Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Too big for his britches...

Well wouldn't you know it, homeboy can crawl.  Aaaand life as we know it is over.  Baby proofing.  He has probably, technically been crawling for a few weeks but I have been in major denial.  He would do a full pace then fall to his tummy, then another pace or two then back to his tummy then some army crawling so I pretended, in my own, sweet, easy little world that he wasn't mobile.  Well for about the last week he has been cruising - don't get me wrong, I'm proud of him but man that's fast.  And as of today....pulling up to standing.  T-R-O-U-B-L-E.

In other news, here is a picture of big bro EATING A VEGETABLE.  Is it weird that I kinda want to throw myself a little parenting party?  He has recently taken a liking to apples too. Happy mama

Sunday, September 16, 2012

6 months

 Happy half birthday Baby O!
6 more months until 1!
Time flies!

Owen turned 6 months old yesterday and despite being so tired from date night we were still able to get home and capture a picture in a good mood on the big day.  Owen goes for his 6 month well baby tomorrow so I will be curious to see how big he has gotten.  Ironically he is not actually well for his well baby, poor guy is fighting a low grade fever yet again.  Hopefully he is napping it off as we speak.
 So we are sitting, crawling (thankfully not too fast or efficient just yet but I can no longer be in denial about it), following Scott around.  Owen can get from sitting to his belly or back and then back up again all on his own, which he is LOVING!  He thinks his brother is the coolest and funniest guy in town, which is sweet, hilarious and heart warming!
He is finally showing some interest in solid foods but we haven't started them yet.  I was thinking this week since he has now hit the 6 month mark, but with him not feeling well I think we will wait.  Still no teeth.
He loves when daddy gets home and reaches for him and screeches until Brian picks him up! Love!  He continues to be the happiest baby, only cries when he is tired.  He goes down for longer naps on his own these days which is nice for mommy to get things done and play with Scott.  He still sleeps with us at night, which I love because I know its not going to last that much longer.

And clearly these pictures are getting harder and harder to capture.  But I learned from my block days - chalk board is much easier then resetting up the blocks between every shot like I did with Scott.

"Later mom!"

Pretend City + Rascal Flatts

 Friday we ventured down to Orange County for a big night out!  Brian had to work in the morning so he dropped the boys and me at Pretend City.  I had heard about it from a friend and it just so happened to be practically next door to Brian's work engagement so we thought why not?!?  And boy are we happy we did.  Scott could not have had more fun!  There were all the things you could imagine in a city (post office, grocery store, bank, fire station, police, doctors office...but no chiropractor office, ahem, library etc.) plus a construction site, farm/garden area, beach, water play area.  There was so much to do that 3 hours flew by in a blink.

Pictured above is part of the water area, you could build boats and sail them down the stream, use nets and fishing poles to catch fish and ducks etc.
Then we hit the "beach" because of course there was dump trucks available so Scott was thrilled and Owen even got to take part.  Right after this pictured he definitely face planted and got a mouth full of sand, but he didn't mind too much!

We went shopping in the grocery store (which Scott is all too familiar with as it seems we hit up trader joe's at least 3 times a week, anyone have any suggestions for how to go grocery shopping less send em my feels like I'm there every day and we still have no food in the house).  Scott loaded his basket with fruits and veggies, if only he really ate that well, and then checked out at the register.  Behind the grocery store was the farm and Scott really left with a better understanding of where food comes from so that was neat.

Of course one of the biggest hits of the day was the cars.  Scott tried each of them, multiple times.  Owen fell asleep for about half the time we were there but woke up with about half an hour left to play so he got to ride while his big brother drove.  Makes me flash forward to these two in 14-16 years cruising around town checking out girls, I'm so not ready!

Mommy needed a potty break and Scott didn't want to stop playing so I told him if he would come with me and be patient we do whatever he wanted next (which how that was different than what we had been doing all morning I don't know but he went for it) and he said "I want to drive cars with Owen!" Sweet.


After our fun morning we went to Uncle Bob and Aunt Rachel's house to leave the boys while mommy and daddy went out for our big date night (our first in 2012, but who's keeping track?!)  Farmer's sponsors (Brian's department) Rascal Flatts tour so we scored awesome seats and a "meet and greet" with the band before the show.  It was pretty neat and a great show!  Thankfully I was able to snag this picture from the Rascal Flatts photographer website or else I wouldn't have a single picture of date night just 30 pics of the boys from the morning...such is life with kids right?!  The other people in the picture are Brian's boss and his wife (far right) and some other coworkers.
We got back to the boys around 1am and its definitely true that it doesn't matter how late mom and dad stay up, the kids still wake up at the same time.  Soooo yesterday was a bit of a rough day but not too bad and definitely worth it for such a fun night out with my man!  Thanks to Bob and Rachel for keeping our kiddos all evening, we were able to relax and have fun knowing they were in such good hands!


Recently Owen has been taking longer naps on his own leaving lots of Scotty and mommy play time.  During a recent afternoon nap (3 glorious hours) I gave Scott a pair of binoculars (he first played with some at Ryker's house and has been obsessed ever since) and we went exploring.  Its been entirely too hot out for September so we took a boat (Scott's bed) and paddled it to an island and explored the "jungle" in Scott's bedroom.  We played this game almost the whole nap time and Scott has been playing with his "noculars"daily since then.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Next time won't you sing with me...

Scott loves to sing.  He frequently makes up songs ("time out because I threw the chocolate milk" ring a bell?) and is getting pretty good at learning the lyrics to his favorite tunes, wheels on the bus, itsy bitsy  spider etc.  The ABC's is, of course, a huge favorite and just for the sake of posterity I had to document how the song goes down currently (tried several times for a video, very camera shy at the moment):
"A-B-C-D-E-F-G...*here is where an adult needs to step in, without a little help H becomes A again and we start over *H*-I-K-K-L-Manem-mo-p- Q-R-S-T-UB-BEE-double UB-X-Y-and Z"
He's got it down pretty well but I just love the double K and YOU'B for U and W. And I know too soon that these little adaptations will go the way of "day" for yes and "pockider" for popsicle.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Just a-swingin'

 Yesterday was weirdly gloomy and halfway through our morning park time it even started to rain.  What the what?!?!  But it wasn't cold and it didn't rain hard to we toughed it out and Owen had his first swing experience! A hit!  So far there isn't much this kid doesn't like!  I packed blankets around him because he is still a bit small for the seats but once he was packed it there was no stopping him!

He smiled the whole time!  And I don't know what he like more the fact that he was swinging or that he was doing something WITH his big brother.  

They looked at each other and smiled and laughed the whole time! MELT.MY.HEART!