Saturday, April 30, 2011

Scott Campbell, D.C.

After I adjusted Brian's neck this morning Scott wanted to help. He came up right in front of me and put his hands on mine to help give daddy traction. I had to get a picture and shockingly Scott cooperated and continued "helping" without me.

"Let me check your palate too dad!"

On another note: Scott has been walking around the house like this most of the day. HA!

Friday, April 29, 2011

Happy Friday...

Friday afternoon, perfect weather, picnic in the park after work, slides...bliss!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

On Parenting...

Swimming with my munch today - such a lucky mama!

This was the quote on the back of a recent Pathways magazine (if you don't read it, I implore you, you must, its wonderful!). They always put great quotes on the back cover too! So here it is:

"Be careful of rules for your children.
Rules diminish responsibility.
Be careful of rewards for your children.
Rewards diminish self-esteem.
Be careful of punishments for your children.
Punishments diminish trust.

Let lessons be imposed
by the nature of things,
not by your own needs.

Integrity will replace rules.
Contentment will replace striving.
Spirituality will replace religion.

Songs will replace arguments.
Dances will replace battles."

- William Martin, The Parent's Tao Te Ching

I was struck this week when reading a blogger friend describe embracing her children for who they are. My mom always told me not to worry about the little things like Scott sleeping in our bed (co-slept until about 4 months ago - we loved it!) or if he took a pacifier or not. My mom said "no kid ever goes off to college still sleeping in their parents bed or sucking on a paci". Great perspective.
I like the idea of embracing Scott (and any future children) for who they are. I'm not big on imposing schedules and sometimes its hard not to feel judged for our parenting style.
I like that William Martin uses the language "be careful" he doesn't say "don't do this" or "do do this" - just be careful. As with all things I suppose!
We strive to have our home filled with songs and dances!

I tried and failed to put a link on here to a wonderful blog that does an "on your heart" link each week. I think it is a wonderful idea and I'm truly inspired by the stories I read. Too bad I'm struggling to get the link on here....??!?! ARG! Maybe next time. Please check out her's on my blog roll "The Weigand's" - Casey is a beautiful and inspirational blogger!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Climbing up...

Sunday: Scott used Charlie as a "ladder" to get up on the table....hahaha how cute. Step two: no Charlie needed! Ok time to get off! Now we literally can't leave him in the living room by himself because he will climb on the table. We don't so much get him in trouble for climbing up we are just concerned for the falling off we try to only let him do it when we are there to "help" aka watch!

"Listen up Parker J. I'm going to read you a story!"

Time to get comfy!

Today is also Scott's 14 month birthday! Flying I tell ya!
Today Parker came over to play...we played cars inside (see below) then went swimming (hence the swim diaper only in above pictures). Loving the summer weather!
So yes, Scott can climb on the coffee table (amongst other things) unassisted. I can't get too mad about this because we have video of Brian dancing to Michael Jackson's 'Thriller' on this very table when he was 4 or so....perhaps I will figure out how to post it one of these days, its the most awesome thing you've ever seen! Scott can also open all the doors in our house (has been able to for 2 or 3 months now) which is a real treat. His favorite door to open is the pantry. He would like to choose his own snacks thank you very much. He grabs his apple crispy snacks multiple times a day and brings them to me signing least he asks!
Scott also had is first time out on Monday. I'm aware he may be too young for time-outs but I had to do something. He knows how to turn on the water on the arrowhead cooler. I've told him "no", I don't know somewhere around a MILLION times - to no avail. He knows better. So finally on Monday he was about to turn it on and I said "please don't turn the water on Scott" he looked at me and turned it on - never breaking eye contact. I said "if you do it again you are done playing and you will sit in time out", water on = full eye contact! BAM you just won yourself one minute in time out (I was told by someone to do one minute for every year old they are because that's usually the most they can understand, made sense to me). At first he didn't get it but when he tried to leave the corner and I made him stay: full fledged tantrum resulting in Scott laying on the ground kicking the wall with his feet (a little funny, a little sad...but I held my ground and didn't laugh). So, that was fun!
Another development: vegetable lover....finally! I couldn't for the life of me understand how MY kid didn't like veggies....what was I doing wrong?!?! Well, he has finally come around (somewhat) and the kid cannot get enough broccoli! He has had his first taste of "ice cream" (quoted because Brian would say that he has not had real ice cream yet, what I gave him hardly counts as ice cream, as it was raw-vegan-diary free goodness!). HE LOVED IT!
We are having tons of fun trying to keep up with our 14 month old, everyday is definitely a new adventure!

Space for two...

"There is definitely room for me in this car too."

Sharing is caring cousin!
Aren't they hilarious!

