Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Solo mommy day

I survived my first day with two "babies" all on my own today. I say babies but I know that Scott really isn't a baby anymore and more importantly I should say the boys survived. I think the anticipation of your first day on your own is actually worse than the day itself. We got up a the normal time in decent moods (Scott is NOT a morning person....putting it mildly....hmmm where could he possibly get that? It's not me...) and had breakfast and even cleaned up from breakfast (bonus mommy points!!!). For some reason I chose today to be the day I would go into work to check on an infant patient I have with reflux and his mommy...ambitious I know. So right after breakfast (8am ish) I thought it prudent to start getting us out the door (had to leave by 10). So we made it to my office on time, saw our patients, got our adjustments, visited with coworkers and got home in time for lunch. I was not 100% prepared for lunch...and by that I mean I was 0% prepared. Owen was starving, Scott was hungry/crabby and I didn't have a thing ready. We managed with Scott having a snack while Owen nursed and then I fixed Scott his lunch (which was slightly spoiled by his snack but what can you do, it was all remedied later by another snack). After lunch we played outside for a few hours. We came in and a few hours after that we got the text that daddy was on his way (a text that I told him was super important for my day these days) and we did a happy dance!
Scott's behavior was 50/50 for the most part. He tries to help when he can which is great but there were definitely time he was purposefully defiant. Overall he is doing so well with all the changes and I have no complaints.
I wish I had some pictures of our first day flying solo but that was one too many things for this mommy to accomplish today.
It was a good day and I know they will only get easier. I love being home with our amazing boys!

Friday, March 23, 2012

One week old...

I can't believe Owen is a week already! He already seems bigger to me and he's becoming more alert and curious each day. Love these pictures of my wide eyed one week old!
One week birthday was Owen's first time in the swing (that was kept perfectly still, but still fun to sit in)
Scott is so good at holding hands and sharing. Mommy stays close when Owen is in the swing. Scott knows how to turn it on and how to push it fast (both learned when Owen was NOT in the swing) so we keep a close eye!

Boys boys boys...

Some early morning cartoons in bed with daddy! So nice having him home!

Littlest boy just exploring the world from the comfort of my lap!
Day 5: first trip to the park. We "watched" Scott play! Its so cool having a big brother!!!
Sweetest loves around!

A little more birth story...

What I left out of the birth story was Brian's injury. For both labors I used an inflatable tub that had to be filled from a hose extended from the sink. Long story short: we had to move the tub for the hose to reach (remodeled kitchen sink was not compatible with our hose) and Brian had to hold the sink end. So while I had contractions he was filling the tub only to have the end in the pool break free and spray all over our living room (walls, ceiling, pictures, chair). Brian runs around the corner to grab it, slips in the water and crushes his wrist. When I saw him I literally thought he was going to have a bone sticking out...he did not. He said he was fine the rest of the day but definitely favored it and was in a lot of pain (my grabbing it repeatedly and having him lift me out of the tub and support me while pushed probably did not help the situation). The next day we forced him to get an X-ray. No fracture just severe sprain! The picture above was taken 5 days after...craziest bruise I've ever seen! Yikes! Thanks for being tough Bri - you got me through even with your injury! You're the best!

Day 4

Nothing like sharing "cake cakes" with your new baby bro! Owen's 4th day was a big one because it was our first trip to the pediatrician. Owen checked out well and had already gained 5 ounces....that-a-boy!

This also meant it was Owen's first ride in the car
All bundled up at Dr. K's
When we got home great Aunt Kay came for a visit and Scott got to show off his big brothering skills!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Brotherly love

I'm in love with these two. I'm in love with their love for each other.

Welcome to the world Owen!

