Monday, May 30, 2016

A little taste of school

Its hard to believe, but we are at the end of the school year.  The last few weeks have been a blur of field trips and activities and mostly a lot of fun.

Scott's class celebrated mothers day with a breakfast hosted by the kids.  They dressed up, met us at the door with flowers, walked us to our seats and served us a yummy meal.  It was the cutest thing in the world!!!  My amazing friend Sandy helped by taking Owen to school that morning so Scott and I could have some special time over breakfast, truly unforgettable. 

I'm back in book club at preschool and I'm loving that from our new house I can just hop on my bike and be there in 5 minutes!

Scott's class recently took a field trip to the Gentle Barn in Santa Clarita.  They rescue all kinds of animals and let them live out their days here.

We got to hug cows.

Feed horses.

Play with and bathe emus. 

Hang out with this turkey.

And pet this pig.

Later that day we picked up Owen from school and got to bring home this masterpiece he had been working on - its nearly as heavy as he is, but its looking beautiful on our fireplace hearth.

Sunday, May 15, 2016


Basically a phone dump post:

Owen at school playing with black lights.  So RAD!

Owen and Eden hanging in the parking lot.  She reached for him and said "Oweeee".  So cute.  And you can half see Scott in the back ground fist fighting with Parker.  Lovely.

One of Scott's latest school projects: building a robot out of junk around the house, he had to name it and give it a job and features that helped with its job.  

Owen didn't want to be left out.  He will have basically already done kindergarten by the time he gets there in a few years.

Hanging at school:

Scott taking advantage of outdoor classroom time at his school.  This day they were writing a story about how to catch a leprechaun.

Scott's salt bottle art project.

Owen and his school posse.  These three are a good time!

Scott, post fun run at his school.  He worked so hard and had so much fun.

After the fun run was a big school carnival complete with bounce houses and games.

And a soak your teacher with a water balloon booth!!!

Scott made sure to win extra prizes for his brother (heart skips a beat).  All of the prizes were gently used toys and games donated by students (and we left with so much junk...shoot me!).  Well Scott won Owen a stuffed Simba and given Owen's allergies and sensitivities I felt it necessary to wash it first.  So Owen just sat and watched til his toy from his brother was sweet.

And I'm pretty sure this is a video of Scott soaking Ms. Tori.  Not sure if it will work or not.

Tiny Ninjas

I'm so far behind.  But I have an excuse....and a new house.  More on that later.  For now I post a few that I started and never finished.

The boys have been taking Ninja class at our local gymnastics place, part gymnastics part martial arts...totally awesome!  They can be in the same class and its one hour every week and its just blissful for me to sit and watch them both and not have to chase anyone around!

Scott, Owen and coach Kevin

On this day they did a class picture after they filmed a couple of fun obstacle course videos set to mission impossible music...and they were told to make a tough guy face...and this is what I got from Owen.