Thursday, June 30, 2011

Ventura Adventura

Hilary and I took the boys for a long walk at the beach in Ventura the other day (in excited anticipation of our parents moving there in just days now). It was chilly when we first started out, but burned off and got sunny and beautiful by the end.

The boys enjoyed snacks and people watching, while we enjoyed chatting and the gorgeous scenery.

We ended our walk here...


And played here...

And here...
I distinctly remember coming to this beach (I'm like 99% sure it was this one, the one by the hotel mom? yeah?) as a kid. Specifically I remember coming without Hilary, I think it was her morning at MDO or preschool and my mom and I consistently had an hour or so to kill each week. There were metal swings and a slide. They have since been replaced by these swings and playground but like I said I'm pretty sure its the same location. Who would have thought in a million years, with all the moving our family does, that our boys would ever have a chance to swing on the same swings (sorta) at the same beach as we did growing up? And with all of us (almost, days away, DAYS!!!) living in the same area?!

Scott offered to push Parker J. in the nice!

Then we went home for popsicles - Parker J. lookin' oh-so-big!

Goofus LaRoofus

If you're wondering that is Scott's plastic Pluto in his mouth (hopefully NOT made in China with questionable paint, way to check mom!?!!)

Clearly important work to be done on the ipad doodle app

These jams are lookin' a little tight, and its the first time he's worn them - oops!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Girls Night Out

Here a some highlights from Alyson's Bachelorette weekend! We had a blast in Manhattan Beach on Saturday and Sunday! Most of us had already met but there were a few girls I had never met and many that I didn't know well. We had the best time celebrating Al and I really enjoyed getting to know all these girls better! Saturday afternoon was spent walking around and shopping, Manhattan is one of my favorite beach towns and there are so many fun stores!

Saturday night we went to sushi (always a winner) Here is the bride to be and the M.O.H. Lindsay (who, together with Rachel, the other M.O.H., planned the entire fun weekend...awesome job ladies)

Amy (one of 3 Amys in the wedding) Annette and I. I forgot to show off my ring pop...oops

On our way to wine and cupcake tasting

Wine and cupcake tasting...perfect combo

I don't have access to my archived photos on our external hardrive but when I do I will post this exact picture from my bachelorette of Alyson and me 3 years ago...FUN night out

Its not a party without a pillow fight before bed

Sunday morning included breakfast and the spa - I was spoiled with an amazing facial! Wonderful wonderful weekend with amazing ladies! I simply cannot wait for the wedding - congrats Al and Steve! And special thanks to Grandma Karen and Gpa Ken for staying with Scott while I was gone for the weekend (and Brian was in Sonoma for work - nascar baby! haha) it was great having a getaway with the girls and not worrying for a second that Scott was being well taken care of, loved on and having fun!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

A picnic party for ZKR

I have never seen a birthday party so cute in all my days! We had so much fun celebrating Zoey's first birthday this past Saturday!!! Zoey's mom, Andy, is one of the most talented and creative people I know. The party was so adorable and fun and her attention to detail astounds me! My pictures hardly do it justice but I will try (I've seen some pictures that other people have taken and I may have to steal and repost at some point! Just darling I tell ya!)
Above is all the picnic blankets before most of the guests had arrived.

Here is their brand new patio (awesome job Danny) where all the delish food was! Their grass is also spankin' new (good job Danny on that too!) Backyard looks great Richards'!

Obsessed with this - already asked for a tutorial so I can do something similar for holiday decor!

"Make your own snack mix" for the kiddos - awesome and yummy

Scott and Parker also ruled in the sandbox (also made by ZoZo's dad Danny as is the chalkboard behind it - woweee!)

Zoey bean bag toss!

Photo booth - love it!

Picnic time!


Scott found Zoey's rocking horse and was thrilled! He played on that thing for so long - almost as good as the real thing!

I'm just horrible and I don't even have a picture of the birthday girl - she was on a walk and/or napping while Scott and I were there mostly. We had to leave really early (devastating) because I was heading down to Manhattan Beach for a bachelorette party (which was totally fun). I was so bummed to leave early - we missed cake and Danny's band playing!!! I can't wait to see all of Andy's pictures! Happy Happy Birthday Zoey!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Ridin' the Range with Parker J.

Friday afternoon Sarah and Abby took Hilary, the boys, and I to the ranch to ride Sugar again. When we pulled in Scott was screeching with excitement!

Scott just loves loves loves horses!

He rides like a little pro - two hands at all (well most) times

Parker J. rode too. He was a little more hesitant than Scott but still had a good time!

When Parker got off so Scott could have another turn he signed/said "more more" so we knew he liked it. So we let the boys ride double - cutest.thing.ever!

"I'll hold ya steady cousin!" - Scotty P.

Can't handle the cuteness of this picture!

And we got to "help" give Sugar a bath afterwards. This was Parker's favorite part. He badly wanted to play in the hose.

Then we got to see Little Man do tricks for a while and explore the farm. Parker mostly wanted to check all the buckets to see if any of them had water in them. Scott just talked to all the horses as loudly as possible!

Another fun day!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Today we finger painted.

It was RAD!

There is that tongue know its really fun and interesting if the tongue comes out!
If you are thinking the painting looks weak sauce never fear it got much more covered and messy as did the boys, but I put my camera away after the first little bit because I was not ready to have green + blue all over it....

messy pj

Warrior paint mommies...

warrior face?!?????

We also did a craft when Zoey came over - hello paper plate tambourines - I've been missing you since the age of 5. Art work decor courtesy of SP&Z

Hair!!!! LOVE!

We beat the heat by alternatively playing indoors and swimming. We loved our artsy day which was made more fun because our farm box came today too so we munched on yummy fruits and veggies while we played hard and enjoyed great company!