We welcomed Owen into the world this past Thursday, March 15th at 3:11 pm. Like Scott, Owen was born at our house so, if you're interested, I give you Owen's birth story (and if you're not skip this post but I want to write it all down to remember it all). Labor (pictured above...well part of it...the 'nice' part) started Wednesday evening. Scott had gone to bed and Brian and I put on a movie...part way through the movie I started to realize my contractions (which I had been having most evenings) were getting stronger and consistentish. I started having Brian time how far apart they were. Turns out 10-15 mins....hmmm?!? By the time the movie ended around 10pm they were 8-10 mins apart and I had called my parents to give them a heads up that they might need to head back (they had just left from helping me that afternoon...my bad!) and I had talked to my midwife who said to keep timing them and to keep her posted (and that the whole 5 mins apart lasting approximately one minute is less of a distinctive marker in your second labor so she wanted me to fill her in on all changes). By midnight they were 5 mins apart lasting 45+ seconds and my midwife decided to head over. We continued to labor for the next few hours then I decided to get up and move to see if I could get things really moving...and then the opposite happened. I went from having contractions every 3-5 mins lasting a minute back to having contractions every 10-15 mins....what.the.world?! So around 6 my midwife went home, I tried to rest (even though I really just wanted labor to continue to progress and I was frustrated. I talked to some friends and family at that point because I needed to vent some frustration. Robin (whom I have mentioned countless times I'm sure, yoga teacher etc.) gave me great advice: if you want to cry, cry...then you can move on. So after a few more hours contractions started picking up again. I called my midwife at noonish because even though contractions weren't really getting much closer together they had changed and gotten much more intense (the 'not nice' part of labor...hence no pictures). My midwife arrived around 1:30pm and checked my progress (when she left at 6am I was at a 4), I told myself "be happy no matter what...even two more centimeters is progress", to my shock and excitement she told me I was fully dilated and we could PUSH! At this point Brian looked at me with excitement and love that rivaled walking down the aisle on our wedding day!!! I think we started pushing around 2pm and Owen Chandler Campbell joined us at 3:11pm at a healthy 8 lbs 9oz, 22 inches and 14.5 inch head! Heeeey big boy!

Here are our first seconds with our newest addition! So special!
Daddy and baby Owen
I got to hold him for a long time and even nurse him before we started on his newborn exam....but here he is all unbundled ready to be checked out.

Getting weighed. One of my favorite shots. I have this picture of both boys...same place, same midwife, same cute little scale that looks like the stork dropped them off! Only about a pound difference : )
Precious moments...
First few hours with our littlest boy
Scott did not attend the birth (a question that I get a lot). He is a very sensitive little guy and there was no way for us to explain what was happening in ways he would understand and we didn't want him to be scared or confused (plus my trac record shows I'm not the most 'zen' laborer and if I stub my toe or sneeze (let alone cry) Scott is the most concerned: "mommy, ok mommy?"). So when Scott woke up Thursday morning Mimi and Papa were there to take him up to their house for the day. He was up at his usual 7:30 and labor had slowed for me at that point and I was resting in the family room. Instead of just rushing out Scott and I were able to eat breakfast together and watch part of sesame street. He probably won't have memories of this but for me it was so special. I knew that Owen would be here when Scott got home that day and this was our last morning just us!
So after Owen was born and we got the house back in order Scott came home. He had napped in the car so he was a tad grouchy but he came around quick when he finally met his brother. When my parents got the call that Owen was here and to head back they told Scott and said lets take a bath then go meet Owen. Apparently Scott was incredibly insistent and said "no bath. Onen!!" he crawled right up with me and looked at him then finally asked to hold his hand. Then he tried sharing his apple juice with him and brought him some dinosaurs. Nothing sweeter!!
Scott has been a wonderful big brother so far. He loves to introduce him when people come over (even if they've already met him), "look....my Onen" and when he cries Scott says "it's ok Onen" and he loves to hold his hand.
Welcome to the world little boy. We all love you so much! You have made our family even more complete!
And thank you to everyone for all of your wishes, kind words, support, help and love!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Campbell: Party of 3...

