Friday, May 30, 2014

Memorial weekend

Memorial weekend was a blur of business.  Brian took off the Thursday and Friday before and a good thing he did because this mama had the stomach flu those days....sorry for squashing our plans babe!  Despite the setback we accomplished a lot.

We sold a car:
 This old girl has been with us since the beginning.  10 years we have had this car and its served us so well.  A little sad to see it go!

We went to sesame street live:

We bought a car.  Out with the old, in with the new. 

Hit the farmer's market.  Love me some summer stone fruit!

Carrots with tops.  what a treat!

And remodeled our master closet.   And by we I mean 100% Brian.  But it looks awesome and I love how much more organized we feel.

What I particularly loved this year (and over the last few years) is how much I have seen people talking (or "talking" if its on some kind of social media) about how memorial day is more than just BBQ weekend and honoring the troops and veterans who have served our country!  We ended the weekend feeling grateful!

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Mother's Day

Late posts.  Kind of my thing now.

We had a wonderful mother's day weekend, kicked off by our school campout that I already posted about.  Sunday morning we headed up to Mimi and Papa's for brunch with the extended fam.  It was yummy and fun, but mostly we enjoyed the company.

Mimi with her grand-boys.  Grand daughter to join the picture next year.  I would like to personally thank Parker J. for teaching Owen to stick his tongue out in pictures : /

Sisters, sisters-in-law, baby boys (minus Ryder who was NOT having it).  PJ's sister coming soon!  Lots and lots of big boys to take care of her!

After we ate and drank and took pictures we released lady bugs.  I didn't get great pictures, but this one definitely shows Owen's excitement.
Feeling thankful for the ones that made me a mommy, and the mommies that make me a better one! 

Sunday, May 11, 2014

School Campout

We kicked off this mother's day weekend with one of the most fun school functions of the year:  our school campout.  It was our first time attending (last year I was at a seminar) and let me tell you we will not miss it in the future.  Already looking forward to next year.

Around 2:00 the campus is opened up to start staking a claim to a spot and setting up your tent.  Owen was sleeping so we waited to head over at around 3:30.  Tents and RVs lined the field on the side of the school parking lot and more and more friends were arriving by the minute.  To say Scott was pumped is an understatement, he was literally shaking with excitement as we were getting set up.

S & O helping scout out a spot:

Waiting for friends...

Tried to capture the whole set up, didn't do it justice

This is me standing on the car, I had the wrong lens on the camera so I couldn't get the whole field.  

Zoomed in on the Campbells + Richards having some dinner

 Nothing like some campout food.  They made it so easy and had a local restaurant bring in pizza, pasta and salad, they even had GF choices so we were set.

We met up with many of our school friends on the playground.  Nothing bring kids together like a bag of pirate's booty.  

There were tractor rides...

and the river was running...

And this guy couldn't wait to get wet...

 Free face painting meant we had two Spider-Men running around

Of course this was the best picture we could get of these two:

There was an astronomy presentation in the multi purpose room, but we bailed early, didn't really capture 2 and 4 year old attention at almost 8 in the evening.

When it was finally dark enough for glow sticks the party really got started.

Owen hit the hay around 8:30 and Scott stayed up until after 10.  He was running the field with his friends and I didn't have the heart to make him be the first one to come it.  The other moms and I decided it would have to be a group effort and we managed to get them to all come in together.
 After Scott crashed I snuck back out for some to hang with some mamas.  We talked and laughed and maybe had a little wine.  I know I have said it before but I love our school.  These women are my village.  It was the best "girls night out", I wasn't in bed until almost one.

The next morning the boys slept in until 6:30, which I thought was a miracle considering the sun had been up for a while and it was already getting loud out.

I may have been hurting slightly from my late night, but it was nothing a little coffee and a good tooth brushing couldn't fix.  We had breakfast with our teachers and play on the play ground for most of the morning before coming home around 10.
  From far away Scott's left over forehead spider looked a little like bullet hole.  It kept freaking me out.

We unloaded the car and took a family nap that afternoon!  It was pretty amazing!
Scott has been talking about it non stop, and to be honest I have too.  It was really that fun!  Can't wait for next year!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

A Niece

We have known for a few months, you may have too, but here is the big reveal of sorts (didn't really go as planned.)

I found out a few days before when Parker John called to tell me there was a baby in his mommy's tummy.  I din't know whether to believe him or not so I screamed at my sister to get back on the phone and fill me in. 

A few days later Hilary had planned to let Parker John tell Mimi and Papa.  We did it on a Tuesday morning when we all meet at her house to exchange kids for the day (I'm not even going to go into that, trading cars, kids, dropping off at school).  She and I thought how fun it would be to have Parker John tell Scott in front of them.   So he did just that, meanwhile Mimi ended up in a full blown conversation with Matt and didn't even hear it.  The best laid plans.

I captured this video though and it was pretty darn cute.  Scott kind of didn't care, but I like when Parker says they are going to name the baby Teagan (they are not by the way, they have a family friend who just named their daughter that though, thats why he said it) Scott says, "That's a funny name."   Ashley (Teagan's mom) I do not think Teagan is a funny name for the record.
My ultimate favorite is Parker John explaining that you can't squeeze it.  And that its coming soon on his birthday (March 22) not so much bud since she is due in September.  But he did get a new baby cousin, Levi John, on his birthday....maybe he knew?!!?!

So in the weeks since, we learned the gender. Drum roll please (not really necessary due to the title of this post).....IT'S A GIRL!!!! 

We can't believe it and are so excited to have a girl in the family!

Parker John originally wanted a brother, then a sister, then a brother (at least when I asked him).  I guess when he first found out (by being given a pink lollipop) he didn't care either way (probably because he had a lollipop), but was then told "You are getting a sister, that means its a girl." to which he responded, "Nooooooo".  But he's come around.

When I told Scott it was a girl he also didn't care that much, and when I explained that that meant he was going to have a girl cousin he said, "but cousins are boys."   I guess up until now they have been!

Here's to ribbons, bows and glitter!!!!

Monday, May 5, 2014

Easter 2014

This post is a tad late, but I didn't want to leave it out.  Easter fell at the end of the boys' spring break week.  We got back from camping at the beach, did laundry and headed up to the central coast to spend Easter with Grandma and Gpa.

But not before we dyed Easter eggs.
In years past the boys could not have cared less about this spring time craft, but this year we were all very excited about it.

Most of the eggs ended up dark purple. 

We headed up Saturday and Brian and snuck away for a date day lunch in SLO.

Easter morning brought us beautiful weather, perfect for an egg hunt.

Owen was over the moon about this part.  Everything was "Eastaaa Aaaayg"  "Mo Eastaaa Aaayg"

Meanwhile Scott ran around hunting eggs too fast for us to even get a good picture.  Except for when he slowed down to help his brother.  Melt my heart.

Then they moved onto to Ninja Turtle gear in their Easter baskets (because nothing says "He is Risen" quiet like weapons and masks right?!)

And by the way, Owen calls Ninja Turtles  "Injee a tutus"  Favorite.  I have to get it on video.


Excuse the slipper.  But Owen's face.  I can't.

Thanks for a fun weekend Grandma and Gpa.  Hope you felt safe with your house be guarded by hardcore ninjas.

Happy belated Easter friends!