Thursday, July 29, 2010

Pretty Piggies & Tiny Tushies

Don't you just want to bite these buns? This is my challenge changing diapers these days....before I get the clean one on the little naked munch has rolled away! HAHA! I know he will hate me someday for showing of pictures of his tiny tushy but I just can't help it!

Today was a big day for us! Scott had his first day with a babysitter...and by day I mean two hours. My office mananger's daughter just started babysitting, she's been coming to the office quite a bit on her summer break to help out with Scott. So today she offered to babysit for a few hours (with her Mom's help) so I could have some "me" time! I didn't really have anything I needed to do (which was actually awesome because I truly had to come up with something I wanted to do) so I decided to go to the gym and get my nails done (if time and Scott's mood permitted). I worked out for about an hour then called my babysitters...they told me Scott was sleeping and to go ahead and get my nails done. Heaven! I seriously felt like I spent the whole day at the spa! It was a great day and great practice for Scott to be with a babysitter and for me to practice being away from Scott (I definitely understand the anxiety I've heard mommies talk about with leaving their kids for the first time). Thanks to my great babysitter Amanda and Mary - I really enjoyed my day! And to top it off, we met Daddy early at 3:00 so he could get new tires (bummer) but it was fun having him home early!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Five Months....

Getting so good at sitting up!

HAHA! Love the face!

Scott is five months old! What a fun little guy he is! He is such a happy baby! He is getting to be super social and he is such a big flirt...loves smiling at the ladies!!! He is definitely trying to exert his independence, when we give him bites of food he wants to hold the spoon, he wants to crawl so bad and always wants to sit up by himself but he hasn't quite mastered that one yet. We never quite mastered bottle feeding so now we have graduated to a sippy cup and Scott is starting to get the hang of it (see above for the desire to hold things by oneself!). He can roll all over the place and scoot and turn in circles. I've already posted pictures of him pushing himself up to hands and knees...he gets better at it everyday and while I cheer him on I am secretly sad that he is going to be a crawler soon! Scott still loves chewing on all his toys and tasting everything. So far we have given him tastes of pureed cauliflower and pureed zucchini, up next probably avocado and carrots! Scott still enjoys stroller time every morning while I run or walk and I am so thankful that this is a good time for him so I am able to get a bit of a workout in. We fill the rest of our days going to the park, getting in the pool, going to visit friends, running errands (Scott is a pro at trader joe's and target), in the evenings we sometimes go for another walk with Daddy and Charlie and then play in the living room and read books until bedtime...on really special nights (slash HOT nights) we go in the pool before bed (sometimes this counts as Scott's "bath", bad parenting?). Now that Scott is getting older we can't wait to take him to experience even more things...we are thinking of the zoo and the aquarium one of these days soon! We just love our five month old!!!

Cousin time

We were able to get together with Auntie and cousin Parker for a little while today! It was a blast! Love the picture above, I can't tell if it looks like they are going to arm wrestle or if they are telling secrets or what...I just think its too darn cute!

We had to pull Scott off Parker many times during play time...and Hilary or I had to constantly make sure Scott was playing nice and not getting Parker's eyes...Parker meanwhile was oblivious to Scott's craziness!

Scott also found Parker's piggies to chew on!

A little mimic? Hilary was eating popcorn and Scott kept sticking his hand out for bite! HAHA!

Had to post this picture as well....too hilarious...this is Scott's look 90% of the time when we get him out of the car!

Next step: crawling

Looks like Scott is working hard to start crawling. He gets himself in this position more and more lately. And he can hold this position for longer every time. He definitely can't wait to me a man on the move!!!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Look what I got...

I couldn't resist these Handy Manny tools for Scott. We read handy manny stories a lot in one of Scott's disney books...we have yet to experience the show but I'm sure some day we will! The tools were so cute and soft plastic...perfect for my little chewer. They were recommended for 12 months and older but I figured Scott will grow into them, for now I just removed the tools Scott could impale himself with and let him go to town!

Just lovin' the new toys!