Yes indeed, this was most assuredly our last beach trip as a family of 3, and quite possibly our last weekend as a family of 3 as well! So exciting I know!!!!! We celebrated the beautiful weather and Daddy's first weekend in town in a month by heading to the beach for the morning! It was the perfect day!
Not too long until there are 2 of these rascals tackling daddy.
Funny stuff people....
Scott and The Owen Bump (this is I think only the 3rd bump picture I have of him) 39 + weeks
Scott had his pigs buried in the sand and thought it would be fun to bury Owen in sand too!
We were home in time for popsicles and an eyebrow wax and pedicure for mama!
Love my boys! Can't wait to be Party of 4!!!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

A sip of spring...

We have had really nice weather lately. A little windy but we will live. We have been to the park and played in the backyard everyday and its been so wonderful. Scott brought all his dinosaurs to the sand table which has been hours of fun as well.

Earlier in the week J came to play for the day.

Mimi and Papa were here too and they brought a whole flat of yummy strawberries from a farm stand in Ventura. Definitely tastes like spring. And Scott polished off some of the strawberry flavored water from our outdoor wine glasses (there wasn't actually wine in it)

Excited for spring...and excited for our spring baby (I guess at this point he would still technically be a winter baby...but it feels enough like spring so I will go with it)

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Preparing for baby

We are anxiously awaiting Owen's arrival in two-ish weeks. We talk about him a lot and Scott has gotten to hang out with some sweet newborns lately which I think has helped him have a bit of an understanding of babies. Scott's number one girl Zoey has a baby that she brings around and they play with together (Zoey is practicing for her little sister, babies babies everywhere and I'm so excited). So I got to thinking that maybe Scott should have his own baby to take care of and play with and maybe especially he can get his baby doll out to play with once Owen is here and mommy has to hold or nurse him. We gave Scott his baby the morning of my most recent midwife appointment since he would be coming along and we would be talking about babies there. So far "baby" has been a success. First thing Scott did was carry him to "daddy's bed" (yeah somehow I got axed from bed ownership even though generally if Scott ever sleeps in there it's with me when Brian is traveling). He wanted me to pull the covers up over him and the baby and then he wanted his pitas. I suggested that we share a pita with baby. I could literally see Scott's wheels spinning...how was he gonna get out of sharing the beloved pitas? He suggested that we go get baby his pita. So we did. Now baby only travels with his pita. And yes I got Scott the baby that's dressed like a tiger, I thought maybe since he loves animals so much if the baby had an animal costume on Scott would be more interested. Don't worry I don't plan on dressing our real baby like an animal even though I'm sure Scott would get a kick out of it.
In other baby prep news, clothes are washed and put away (thanks Mimi you rock!), today my mom and I went and got some more baby socks (because be seriously no one actually has theirs from their first right? I lose socks after one wash) and newborn diapers and a few other essentials. I still need to grab a few things to have on hand for labor but I have the big stuff ready to go and pack Scott's overnight bag incase he ends up heading over to Mimi and papas for a sleep over : )
Poor Mr. Owen doesn't have a bed set up yet. Scott was in our room for a while and since we don't know if we are going to try to sell the house again anytime soon I figured I might as well wait. I would hate to get it all done then not use and end up moving. And I dont want to give up our extra room for a room Owen won't be using for a while, especially because want to keep that guest bed up for all of our helpers these next few months. I feel like in some ways I'm already starting on the second baby getting the shaft on things but I also realize he will have no idea if he had nursery at birth or a few months later. He will know that he got to spend lots of time with mommy and daddy and lots of visitors came to see us when he was born. And that's what matters!
As soon as Brian gets home it is time to bring on the long walks, red raspberry leaf tea and all the other labor inducing fun. Can't wait to meet the little guy!

And on that farm he had a...

And the birthday fun continues. One of Scott's gifts was a barn from his grandma and gap and farm animals from us. So one morning this week when Brian was still off we set up the barn before Scott got up to surprise him. It was a hit!
He plays with it all day long and the other day even said "goodbye barn" then "goodbye (insert animal here)"
We have since added fields for grazing, a water hole and a mud puddle for the pigs (all in felt cute out by yours truly). Happy birthday to our little animal lover!

I love what I do...

