Friday, October 30, 2015

Pumpkin Patching

Last week we went to the pumpkin patch.  Twice.   It was really hot.  We probably didn't need to go twice.  

First up kindergarteners go to the farm.  This was really great and educational.  It was just our class plus siblings and we got a whole tour of the farm and learned what organic farming is (!!!!) and got to pick our tomatoes and lettuce and pumpkins.  From the field, not the farmers market.  Overall great trip.

Ms. Tori's kindergarteners learning from farmer Erin.

O and E picking and eating their fill of tomatoes from the vine.

It seems on Scott's field trips I only manage to get pictures of Owen, Scott seems to be too quick and busy with his friends.

Pumpkin pride:


Next up Underwood farms with preschool.  Scott did not tag along this time, he's too old for all that, haha ; )

Although I loved spending special time with Owen and I'm so glad we did his class field trip I was less than excited to be at Underwood.  Every year this place becomes more and more like Disneyland.  It was hot and crowded.  The lines for rides and ride tickets were long.  Everyone in southern california seemed to be there.  ugh.

At least we got to enjoy the tractor ride with just our class.  Owen and his sweet friend Scarlett riding the  tractor through the tunnel of vines.  Highlight.

So fun.

Pumpkin picking time.

More pumpkin pride:

He got to help Ms. Sandy pick her pumpkin too.  I don't know who loves her more, Owen or me??!?!!  We would be lost with out this one in our lives.  We are so lucky to know her!

We tried to run around and enjoy the grounds but it was just too crowded.  I kept losing Owen and panicking.  He did enjoy some time out of the sun in this big tunnel for a few minutes though.

One of the times he was "lost" I (Ms. Jen) found him in the front of the train peeking through the jack-o-lantern face.  Cutest.

Our Ms. Jen.  There are really no words for this lady.  We love her to pieces.

So per our pumpkin patch tradition we capped off the day with a popsicle.  I won't even go into how annoying it is that at the end of October its shorts and t-shirt weather and we are eating popsicles at the pumpkin patch.  Flannel, y'all.  I just want a little flannel.  Boots.  Scarves.  Hot chocolate.  Sigh.

They are pretty cute little turkeys though.

Nothing like sharing with your BFF.

Despite the heat, I am thankful for these annual trips with my babies and for amazing schools who facilitate it all for us.  We have the best village.

Halloween preview

The Dark Side comin' at ya 10/31/15

Monday, October 26, 2015

Bring your kids to work day(s)

The boys come to my office pretty frequently.  Its usually a pretty good time.  Sometimes its hard, for everyone, but we survive.

Recently its been Owen spending lots of hours at my work.  I am so thankful for a job that allows me flexibility and the ability to bring the kids with me when necessary.  I guess that's the beauty of being my own boss right?  Although if you ask my kids they would say Ms. Mary is my boss ; )


Listening to my ticker

Best purchase ever was a set of magnates for the office.  Owen can't get enough, the other kiddos that come in love them just as much too.

Monday, October 19, 2015

Soccer Picture

On our second week of soccer it was picture day.  Probably the hottest day we've had all year.  And the photographer was terrible and rude.  Scott did his best to smile but it just wasn't a smiling kind of day.  Despite the picture, he is loving soccer seasons and we are making great memories of saturdays at the soccer fields!

Tuesday, October 13, 2015


We are lucky to have some pretty great friends.  I was scrolling through phone pictures lately and realized I just wanted to do a big old iPhone dump to record some of these memories.

Game time at picnic pals.  Some of our greatest memories of preschool happen during the last two hours of the day when the boys have stayed for picnic pals.  Smaller groups and one on one time with their favorite teachers. 

Scott and Zoey 2.0.   O and Kenz are two peas in a pod these days.  Its so cute and fun.  Sometimes they push each others buttons and fight like siblings but usually they just play wonderfully together.  They are so creative and cooperative and they just crack me up with some of the stuff they come up with.

Had to drag them both to my office after school one day.  The massage table proved to be the perfect spot for a cat nap.

: )

The big kindergarteners on Parker's birthday at school.

I took these two big kids for after school treats at whole foods on conference week.  We all upped our car pool game that week with early release and all of us having to stay at some point for parent teacher conferences.  This never ending heat wave made us all cranky and ice cream and popsicles hit the spot that day.

Every thursday Owen gets dropped of at Auntie Andy's and I take the bigs to school and she takes the littles.  Lately Owen has had some hesitation about this and has only been able to be convinced to stay with the offer of more food.  Enter thursday morning bacon parties.  Auntie Andy makes him bacon every thursday.  Spoiled.  And she's the best.

Cutest little friends. 

And I love when she send me pics of their mornings together.

Picnic pals popsicle party.

Owen and Eamon being skeptics. LOL

Hanging out in the car AC

Friday we went to our friends to swim because NEVER ENDING HEAT WAVE YA'LL. 

And this picture, I just can't.  

Scott figured out snorkeling pretty quickly.  Such a little fish that one.  We are ready to book our trip to Hawaii Brian - time for some real snorkeling!!!  ; )

And just for fun, this turkey.  Always going upside and doing yoga poses for Owen.

7th Anniversary Date

10/4/15.  7th anniversary.  Time flies.

For the first time since we actually went out for a meal together on our anniversary.  Between babies and seminars and work trips and life celebrating your anniversary on your anniversary proves nearly impossible.
Shout out to Mimi and Papa who took the boys for the afternoon while Brian and I headed down to Ventura.  We started at my favorite coffee shop.  Walked around and window shopped.  Headed to patagonia for more shopping.  Stopped at a lovely little bar for drink then had a delicious dinner at Lure (and cheap since it was happy hour).  We were able to pick up the boys and have them home by bedtime for school the next day.  I would call that a super successful date day.

Hanging out at Palermo.

I would say our one day of fall weather was about the best wedding gift we could get.  Coincidentally  it was nearly the same weather as our actual wedding day.

I loved sitting at this little bar watching the rain and enjoying my glass of wine with Brian, such a treat.

Full rainbow on the drive home : )

Meanwhile the boys made 'space stations' and played in the rain

And this little turkey went out and splashed around too.

Happy Anniversary B.
Here's to 77 more : )

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Aquarium field trip

We had our first official kindergarten field trip a little over a week ago to the Santa Monica Aquarium.  Our awesome teacher said that siblings were welcome so Owen played hooky and joined us for the day.  Its amazing that although Santa Monica is not that far from where we live it took us over an hour each way, plus we were down there for a solid 4-5 hours so ended up being a full day event.  The only downside: the never ending heat wave we seem to be experiencing here in cali.  Its october, I'm done.


We had a chance to play by the pier for a while before the field trip started so we had a great time hanging with our friends.

Owen and Piper:

Team classmates plus siblings - love these friends.

Snack stop.  Always eating.

It was great to have the whole aquarium just to our class.  We got to explore and touch everything.  I have no pictures of Scott as he was running around with his buddies from exhibit to exhibit.  Owen took it a little slower so I was able to get a few shots of him.

A whale rib bone.

Using our senses to explore sea stars.

Class picture.

Mine were DONE by this time and I ended up piggy backing Owen all the way back across the sand. It also didn't help that there were beach goers enjoying the waves and surf and my boys were pretty pissed they weren't allowed to go swimming.

On the way home we witnessed a pretty bad car accident so after stopping for that and then stopping again for the bathroom I figured we should just take a break and get some ice cream at Malibu Country Market - perfect cap to our long, but successful first field trip!!