Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Owen turns 2!!!!

We don't have any babies left in the house.....: (
But so excited for my forever baby to be TWO!!! 

I think I shared on Scott's birthday post that we were keeping it mellow this year.  Thankfully our preschool had fun field trips planned for the week of each boy's birthday, the celebrating lasted all week!!!

We started with our train field trip on Tuesday. 

I wish the boys had smiled, you can't tell from the picture but they were excited to be there.

 Passengers had the option of riding inside or outside, nice for passengers, frustrating for the mamas who have one that wants to ride inside and one that wants to ride outside.  Luckily we had friends riding in both places so Owen stayed outside with Katelyn, Liam and their mamas.  And Scott rode inside with Zoey and family.  I bounced back and forth between them to check on every body and refill snacks.  Neither of them cared if I was there or not so I was tempted to jump off the train and do an hour of antiquing solo....maybe next year. 

Sandwiches are definitely yummier on a train:

These two:

Friday afternoon Daddy beat us home for the day and surprised us by already having a brand new swing set half set up:

It was a hand-me-down from his old boss and timed perfectly for a big present for the boys' birthdays.  They absolutely love it and so do we.  Hours of swinging have been logged already.  And there is a grown up swing attached which is a major bonus!!!!

Saturday we woke up for some birthday breakfast (which was nothing special, they like what they like) and then got dressed up for some family pictures then we hit the bookstore and of course finished out the morning with some birthday fro yo!

Birthday Boy:

Owen is really into Thomas but has yet to own an actual Thomas train so that was his big gift this birthday....a three inch wooden train.  He is in love.  He also got some Thomas sheet and books so he was one happy camper.

That night we celebrated by seeing some neighbors and eating tacos and cupcakes in the backyard!

Serious about cupcakes:

Sunday morning we went for a swim.  The weather has been in the high 70s and 80s and we have been itching to go swimming.  It was completely wonderful and the boys were in heaven.

Sunday afternoon Mimi and Papa and Auntie, Uncle Matt and Parker John joined us for dinner and more celebrating.

And all three boys got Roman Soldier/Gladiator costumes from Great Aunt Merry:

It was so cute and completely hilarious:

It seems that Owen turned 2 and suddenly became a big kid.  He is definitely his own little person with a {loud} voice about what he thinks about everything and what he wants.  He completely silly and hilarious and usually happy and easy to please!

He's a little too young for a real "interview", but here is what I have about what he likes and what he's like these days (I don't think I have done this for him since at least 18 months)

Food:  ALL, he is such an awesome eater.  He almost always has seconds for dinner, and seconds of everything, including vegetable (especially if its broccoli).
He does love sweets (more than Scott I think) and especially ice cream, which I think is because its usually what Scott wants if we are having a treat and he just goes with it.
He has to have a banana first thing when he wakes up.  So much so that it is worth it to drive to the store at 8:55pm (they close at 9) to run in for bananas.  I have done it. 
When he wants a snack he says "hunnnreeee" for hungry, and then starts wandering and searching the kitchen.

A favorite condiment of both boys is ketchup (they did not get this from me, vomit) and when Owen asks for it its absolutely one of my favorite words he says:  "Chapup".  I will be so sad when he says it correctly.

Book:  Thomas the train.  He has a long one that has 5 or 6 stories in it and its absolute hands down favorite.  One store in particular:  Trains, Cranes and Troublesome Trucks.  And he loves to "read" along to the rhyming parts.

Thing to do:  Play with Scott.  Big brother is numero uno around here.  Their friendship just melts me.  I am so happy they have each other!  He especially likes to pick Scott up from school and stay to play on his playground. 

Toy:  Thomas and Baby.  He loves trains.  Scott was never into them so we have never owned a set or tracks and all the works, but Owen truly loves them and plays with them for hours (well its feels like hours, maybe 15-20 minutes....if you have kids you know that is equivalent to hours in mommy time).  And baby is still a major player in these parts.  Whatever Owen does he wants baby to have a turn next.   "Baby tuhn....Owen tuhn".  

He loves going to the beach so if you are going to mention it you better be willing to follow through and actually go.  He loves bike rides and asks for "daddy bike" all the time (his seat is on Brian's bike).  He is getting the hang of pedaling his tricycle and we will probably try him on a balance bike here soon!  

He likes playing catch and kicking the ball.  He loves to play in the mud.

So one of my favorites I already mentioned:  "chappup"

I also loves that he says "awwww maaaaaan"  when he's bummed about something.  "Owen, its bedtime."   "awwww man".  stinkin' hilarious!

