Tuesday, November 17, 2015

A bunch of crazies

About a month or so ago we headed to Mimi and Papa's for a sunday afternoon.

Owen was nice enough to share his food with his Eden, and if you know Owen you know that means he really really loves you!

Then we got our ninja on.  

They crack me up!!!

Monday, November 16, 2015

Two wheelin'

And just like that Owen learned to ride a two wheel bike.

And he's already almost outgrown the 12 inch bike.
These kids are growing up way too fast!

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Halloween '15

Halloween week was a whirlwind of fun!  We kicked it off with two school parties for Owen.

He opted to go as a great white shark to school again this year.

The cuddliest shark I ever did see...

Wednesday night we got to get together with our friends/neighbors for our annual pumpkin carving.  Erika and I have had it in our minds for years that we wanted to dress Owen and Katelyn as Fred and Wilma and this year, with bribery, we finally made it happen.  

While neither of them wanted to trick or treat in these costumes we did manage to get a whole bunch of cute pictures.  I can't choose a favorite.  

Can't handle their cuteness.

Then we got to carving.  Brian scooping guts while baby Brookie supervises, and the littles dance in their chonies in the background.  Sounds about right!

Pumpkin fun:

Fiercely excited about Halloween

They are the best of buddies

It took us a while to take a serious smiling picture of the group (minus sleeping Brooke)

Little crazies

There we go...

Then Scott wanted to take over camera duties and snapped this cute picture of Erika and me

And this one of half of each family...

And of course we needed a family picture

Thursday at school was another party followed by Halloween stories at picnic pals with Picachu (sp?)

And wrestling with Danny

Brother love:

Friday was Scott's Halloween party and naturally Darth Vader couldn't head out without his Stormtrooper sidekick

We tried for a great picture of the buddies from team class.....fail, but they were really cute

And these cute friends waiting to head to preschool

Kindergarten class picture

And a silly one

Saturday morning we were at the soccer fields of course, working off that sugar high before we got it!!

Then Grandma treated us to lunch at Hugo's, my fave place!!!
And I couldn't help but capture these pictures of Owen tackling his burger

He's so enthusiastic about food his eyes go crossed

After some quiet time at home it was finally time to get into our costumes.
Dark side coming' at ya:

I never got a great one with the other trick or treaters, the night was just moving too fast

Tiny trooper

Wouldn't be Halloween with this friend.  And a special shout out to Erika for providing my "costume", its amazing what some cat ears and eye liner will do.  Not to mention for hosting and amazing pre trick or treating party for another year!  We are so lucky to have such great friends as neighbors.

Can't believe we are already a week into November.  At least we have had some fall weather which I couldn't be happier about!

Happy Halloween friends!