Friday, June 22, 2012

The {way} before pictures

 We got the keys to our new house today! Yahoo!  And guess who left for a work trip this morning - rats! Oh well, mommy and the boys did a great job of picking up the key to our new house (surreal to say the least) and meeting with our contractor to talk renovation (with the help of mimi and papa of course!)

So here are a few pics of the new place....the way before pics....
half of the kitchen and future home of my breakfast nook (cue chimes from the heavens, I'm over the moon excited to have a breakfast nook, built in seating, you get the idea) this project will not be happening right away, but in the near(ish) future!

Kitchen, gorge right?! Well we are waiting on the kitchen and breakfast nook for a while so we can really do it right and really decide exactly what we want (umm didn't we just remodel a kitchen? indeed we did, back to squre one I guess).  And if you are wondering the kitchen countertops are fake wood - RAD!  And the tile has a pinkish hue, and yes that's a door in the back corner (that's gotta go ASAP).  All in good time...

The living room...future home of hardwood floors and grayish paint on the wall and future ex home of hideodorous fireplace. 

Formal dining room, which we will be setting up as a playroom for the boys! FUN!  Eventually hoping to open the back window up as a slider onto a porch/outdoor living area....way future people! Are you jealous of my new fancy curtains?  I will sell em to! HA!

Owen's room (we are closing off one of the doors)
 Hallway (I mean do you just love our pink walls, bleh!)

Part of master bedroom.  We are going to close off the door shown (another set of double doors like Owen's) and {someday} build in an office nook.  I have the most amazing idea (thanks pinterest) so if not this round then hopefully next.

Master bath.  Remodeling this puppy, the previous owners put in the tub portion wrong so we have a bit of a credit to fix it so we are gonna change it all up.


Next round I will take pictures of the front yard, back yard and front of the house.
We are so very excited to make this our home!  I'm so blessed with an amazing husband who could make this all possible for us!

Father's Day Weekend

 This year's Touch-A-Truck fell during father's day weekend (it may have last year too, frankly I forget).  So saturday morning the Campbell crew joined Mimi and Papa, Uncle Matt, Auntie, Parker J and Auntie Andy, Zoey and Kenzie and their Nana at the festivities.  Once again, the event did not dissappoint.
 This is like Parker John's superbowl, so he was willing and eager to sit in EVERY truck.  Scott, not so much.  He likes trucks but lately he has entered a phase of not wanting to do things and not wanting to be watched by other people (embarrased?).  So that was fine, Parker rode, Scott watched.

Scott really digs his Uncle Matt so it was pretty fun hangin' with him all morning.

Scott's favorite part was "the big big heldocopper landing in the field, makes my cry".  He loved the helicopter but the wind blowing in his face scared him and he cried, and this is the major part that he remembers.  After flying with G Pa a few weeks ago Scott is really into all things aircraft!

Parker J., Uncle Matt, Scott, Auntie

3 muskateers on the school bus!

You can't see too well in this picture but both daddies are holding (and drinking) pink juice boxes! Love!

The babes (sleeping of course)

After touch-a-truck we headed to Matt and Hilary's for BBQ and swimming....lets just say the boys were pooped when the day was done!

 Father's day was spent eating our traditional french toast for breakfast followed by a walk by the beach, playing in the sand...
 And fro yo on the way home (as a bribe to be good while we looked at more floor samples)

Then Scott to help Papa knead the bread he was making for dinner!
It was a great weekend and we are so thankful for all the great daddies in our lives!  Especially ours!!!