We also finally picked up Scott's high chair! We got a great deal and my coupon finally came! New big boy chairs don't make zucchini taste better...but he still ate it all up!

Scott just loving being a big boy in his high chair!

Dog days...

Last week Scott and I visited Auntie Kelly. Scott was so excited to meet her puppies Penny and Luc. Scott loves Charlie but sometimes Charlie's size is a bit overwhelming. Scott couldn't get enough of these two tiny pups he loved grabbing their faces and ears and tongues and he loved getting kisses (we tried to keep them from kissing his face but he just loved it, plus it would take about 200 wiener dog kisses to equal one Charlie kiss). Scott definitely loved playing with pups more his size! And it was so great to visit and catch up with Kelly!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Zucchini Face

Scott's daily taste: zucchini! Verdict: delish!

"Mom, this is not good!"

Today I made pureed zucchini....mmmmm! Scott made faces but didn't really spit it out, he loves being a 'big boy' and holding the spoon! And yes right now he gets to eat in his exersaucer...we don't have a high chair yet because I am waiting for a coupon before I go buy one (cheap? yes!!! but hey 20 bucks is 20 bucks!) so for now this is how we do it (its friday night...the party is here on the west side...what that song didn't pop in your head too?).

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Scott the yogi?

Today Scott and I went to Robin's prenatal yoga class. Robin allows postpartum mommies to come back to class with their babies until they are six months and are old enough to go to the child care at yoga works. It was actually my 2nd time back, but last week I went and didn't take Scott because my mom and Aunt Charlotte were in town to watch him. Today's class was great. It felt so good to be back doing yoga again!!!
Scott is definitely a wild man though! Our friends Masha and Scarlette also took the class. Scarlette is 2 weeks younger than Scott and such a well behaved mellow baby. I swear she just laid quietly on her blanket and watched her mommy for 45 minutes without ever making a peep. When she did make a was literally just a peep. Scott on the other hand was all over the place. I brought him his own "yoga mat" (tummy time mat) and got him all set up, within the first 5 minutes he had rolled off the mat, grabbed it, gotten tangled up in it and slobbered all over it. I spread his mat back out and then surrounded it with yoga blankets. He continued rolling the entire class. He would also SHRIEK with glee every time he rolled over, got something in his mouth, made eye contact with me or anyone else and anytime I changed poses....soooo that was the whole time. At one point he made everyone laugh by doing his gurgle laugh (that will make sense to you if you've heard it), so he'd gurgle, everyone would laugh then he would laugh hysterically....repeat cycle! I think his favorite part was when I let him lay on my mat and I did my poses over him! He thought mommy was so talented and he loved rolling back and forth and grabbing my feet and chewing on the bottom of my pants (probably not the cleanest thing, bad parenting?). Overall I probably got about 3/4 of the workout which was awesome, and I loved being there. I wouldn't want Scott to be any other way. I love that he keeps me on my toes (literally!!!) and that he is already active and inquisitive! As for Scott having a future in the yoga world we'll see. Robin did hold him at the end and he was mesmerized by her voice (makes sense, he did listen to her 2 or 3 times a week for 9 months), he got so mellow and then took an extra long nap after yoga...but for now I say he is more suited to wrestling, track, football, soccer, swimming, running.......what a wild man we have!!!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Double Date

Monday night we left Scott with my parents for almost 4 hours while we went out to dinner and drinks with friends! This was the longest we have left him and I have to brag that we and he did great. We didn't call a million times or even talk about him the whole time, and he only got fussy in the last 20 minutes! We enjoyed the great company of Beau and Alexis and ate yummy mexican food! Thanks Grammy and Grandpy for staying with the munch and thanks Beau and Alexis for joining us on our first big night out!

Fun in the sun...

Scott just loves the pool! We got him his own raft with a shade on it so he can spend more time in the pool without worrying about getting too much I guess I should have titled this fun in the shade!

Monday, July 12, 2010


Our Family of 3 enjoying Santa Monica

We got to meet up with Grandpa Don in Santa Monica! We walked down by the beach and enjoyed a yummy dinner and we got to enjoy the AMAZING beach weather...when we left the valley it was in the upper 90s, we go to the beach and it was in the low 70s!