I know I'm not the only one. And how lucky are we, those of us who love our jobs, whose jobs are not jobs or work? I didn't always know I wanted to be a chiropractor, but I got there eventually with some wonderful encouragement and guidance. School was definitely a trial but in the end it got me where I am today (work wise) and has since allowed me to pursue my true passion of working with women and kids. In school there wasn't a huge emphasis on pediatric chiropractic, nutrition, pregnancy - basically all of the things I focus on now in my practice. But through awesome resources, like the ICPA certification program that I completed about a year ago now, I have been able to really focus on what I love and leave the rest behind. Not that I don't see a place for, or value other types of chiropractic or alternative medicine, I just don't love it the way I love what I do and therefor would not be the best I could be if that is how I practiced. Anyway, turns out I'm rambling...
My point is that this past wednesday night I was invited to a screening of a new birth choices documentary "Birth in Action". My beloved yoga instructor and childbirth educator, Robin, who has since become a mentor, friend and "Scott's Jewish Grandmother" was hosting the screening and invited me as well as her current students and other professionals in our community. To say I was in a room with some of the most amazing energy regarding women's health, birth and pediatric healthcare would be an understatement...amazing doesn't begin to describe how it felt to be there. OB/GYNs, midwives, doulas, childbirth educators, yoga instructors, students, mommies, daddies....etc. All who are motivated to raise the consciousness of birthing choices in our community. Stephanie Assisi, who's story is told in the film and who also produced and directed the project, was there as well. She began by telling us when she was pregnant with her first son (who coincidently is 13 days older than Scott) and she started looking into her options all the videos she watched were outdated and less than relatable. AMEN SISTER! She decided to share her journey so that other women in her position would have REAL PEOPLE to look at as an example. No joke: I told Brian, and several of my other home birthing mama friends - "hey we should seriously make a video so that people will realize that its not just drum circle, crazy granola hippies who live in the forest (which I can totally relate to on most levels so I'm not judging), we are 'normal' and we should tell people that we are into home birth too." But as if I was going to make a movie about it. 1) I'm not nearly organized or skilled enough to make a film and 2) Brian got one early contraction on video with Scott's birth and I told him in no uncertain terms what would happen if he turned the camera on again....the next video is of Scott minutes after birth. Stephanie is brave to share her story. She is so honest about her experiences from start to finish. And if you are wondering the actual "birth" part of the video is not incredibly graphic as in some childbirth videos, because her story is really about her education and how she prepared for birth not so much the few minutes/hours of pushing.
I guess what I'm getting at is if this is a topic that interests you: watch the film. buy the film. lend the film to your friends or patients. If its not - no worries. Do I think home birth is for everyone? No. Or natural childbirth? No. After looking at all my options it was what was best for us. What I hope for is that anyone who wants information can get it so they can make the best choice for them. So here is a link if you're interested: birthinaction - Birth In Action. I hope it works. If not go to www.birthinaction.com.
Being at the film the other night was such a great reminder of how great it is to do what you love. I know that God is opening doors for me in my community. Sometimes its frustrating because I want everything to happen how I envision it, right now, and that everyone will be super responsive to it. One of the best things I have been told by another mentor is to let things happen and grow organically. Great motto! I don't have the personality to come knock on your door and beat my way of thinking into your head. I want to be a resource for people who need it and a facilitator for people who want to be a part of their own healthcare. That doesn't happen over night, nor should it. And Lord help me I do not need the crazy all night chiropractic rallies that try to fire you up - its really really unprofessional people! (You however do not read my mama blog so I know I'm not offending anyone). And with that I have to say a special thank you to amazing and supportive husband who works so hard (and travels constantly these days it seems) so that I can essentially be home with our kids full time and still have a career that can grow slowly, organically, over time. Without him my practice would look much different. I could not do it without him!
I wanted to write it all down firstly to get Stephanie's project out there (in what little way this is) and secondly as a reminder to myself when I'm feeling frustrated and impatient how lucky am I do what I love and to be in a community that supports me as well.
And on that note...less than 2 weeks until baby bro should be making his appearance....birth story to come!