Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween parties

Our week included the previously posted about pumpkin patch field trip and then wednesday and thursday were class halloween parties.   So we are pooped.  

On Wednesdays, S & O go to the same class and its my volunteer day, so we all got to party together!
Owen decided to be "great white shark, slippery fish" for this party.  
I die of cuteness when he is in this costume:

Scott has been wolverine for like 2 weeks already.  He can't get enough.  And I can't get enough of these two hugging it out.

My little shark waiting to get on the tire swing with his buddies.

He loves playing with the big kids!

Scott and his bud Gavin waiting for their turn to trick or treat.

Darth, Batman and Batman, also known as Lincoln, Parker and Gavin.

Super kids:

Waiting near the circle time area, he waited so patiently all day to sing slippery fish in his shark costume.

Just stop.  This kid in these glasses.  I can't.

Shark bait:

Trick or treat group:


Scott and his bud Rio - These little dudes in muscle suits are the cutest and funniest thing in the world to me.

Lurking in the field on the way to trick or treating.

We go to three neighborhood houses (one is a family from the school) in three small groups.  The kids gets play dough and tangerines and other non candy treats.  Its all so fun and cute.

Our little group after trick or treating:

The magical Miss Sandy (Red Riding Hood), I know I say it all the time, but these teachers are everything.  They give us so much every single day - we are forever blessed to know and learn from them!

Thursday was another party for Scott's class and Owen had a party in his own class, which he did not want to attend, we did eventually and he had a pretty good time, but I got zero pictures.  Hoping to steal some off of social media and maybe someday get around to posting those...Owen was Spidey yesterday, you don't want to miss it!

Pumpkin Patch Part II

This Tuesday it was Owen's class trip to the pumpkin patch.  As I previously mentioned, Scott had no interest in joining us, and because big brother wasn't coming, or maybe because Owen is over the two year class, Owen wasn't interested in going either.  Once he said, "I already been a punkin patch and I already have punkin." I almost bailed on the whole thing.  But we decided to try anyways and Owen did end up having a good time after all.

Katelyn and Owen

And Grace in the middle.  Obviously Owen did not care for pictures, he kept rolling and crossing his eyes at us.  Lovely.


Owen saw the cow train go by and went crazy for it.  We got some tickets and he was ready to go...all by himself.  What a grown up!

By the time the field trip was wrapping up it was getting pretty hot out so we were ready to get out of there.  We went out to lunch before picking Scott up at school.  It was some great mommy-Owen time!

Friday, October 24, 2014

Pumpkin patch field trip day

Tuesday was our first of two pumpkin patch field trips.  Scott's class (which is also Owen's class on Wednesdays) was first and Owen came along since its his class too, plus getting him dropped off at his two year old class and making to the field trip on time was never going to happen for me (I'm seriously screwed for kindergarten next year!).  
We were lucky enough to wake up to some fallish weather, which, if you know me, you know that's one of my biggest gripes about southern California weather.  I cannot stand going to the pumpkin patch in shorts and tank tops and eat popsicles afterwards.  Pumpkin patches are for flannel and vests and boots and hot chocolate...and chili for dinner.  It warmed up quickly but I was happy for some morning fog.
We arrived to meet up with Scott's bud Parker (aka batman) first thing.

These two are such cute friends!

We made our way through the corn maze to the pumpkin field and even got a little lesson about organic, sustainable farming (!!!!!!) from the farmer.

My guys picked their (tiny) pumpkins and then cooperated for a great pumpkin patch picture holding their pumpkin....:/

Deciding between them...

We came back and got to visit the animals

 Class picture

And again, another awesome pumpkin patch shot.  {eye roll}  Scott was just saying "cheeeeeeese" and looking around without smiling.  Lovely guys.

After the field trip came to a close we shopped in their farm stand for yummy organic produce (and Owen ate one of his teacher's entire baskets of strawberries that she had just bought...we replaced it!) and then headed to the beach with some school friends!

Because its totally normal to go to the beach the same day as the pumpkin patch...

We went to harbor cove which is known for its tiny waves so its super fun for the kids to swim.

 We flew kites...

And chased birds...

And swam...

 Until it was time to get dried off and head over to Mimi and Papa's for dinner.
The Richard gals even joined us!  It was super fun!
Scott and Zo helped Mimi make the gluten free cornbread, which made it extra delicious of course!

We all stayed for a shower and stories too...
 Its pretty fun to have an amazing Mimi and Papa to share with your friends...

Stay tuned next week for our second pumpkin patch field trip with Owen's class.  I invited Scott since siblings are welcome, he asked if his friends were coming, I told him just Owen's classmates, he said "ummm no thanks!"