Saturday, March 27, 2010

One month old...

Our Happy One Month Old!!!
I can't believe he turns ONE MONTH today! I know with each milestone I will say "I can't believe he _____" but it is truly amazing the changes we have seen in him in just one month. We don't go for our one month check up until Tuesday, March 30th so I won't know any one month stats until then! It has been the greatest month of our lives! We love our little Scotty P. so much!
Scott definitely loves his sleep (wonder where he gets that from? daddy?) and he has gotten the hang of eating and we have sure seen some growth spurts lately! He can lift his head and look around and his eyes are now able to focus for long periods! He LOVES tummy time and can turn his head from side to side and wiggles his feet like crazy trying to move around! He also loves bath time and when he is laying on his changing table he loves loves loves to stare at his blinds (we think its the great light/dark contrast that is so captivating). Scott loves having visitors and has met so very many people in the last month! He definitely has times where he just wants to be with mommy or daddy and boy does he know it if we are not the ones holding him!

Let's Hear it for The BOYS!!!

The whole family!
Granpy with Parker & Grammie with Scott

Me & my baby boy

Me and my nephew (makes mine look so big now!)

Last night we finally got to get the boys together! Hilary, Matt and Parker came over for dinner and the whole family finally got to be together in one room at the same time : )
Hilary and I spent the majority of the evening in Scott's room feeding the boys! It was so nice to have someone to feed with and I know the boys will eat together very often in the future. Come to think of it, these first meals together will probably be the most laid back and clean of the meals to come! We had a great night and it was great for Grammy and Granpy (and all of us really) to see the boys together finally!
Seeing Parker made me see how big Scott is getting so fast! I can't believe all the things Scott can do now when literally only weeks ago he was Parker's size! Seeing these boys grow up together is going to be the greatest joy!!!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Happy Birth Day Cousin Parker

Scott's Cousin: Parker John Mann-St. Amant was born Monday, March 22nd at 12:33pm. 8lbs 21.25in! Tons of dark hair : )

The Happy Family! They did so wonderfully and Parker turned out perfect! Good job Auntie Hilary and Uncle Matt!

So proud of my sissy!

Mother & Son

Labor: For the record this was about 30 minutes or less before Parker was born! These two look fantastic! I'm sure they didn't feel fantastic, I'm sure they were EXHAUSTED! But they did an amazing job of making it through L&D! They actually charted Hilary as having a spontaneous vaginal birth because it happened so quickly!

Literally a half hour before delivery. I was glad Brian was not there yet to witness how great Hilary handled it. At this point I was a screaming maniac! This little mama pushed for about 20 minutes, whereas I pushed for 2 1/2 even if she did turn into a screaming maniac (I don't know I wasn't in the room, but I'm sure she was GREAT) it wasn't for very long! You go girl!!!

I am so proud to be an Auntie to Parker John (PJ?). Being pregnant with my sister/best friend was the greatest adventure and now we get to raise our boys together, which I'm sure will be the bigger adventure!

Scott hasn't met his cousin yet as no one under 16 is allowed in the hospital, not that I was crazy about the idea of bringing my 3 week old into a hospital seeing as he wasn't even born in one! We are looking forward to getting the boys together soon!

I know Scott is only 3 1/2 weeks old but I already can't believe how big he is and how much he can do! Holding a newborn again yesterday (I still think Scott is a newborn by the way) was so amazing. I already notice how much more alert Scott is than when he was first born and how STRONG. Baby boy is looking all over the place and kicking his legs like crazy! These little boys are already so much fun!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Love & Peace....

Can't resist posting this picture! I adore you Scotty P.!!!

Sunday, March 21, 2010


Scott and I love our walks. We make sure to go everyday and sometimes we even get to go twice in one day! So far its been nice to have the company of either daddy or grammie but yesterday was the first walk just the two of us. We did great and I love having Scott as a walking buddy! We ran into a few neighbors that saw me walking while pregnant and were excited to meet Scott! Here is to spring being here and lots of nice walking weather!

Friday, March 19, 2010


Yay for the moby wrap...our new favorite thing : )

The pump station...

The Pump Station could definitely be my new favorite store, maybe even favorite place on Earth right now! We have made two trips since Scott has been born! They have the most helpful staff and I always leave with all my questions answered and then some, and feeling so supported in the choices we have made for our son! Yesterday my mom, sister and I spent 2+ hours there learning and shopping! They gave me the greatest tip I have ever received for soothing Scott, it works like a charm - instantly! They just had me sit on an exercise ball and bounce, the louder the cries the harder I bounced and sometimes "ssshhh'd" in his ear! He now LOOOOVES bouncing! They also recommended a new paci to try (100% organic rubber, one piece, rounded tip) we will see if he is interested! And I learned how to use my Moby wrap!!! This could be my other new favorite thing! Scott is such a snuggler and lover and just wants to be held, which I love doing...and now we can walk around the house and cook and do dishes and is the greatest! Thank you Pump Station for all your help and all your great products, I'm sure we will be back soon!!!

P.S. I also got to have Scott weighed there yesterday: 8lbs 14oz! You go boy!!!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

The great paci debate...

We were definitely going to try to be a no pacifier family! We waited for 2 weeks to introduce the paci for the first time because we did not want it to interfere with learning to latch on. Now he is latching like a pro and is looking for soothing that way as well as with his own fingers. So we finally broke down and brought out the paci, fortunately he hasn't taken to it that well yet. He will use it for a a minute or two and then be over it, but be calmed down so it seems to have done the trick!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

First bath...