He refers to himself in the third person a lot which is so funny and cute.  My favorite is when he does something he's proud of and tells himself "Good job Owen."

He basically talks like a big kid these days and for the most part he is easy to understand.  He definitely has a little bit of baby talk left in his voice and I love and treasure it!

Another favorite of Owen's is singing!  At the top of his lungs!  Well he will actually start out a normal volume but he'll ramp up, usually because it can get pretty loud, especially when we are driving some place and thats when he likes to sing best.  He is getting very good at the ABC song as well as wheels on the bus!  I hoping to catch both on video while he is still in the stage!  So cute!

Happy 2nd birthday to you, Owen!
We love you to bits!

Monday, March 10, 2014

Owen's day out

The other day Owen spent the whole afternoon with Auntie Andy and Kenz so I could get a hair cut.  They played at the park during school where Andy sent me some fabulous pictures.

Always the gentleman:

Then he joined in circle time when it was time to pick up the big kids.

And Zoey got to play big sis to two littles that afternoon

When they came to meet me at my hair appointment my car wouldn't start.   Danny (Andy's husband) drove over and saved the day and Hilary picked up Scott from picnic pals for me so everything worked out just fine!

This one was fully pooped and ready for a nap by the time we got home:

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

And just like that....he turned 4

Happy Birthday to the one that made me a mom, 4 years (and 4 days now) ago.  
I cannot believe your 4!
 We opted for a low key birthday this year.  Scott didn't have his heart set on a birthday party (he never even mentioned one) and we did a big one last year so we decided to fill this birthday with other fun things!
We started the day with funfetti waffles (regular old gluten free waffle mix with a handful of rainbow sprinkles thrown and the birthday hat!

We officially started Scott's birthday celebration the weekend before with a visit from Grandma and Gpa.  Scott chose pizza for dinner and then we made a stop at the yogurt shop.  Sadly Scott threw up the entire meal on the walk home, luckily he wasn't sick, my kids are just pukers. 

As luck would have it, his birthday fell on the day of our school field trip to the fire station!  We spent the week looking forward to our field trip with all of our friends.  Owen is invited on school field trips and let me tell you, the kid fits right in.  Owen sat right up front with Scott and listened to everything and followed all the instructions, definitely not a baby anymore.

Howie the firefighter was AWESOME!!!!  So age appropriate (he has three boys that went to Scott's preschool so he gets it!) and so much fun!

He brought several kids up to volunteer and at one point he grabbed Scott.  I panicked.  Scott is not into attention right now and is easily embarrassed and once that happens its game over, he totally shuts down and its so hard to get him out of his shell again.  To my astonishment he did awesome and loved talking to Howie and answering questions.  So much JOY for this mama to see him shine and not feel embarrassed. 

While we were inside looking at the trucks another fire fighter lit a fire out back so the kids could try their hand and putting it out with the hose.  Scott was not having it.  He eventually held the hose at the end next to Owen, but when it came time for his turn up way. no how.  And he wouldn't let Owen do it either.  "I don't want my brover to do the hose, I want him to be safe."
He also could not understand why fire fighters would set a fire.  The explanation his teachers gave him of needing to practice did not fly. 
 The fire station field trip was so wonderful.  I am so thankful for these guys and what they do and that they come in on their day off to teach our kids.  Howie got in full gear to show them that although he looked at little scary like that, that if you ever see a fire fighter coming to help you you should go to him and not run away because he looks a little scary.  He taught them about calling 911 and what constitutes and emergency...the whole nine yards!  Thanks awesome fire fighters, you guys rock!!!

After a long day at school (we went back to school after the field trip because I had a meeting) and picnic pals (where Scott's awesome teacher brought candles so his friends could sing to him, which he of course refused, although later he told me he had a picnic pals birthday party.  Can I also mentioned his teacher let me leave Owen at picnic pals while I went to my meeting (it was in another room on campus) Miss Jennifer you are amazing!!!!)  we went home and I went to work (only for an hour and a half) then we had birthday chicken and some ice cream!

The next day Mimi and Papa had planned to take Scott to the children's museum, but due to the torrential down pour (not exaggerating) they opted for the Lego movie instead (rain check on the museum that 2/3 of is outside).  Scott was a little hesitant about a movie he hadn't seen so I got invited too.  It was so much fun, the movie was what I expected, pretty silly but it was funny and had a good message.  The only downside was the volume during the previews had us all covering our ears (it was slightly better during the movie or we probably would have left).
The highlight of the movie may have been our BYO snacks (which were nothing out of the ordinary, but more fun because we were in a movie theater) until Batman made an appearance.  Scott had seen the preview and knew Batman was in the movie, he kept asking where he was until he finally joined the cast.  Batman > snacks.

