it all worked out for the best, a few showers but we didn't get soaked.
Packing to go you would have thought we were going to Alaska for 2 weeks, I brought all the warm clothes the boys own so we would have plenty of changes if we got soaked.

Scott was pretty darn excited, normally not much a morning person (understatement) when Brian went to wake him at 6 to drive down the moment he mentioned it was time to go to disneyland Scott shot out of bed and was giddy with excitement the rest of the morning.
Owen doesn't remember his last and only other trip to disney, so it was fun to sort of watch him experience all the excitement for the first time.

Staying dry during the first rain of the day, before we even got into the park.

I have to admit, I'm a sucker for Disneyland all done up for Christmas.

Our first ride was Buzz Lightyear.  Scott was so pumped, Owen didn't know what to expect.  This is the first room where Owen was enthralled with the giant, talking Buzz.

It took all of 20 seconds for Owen to HAAAATE the ride.  He was so scared and it was so sad.  

A few minutes later (near the end of the ride) he got into it a little more, he did have a laser blaster after all.
 Our next few rides he hated and covered his eyes and buried his face in either Brian or me.  Once we rode the Toy Story ride in California Adventure he was finally getting the hang of rides and started having a blast.  At the very end he looked at me while pulling his little shooter on the ride like a crazed person and screamed, "KEEP SHOOTING!!!"  Hilarious!

We visited Cars Land:

I made all the boys ride the Ariel ride with me, they were stoked.

Small World:

They are the cutest brothers in the history of the world:

Loved this tree inside the small world ride:

Oh and this sign:

Then Toon Town:

And then I figured out why people think they are twins:

It was cold and we were hungry so we headed to downtown Disney on our way out of the park, or so we thought.  After a quick bite we rallied and the boys asked for one more ride.  I think we got like 100 parenting points for saying yes.  Back to califonia we went for one more round of Toy Story ride.

 But not before I forced some pictures on my dudes!

 I'm glad we got to back in and see all the decorations lit up.

It was a looong, cold day, but it was filled with many great memories!