Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Kindergarten spring picnic

I can't believe we only have a little over two months left of Kindergarten. This year has flown by and I'm already feeling nostalgic for these days.  We sure are going to miss this year and our amazing teacher, thankfully Owen will get to have her in about a year and half!

The last day of school before spring break started was the spring picnic in the park.  It was a full day event where the kids did fun centers, went on a hike and had an egg hunt.  

Pictured below the bunny sac race, Scott is in the middle with the blue hat.  This picture taken moments before he ate it...he wasn't hurt but he was pretty embarrassed so we called it after that.  I think it did help that I also participated in the race as a parent example....thanks for calling me out Ms. Tori, but if she hadn't I don't know that Scott would have done it all.

Our class.  Terrible shady picture but they are making the cutest silly faces in this one.

Egg hunt selfie

We were also surprised to run into cousins Tyler and Cody who were at the park playing roller hockey.  You would have thought Scott had run into two celebrities seeing his grown up cousins at the park.  He told EVERYONE and introduced them to as many people as possible.

Then these cool dudes ditched their classmates to watch the hockey game from the bleachers.  Scott has never felt cooler.

Our picnic happened to be at the same park we did maternity pictures a little over four years ago.   Time sure flies!

It was a great start to our spring break week!!!