This morning Scott experienced his first bath in his tub. Up until now he has only had sponge baths, but now that his umbilical cord has healed up we were able to give him a bath in his baby tub. He LOVED it! No fussing at all and it was much warmer than a sponge bath because he got to sit halfway in water. After he got out Daddy wrapped him in a cozy towel then he got to put on his froggy pjs (thank you grammy and granpy)....such a big exciting morning deserves a post bath nap, don't you think?

New toys...

Thank you Auntie Erin and Aunt Mom (Aunt Mom and Great Aunt Mom to Scott) for the awesome tummy time gym. Yesterday we had Scott on it for a while just to expose him to new sounds and colors. He still isn't completely able to focus on things but we had fun watching him anyways!

Thursday, March 11, 2010


Yesterday we ventured out and took Scott on his first beach trip. We didn't actually set foot on the beach (it was kind of chilly) but we did go down to Malibu and had Malibu Seafood for lunch (a favorite of ours and somewhere we go for special occasions - yes we like to celebrate special occasions on paper plates, do not judge!) and then we went to the park and went for a short hike overlooking the ocean. It was a gorgeous day and although Scott slept for most of it we are pretty sure he already has a taste for the beach and for Malibu Seafood!


Check out these cute piggies...I just want to eat them up! And wow does he ever have some huge feet (and hands for that matter!) The little mark on his left heal is from the PKU test...still there after more than a week...poor munchkin, but he didn't cry during the test just when the nurse tried to straighten his leg!

One week old...

I can't believe Scott is already a week old (in the picture, almost 2 weeks at the time of this post!)


Auntie Hilary, Uncle Matt and Cousin Parker

Could not resist this picture, the hat with the eyes cracks me up!
Uncle Aaron

Auntie Al

Great Uncle Richard (who also brought German chocolate cake...mmmm!)

The Blacks

Our first fun outing to the park, we just hung out on the blanket and threw a ball for Charlie for an hour or so. It was a gorgeous day!

Trying out the swing for the first time. I turned the music on but thought the actual swinging motion was too violent for a 6 day old (paranoid much?)

Monday, March 8, 2010

First few days...

At the pediatrician under the warming lamps...just basking!

Getting cozy in the car seat

Loving his first ride!

All 3 Campbells

All the grandparents!

Our first few days with Scott consisted of lots of time with grandparents! All of our parents were able to make it out within a day or two of Scott's birth. It was wonderful to be surrounded by our parents and get lots of help! On Monday March 1st we had our first outing to take Scott to his pediatrician for a baseline check up. Our first car trip was exciting and scary but we made it and Scott really enjoys riding in the car, he was so mellow the whole time. The pediatrician gave him a check up and we left with a clean bill of health!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Birth Day Pictures

Between Contractions...not lookin my best

Daddy's first moments with Scott...melt my heart!

Getting weighed...7lbs 10oz

A Baby Story...

Labor/prelabor started for my last Thursday the 25th (my actual due date) contractions were fairly mild and pretty far apart...I tried not to get too excited for fear the adrenaline would make it go away : ) About 24 hours later REAL labor started...Friday night around 6 I called my midwife to let her know I thought this was it. She said to keep calling her with updates throughout the night. She came over at 9 to check me and I was 2.5cm dilated. She offered to stay the night while I labored but Brian and I chose to let her go home because we knew it would be a long night.
Side note: our living room was all set up for an amazing relaxing birth experience...complete with candles, twinkly lights, soft music...the works....WELL: at about 7:00pm our back door neighbors had the party of the year..complete with DJ, strobe lights and at some points i'm pretty sure there was even karaoke! Looking back its hilarious but at the time I was ready to kill someone as my beautiful birthing "suite" was transformed into the ultimate night club and I had visions of bringing my son into the world to sounds of lady gaga!
Back to Scott, I had pretty intense labor for the remainder of the night. My midwife gave me permission to take baths and showers and even have a half glass of wine to relax (which i didn't do b/c i was feeling nauseated - probably due to the aforementioned lady gaga soundtrack). Contractions never got closer than about 5 minutes apart which I was thankful for...but I did have back labor which I was in no way prepared for (Teresa: I recalled your story as I was having the back labor and I know exactly what you were talking fun!)
I called my midwife at 5:30am because I noticed a little bit of blood (which scared me but she reassured me it was nothing) and she arrived at 6am. I got into the birth tub at around 6:30 b/c I was at about 7cm by then....I progressed quickly and before I knew it I was pushing. My midwife showed me how to push which was super helpful. The pushing process was incredibly hard and I was exhausted, I ended up in and out of the water to be checked and to have help with pushing. I also now know all about LaborLand and transition...I really got to the point where I was ready to give up. I kept telling Brian "I can't, I'm so sorry"....and he was the best coach I could have asked for. He was strong when I wasn't and he got me through the last 2.5 hours of hard pushing!
It is so amazing how they say having a baby really changes your marriage....of course for all the obvious reasons but to have that level of support during the hardest thing you've ever had to do made me look at my husband in a whole new light....not to mention how I feel about him after seeing him be a father for a whole week now!
Scott was finally born at 11:53 am Saturday February 27th. He was 7lbs 10oz and 21.5in. I couldn't have imagined anyone more perfect.....during labor I thought for sure we would be a one child family (not really but again LaborLand was working its magic) and the moment I saw him I couldn't remember any of it!
The only complication we experienced was some major blood loss on my part after Scott was delivered. My midwife gave me several injections and I stayed supine for a few hours (all the while holding my perfect angel) and I experienced some light headedness for the last 5 days or so but she handled it perfectly and everyone is great now!
I am so proud to be joining the mommy club! God has blessed our family beyond anything I could have imagined!

One last belly shot...

A picture of the last time Hilary and I were pregnant together! This was about 4 days before Scott was born...pretty soon both babies will be here : )