Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Last year of preschool....

Owen finally started back to school at the beginning of September.  It was a long time coming since Scott had already been back for two weeks. 
At the end of the year last year and throughout the summer Owen was convinced he was off to kindergarten.  It only made sense considering Scott was on to first he must be done with team class.  I kept explaining he was done for THIS year but still had one more year.  He wasn't having it.  Finally after chatting with my friend and his teacher, Sandy, we came up with a plan to rename it.  Welcome to TEAM-K big guy.  Someone asked him what team-k was... his response "its just like team, but different".  So there you have it.  He is satisfied with a simple name change.  I'll take it.

Last first day of preschool.  So many emotions.

With his best friend at the gate waiting to go in.

After school play date with another friend.  Playing house/babies with stormtrooper and chewbacca.  Love it.

And so begins the drop offs and pick ups and enjoying every minute with this tiny tribe!

While the bigs are away, littles play {and other fun happenings}

Well its seems I've fallen behind with updates again.  But rewinding to the end of August and early September, Scott was back to school but Owen and co. had two more weeks off.  That meant lots of littles playdates while the bigs were in school.

Also this pre first day of first grade picture because its just so cute!!!!

Owen and I got lots of quality time and one day we set up a bunch of small plastic animals in combo with his summer wooden craft projects.

It was a blast playing with him for hours uninterrupted and by his rules.

Dad was off work early one day so we got to go pick up Scott as a family. He looks thrilled right?!

And of course we swam after school every single day!

The week before Owen went back Andy and I decided to take the littles on a special museum date, just them, no older siblings to follow around.  It was pretty fun and special! Love our one on one time with them, especially since it always feel like there was so much with the older one and basically none with the littlest.

We spent a solid chunk of time in the bird nest outside and particularly this bridge.  They couldn't get enough.

Climbing wall...

And of course up and down the inside climbing structures for hours.  I wish I had this in my house, for the kids and for me!

The friday before school we got a special invite to help set up the classroom.  The teachers appreciated our help and Owen and I appreciated the extra time at school.   We were ready to be back.

That same friday we went to see Scott and his friends display their cardboard box project.  First grade in full swing y'all!