Mimi and Papa joined us the rest of the evening for dinner, dessert and stories to celebrate Scott's birthday. (Not to be left out, "baby" was present for the reading of Trains, Cranes and Troublesome Trucks, Owen's all time favorite story in his Thomas book)

Saturday we had a birthday party to attend which was full of cake, friends and fun.  Then Sunday we hit the farmers market in the rain:

 Quite possibly the boys' first experience with an umbrella:

Sunday afternoon Scott and I had a date to see a play at a local community theater.  Scott really enjoyed seeing a play with his school field trip so when I heard about this one (from Scott's teacher who's daughter is in the play) I thought it sounded like the perfect Mommy-Son date. 
We got dressed up and took some (forced) pictures:

Didn't want to leave out the littlest:

Then Scott and I headed up to Camarillo.  We stopped for coffee and the candy store beforehand which was extra fun.  Scott has never been to a true candy store, just the candy section of trader joe's. All he cared about was the super hero paraphernalia and the rescue bots lunch box he found.  When I finally convinced him to "fill a bag with anything you want" he decided on two lollipops for a total of 19 cents.  Fine by me.  Not so into the "conventional" candy yet....I'll take it as long as I can.

We got to the play a little early as to get good seats and got to hang out with Scott's teacher.  I tried to get a picture of the two of them and she tried to get one of Scott and me, but alas Scott was not having it, no big shock.  This was her attempt and I think its pretty sweet, Scott was so into all that was going on around us.

 The play was Willy Wonka and it did not disappoint.  Everyone was very talented and there was lots of singing and dancing which kept Scott's interest.  He also got to eat BOTH of his lollipops during the show!!!  Scott's teacher, Miss Sandy, asked him to save a seat for her which he was really excited about, which was also nice because he got to ask her lots of questions.  The one thing we struggled with was using our indoor whisper voice, but nobody seemed to mind too much.  
At the very beginning of the play Scott asked if there was going to be bad guys.  Sandy and I assured him there weren't (Slugworth was not in this version).  He kept asking all the way through where the bad guys were.  About half way into it I realized that WANTED bad guys, that a story wasn't really a story unless there was someone to defeat.  Boys : )  So at the end when she asked if he liked it he said no, because he wanted bad guys.  It wasn't totally true that he didn't like it, he asked me on the way home if we could see that show again - a great sign for future plays with my guys!!!

I also attempted a four year old interview.  I kind of have to sneak the questions in over time:

Favorite breakfast: "Oatmeal"

Favorite Lunch: "peanut butter and jelly"  ??  He rarely eats this anymore.  Occasionally sun butter and jelly for his lunch at school (nut free campus) but I have never felt its his favorite

Favorite dinner:  "Pizza"  As demonstrated by what he asked for for all of his birthday dinners all week.

Favorite snack:  "waffles"  ???  never really had as a snack.

Favorite color:  "blue"

Favorite place to go:  "school, Ryker's house"

Favorite thing to do: "play with my friends, play with Ryker"

Favorite toy:  "Legos, Batman legos"

Favorite fruit:  "strawberries, apples with no skins"

Favorite vegetable:  "cauliflower"

Who is your best friend:  "Ryker, Owen and Parker"

Favorite TV show: "Wild Kratts"

Favorite Movie:  "Lego Movie"  He recently saw it in the theater so no surprise there.

What do you want to be when you grow up:  "A Dad."  Melt my heart!!!!!  Me: How many kids do you want to have?  "10".  Me:  I'm so excited for you to have 10 kids.  Scott: "But I want 10 kids now, I want 10 of me and Owen."  me: 10 brother and sisters?  Scott: "Yes 10 brothers and sisters."  Me:  Well, we probably won't have 10 brothers and sisters.  Scott proceeded to pout for 15 minutes over this development.

What is Mommy's job:  "Keeping me and Owen safe."  "Going to your office."

What is Daddy's job:  "Go to work every day."

Favorite song:  "The lego song that I just made lego lego lego lego lego...."  : /

Favorite super hero:  "The flash"

So much fun from a 4 year old!  He only gets funnier and smarter and sillier as he gets older!  Scotty P, we love you with our whole hearts!