Sunday morning we enjoyed delicious brunch in Ventura with the St. Amant's. Yummy food and great company!! I even had my first sip of a bloody mary since before I was pregnant...thanks for ordering it Brian!

Scott also attended his first birthday party!

Our good friend Beau turned 30! Here he is getting help devouring his ice cream from Ryker!

We met up with many of our friends on Sunday night to celebrate Beau's big 3-0! As per tradition we went to everyone's favorite sushi restaurant. Not only was I excited to celebrate our friend's big day, but this was also my first sushi since before getting pregnant....and boy was I looking forward to it! I embarrassingly inhaled my charlie roll in less than 3 minutes...I pretended that it was because I had to eat fast because we were passing Scott back and forth, but really it was just because it was so darn good!

Sunday, July 11, 2010


Just some good photos of Parker getting his adjustment. Some people are curious what adjusting a baby is like...although you can't "feel" it in these pictures it is very gentle and very specific. Mommy (in this case Hilary) almost always gets to hold their little one while they get adjusted! Parker and Scott are very well adjusted boys!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Visitors & Outings...

The Camarillo Library

Grammy visiting Parker's house
Parker telling stories to Scott during tummy time!

Scott just had to touch Parker...he can't keep his hands off of other kids...or anything really!
We had a special visitor: Scott's Great Aunt Charlotte came from New York (via Calgary) to meet the boys!

We have gone for lots of walks and hikes and outings while my parents have been in town! Charlie was so happy to get to go on this hike, it was cool outside and we went for an extra long one...he was in heaven. Scott slept the whole time...he fell asleep before we hiked and woke up when we got home...I swear he looked at me like "So, when are we going on this hike you keep talking about."

We have been having a blast with my parents and Aunt Charlotte in town. We have done so many fun things and the boys have had quality grammy and granpy time and they got to meet their Great Aunt Charlotte. Brian & I also got to go on our first "date" since Scott was born. It was a day date (apparently we are taking it dinner dates yet...haha) and we went to lunch and furniture shopping at Macy's (we didn't actually buy furniture, just browsed and sat on every couch!). Thanks for babysitting, I'm looking forward to going on another date with my wonderful husband soon!


Scott just loves food! He hasn't eaten any yet, but he loves the idea of food and he loves watching people eat and drink, he loves playing with cups and spoons and bowls...and he LOVES when he gets to have tastes! Above: he was just dying to get his hands on grammy's cracker!

Having a taste...of LEMON...loved it!

Out to lunch, he just wanted to play with my bowl and lick the goodies off of his fingers!

So....let the baby food making begin...
Thanks Auntie Kel for baby is AWESOME!

First tastes!

This week I made Scott's first batch of baby food -- cauliflower! The kid can't wait to start eating solids. I am trying to hold him off as long as possible (I read that six months is truly the best age) but I am giving him lots of tastes and I want to have some food ready for when its time and also so that when we are eating he can have "tastes" of baby friendly foods! I had a blast busting our the baby cook and making some pureed cauliflower. I had to let Scott have some tastes of the food while it was fresh and warm, he was excited to say the least, especially when he got to hold the spoon himself. I already can tell that he is going to be the kid who has to do everything "BY MYSELF"!!!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Happy 4th of July...

Feelin' patriotic!

Parker enjoying some pool time!

Lots of flip cup

Scott's first fireworks show started with his own sparkler, I don't think he really knew what to think of it.

Watching fireworks...
Scott needed some snuggle time with Daddy to protect him from all the loud noises!

Love these girls!

We spent another wonderful 4th of July with the Johnson family this year. They always host such a marvelous day of friends, food, & fireworks. We look forward to the 4th every year. This year was a blast especially because it was Scott's first 4th of July. He enjoyed hanging out with his friends and meeting new people. He even stayed awake to watch the fireworks (and was mostly happy about it). Thank you Johnson's for a fabulous day! Can't wait for next year!!!

On another note, one year ago today we found out I was pregnant with many blessings in one year!