Friday, June 15, 2012

3 months

Well looky who turned 3 months old today!  My oh my we are gettin' big fast!  If you are wondering what happened to our friend the picture bear (used for all of Scott's monthly pictures and Owen's first month) he has been retired to storage.  Hey at least I managed to do the monthly pictures with Owen just a big oops on remembering to bring the bear to mimi and papa's house.
Mr. McGweetums is defintiely 3 months BIG!  I weiged him at the pump station this week 15lbs 2oz - what up!  He is obviously super into chewing his hands (I actually did not get a picture without his hands in his mouth, not one!) and he can grab his feet and that makes him the happiest little dude in town.  Car trips have become more enjoyable because he can usual get a handle on his feet and play with those (with the exception of the last two days where he has hated the car with a firey passion).  He has roller over once, from his tummy to his back, could have just been that he was over tummy time, but hey he did it.  He is a super happy guy almost always and smiles at everyone, especially his big brother.  He is getting so close to grabbing toys...he stares and stares and tries but we haven't managed to get one yet.
In other news, for Owen's 3 month birthday, Brian and I bought a house.  Well it was already pretty much bought but today we signed the final papers and ponied up some major dough - so I say today was the day.  We should get the keys next friday.  We are planning some renovations but I will post some "before" pictures when we get in.
Happy 3 months baby O.  We love you to pieces!

Growin' up

I cannot believe how much Scott is growing up lately.  Forget that he can tell you anything about anything...the kid does.not.stop.talking.   He narrates his entire day (for the record I love it).  But lately he is doing all kinds of big boy things.  He has become quite the bike (well trike) rider.  Today he rode all the way to the park and back with daddy while mommy was at work.  So proud!  He is also looking so big these days too.  He definitely just finished a major growth spurt, eating us out of house (well mimi and papa's house) and home (what am I gonna do when these boys are teenagers?) and sleeping til 10am for a week - hello, and it definitely shows....he looks very tall and lean to me right now (but still has those chunker cheeks that I LUUURV!)  I majorly love this kid (and his bro)...its so fun watching them grow!

Boys n' papa

In honor of Father's Day being this weekend here are my boys with my dad!

I just wanna fly....

 A few weekends ago we traveled to the central coast for a visit with Grandma and G pa.  We had a wonderful visit and really got out and enjoyed the great weather.  We played at the park, had a picnic, saw the ducks....and then...

Scott had his first ride in G pa's plane.  And he has been talking about it ever since.
Scott's all tucked in back ready to go!

 Our pilot

A view a Pismo beach from the air...

Scott LOVED flying.  His face was a mixture of excitement, nervous anticipation and sheer terror
 He held daddy's hand SUPER tight the whole time


Pretty darn impressed

Not a fan

Scared as heck...
Scott has truly not stopped talking about flying in "gpa's pwane".  He tells everyone the story and includes details of going up over the cloads and talks quite a bit about the "pellar" (propellar) and that grandma stayed with Owen.   Thanks for a great visit grandma and gpa and for a great flight!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Where we are at....

 Our house is officially sold and we are moved out.  We don't close on the new house for a few more weeks (plus then we are planning to do some remodeling before we move in) so we are in limbo here for a while.  A major shout put and thank you to Mimi and Papa for letting us stay with them.  Just what you want after retiring...4 people (one being an infant) and a dog moving in.  But its been great and we are thankful for somewhere to live and all the help.  While living in Ventura summer has truly arrived.  Bring on the beach, BBQs (see Scott's first corn on the cob above), pool time and long lazy summer nights!

Scott fishing  in the backyard
 Scott's "room" at Mimi and Papa's....its really a nook in the hallway across from our room...we put up curtains and I have to say I'm a little jealous of his cozy sleeping space

Owen!!!  Little bro is growing up, rolling to his side, laughing, grabbing his piggies....its so fun!

Hilary and I meet at the beach several mornings a week to run/walk and let the boys play (aka tackle each other).  I love living this close to the beach and the great beach weather....mama definitely has gotten some (a little too muc) sun to show for it.

Beng sweet brothers on one of our many walks

We also met A & Z on main street for lemonade and tacos right before baby K was born (on the 28th).  We just love these girls and can't wait to meet lil sis (haven't yet becuase we have all had colds the last few days).  Even though we don't live 2 minutes away anymore (sniff) I know we will still see them all the time and get to watch our bambinos grow up together.
 So thats where we are at. And where we will be for a while.  We are in the midst of picking out stuff (floors, tile, paint etc) for the new house which is fun (and also a bit stressful...wood floors that you plan on having forever is a big commitment) and just trying to take advantage of where we live right now.  I'll try to be a better blogger during this process but I make no promises...