Quick as a Cricket

Scott's favorite FAVORITE book! We read it 20-30 times per day! I really enjoy it actually because I vividly remember this book from my own childhood! And he especially likes when you read it to him in character (read fast when you say quick as a cricket, slow for slow as a snail, loud as a get the idea). We alternate "Quick as a Cricket" with "Baby Says MOO" which is another favorite. Sometimes we can sneak in other books (Bert and Ernie's Opposites for one example). But mostly its the first two - over and over and over. Brian and I quote them to each other too. We used to quote funny movies to each its children's books and the random things Scott's electronic toys say ("It's learning time...ruff ruff!" "Ring around the corner, in my little tow truck, beep beep, honk, honk, I'm on my way!") Parenthood : )

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Let's get craftin'...

So I've been dying to make one of these and I finally did it. We'll just call it practice. I'm not at all excited about how the flowers came out. But it was fun to do and with a little more practice I think it'll be a super fun craft project. This one will probably find a home on our mantel at least for a little while, until I improve on my flower skills. And when I do don't be shocked if you receive one of these for an upcoming occasion! I got the idea here - her's are clearly MUCH more sophisticated than mine and I have no idea of copying with intent to sell (I don't think I'd ever get that good) but its my beginning stages of doing more crafts and having more art in my life!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

We hope everyone had a wonderful Easter celebration today. Here is a little about ours...
First of all this is Scott's first second holiday. Did you get that? Meaning we are done with "firsts" and on to seconds - CA-RAY-ZEE!
This morning we got up and Grandma and G-pa's house and went to look for Easter eggs. Scott had fun holding the basket but didn't understand what else he was supposed to do...

Until we opened eggs for him...then he totally understood that he was supposed to eat the snacks inside!

"Look mom and dad, the Easter bunny knows that I like raisins and puffs" - yeah so no candy this year (sorry big guy) hey if he still gets excited about raisins and puffs that is what I'm doing as long as I can get away with it. He did get to have a half of a jelly bean - whoa : )

Family Easter picture: Please take Mommy and Daddy's faces from the above picture and combine them with Scott's face in the below picture. Above Scott is not so happy, below he's not smiling but at least he's not whining but Mommy ruined it with some crazy in her eyes and daddy's face is covered with bunny ears...isn't that always the way?!

Happy Easter DOGS!!!!

"Pee in my pants" excited!!! Have you ever, in your whole life, seen anyone this excited about a bunny? I didn't think so!
More Easter surprises were "hiding" in the living room....

Working so hard to get tigger to balance on the ball!

Tuckered out from all the excitement.

Happy Easter everyone!

We hope to have a church to call home by next year and that Scott will be ready to go and sit through a service by then! We had a wonderful time this year just being with family and relaxing out of town!

Central Coast

We spent the whole glorious weekend on the central coast. Saturday we went up to SLO (probably my favorite city) and walked around, had a yummy lunch and I got to practice taking artsy pictures at the mission (not posting because I seriously have A LOT to learn!). On the way home we stopped at Avila Beach. I had never been but I definitely can't wait to return. It was really quaint and so cute. It was pretty cold out so we didn't stay too long but we had a blast while we were there.

On the BIG slide!
I made us all pose for this one....why oh why can I not get Scott to look at the camera in family pictures?!?!?!


On the drive home Brian and I talked about how much we love the central coast, it is the perfect place to live, and that we should retire there....slightly preemptive I know!

Boy toys!!!

On Good Friday we drove up to Orcutt to spend Easter weekend with Grandma and G-pa! Before we even got in the house the boys started playing. Between the John Deere and the messerschmitt, Scott rode for at least an hour!

Every time we were done, Scott signed "more,please!" Boys and their toys!!!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Easter Eggs

Today we went over to the Blacks to dye Easter eggs! I was super bummed because I forgot my good camera, but with the boys running around and the multicolored dyes I was trying not to spill and tons of eggs I was trying not to break I didn't end up taking that many pictures anyways. Scott thought the dying process was cool at first, then just wanted to play with Crystal's brooms the whole time (she has a very clean garage now). Ryker basically felt the same. It was fun being crafty with Crystal and Alexis and later our husbands met up and we had an impromptu spaghetti dinner and watched the Laker game (finishing it now...couldn't keep Scott up one more minute, the poor kid was deliriously tired, he kept laying down on the floor to try to sleep, and I didn't bring jammies either, mother of the year right?!?!)
Adam's Apu was there visiting. When we first go there Scott was super shy but by the end of the night he loved Apu and cuddled in the chair with him and watched the game! So cute!!!
And how lame am I for no pictures of the finished eggs! Most of them are just your typical dyed Easter eggs but I made a special one for Scott that I'm particularly proud of. I may or may not remember to take a picture to post - don't hold your breath!

First Haircut

HAHAHA! Did you think I meant Scott?!?? Nope not Scott, but I got to witness Parker J.'s first haircut today. He came in during my haircut to see Jackie and get a long overdue trim! He looks so darn cute I can't stand it! Such a little man! And he did so well, no tears or crying or whining! I think Scott kind of wanted a turn next....a few years to go buddy!