Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Mini Menagerie

A few weeks before Christmas Scott and I headed out of the house for the day so our counter tops could be installed (hip hip...HURRAY!, and I will try to get up before and after kitchen pictures soon). We spent the day at Mimi and Papa's house and Jay and Auntie met us too. We had been waiting to unpack a box of animals that Hilary and I had growing up and decided this would be the perfect day. The boys have a little play room at my parents house and we thought it would be the most fun to just dump the whole box out in front of them and let them go nuts. Most of you know that Scott's love of animals is unsurpassed - he loves books about them, he loves talking about them, he LOVES the zoo, he loves playing zoo with his toy animals at home, his toy animals are what he plays with the most actually, he even loves nature shows on TV - so this basically could have been his Christmas morning and we could have left it at that!
The boys had the best time discovering all the animals in front of them. They couldn't decide what to play with first. It was so fun to see them get equally, if not more excited for each new animal they picked up. "Look mom, tootle (turtle)...look mom, jaff (giraffe)....look mom, wolf....look mom, look mom, look mom....!!!!!!!"
The big giraffe in Scott's hand above was the most coveted and has since been hidden away so as to not cause the boys to come to blows over it - sharing the biggest and coolest animal in the box has proven too hard the past few visits.

It was so much fun and I know the boys loved it. You know how I know? As soon as we get to Mimi and Papa's house its the first thing Scott asks to do: "Mommy, more amuls please?!"

Rewind to fall

I know my timeline is way off here but here are some pictures of Scott playing in the leaves at Mimi and Papa's house. And really it was in December (even though it looks very fall and not so Christmassy). Hey who says southern California doesn't have seasons?

Petite Picassos

I couldn't post this pictures until now because the resulting finished product was a gift but I just had to put some up now.
A month or so ago my mom and I helped the boys paint canvases. Then we wrote a poem about being a parent over the top and gave it to Hilary and Matt as a Christmas present from Parker.

It was too much fun playing with paint then washing off with the hose!
The finished product (one of them)....I don't have a picture of it completely done with the poem on it but it turned out very sweet!

Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas, Campbell style...

So where have we been since our Disney Christmas adventure? Where are all the pictures of the Christmas festivities leading up to Christmas? Crafts? Gingerbread houses? Yeah so that pretty much didn't happen, none of it. Why? The sickies paid a visit to the Campbell household in a big way. Starting the morning after Disneyland I had a sore throat, no other symptoms really so I figured it would go away within a day or two....I was mistaken. For the last week and a half I was "can't-get-outta-bed" sick and it spread through my family like wildfire. Sick Scott, sick Brian - we were a sight. I went to my doctor twice and took Scott in twice - no drugs for this preggo (I was SO thankful I could avoid taking anything for the baby's sake) and we were able to avoid any antibiotics for Scott as well (I was so grateful for my doctor checking him again at my visit and confirming that it was indeed viral and that antibiotics were not indicated...strike two for Scott's pediatrician who prescribed them on his first visit only to have him clear up in a day or two...not too happy there, incase you were wondering strike one was when my nephew was given a dose of motrin for a low grade fever BEFORE the doctor had even seen him). Brian and Scott fought it off very quickly (with a little residual coughing etc. from Scott at night) but for some reason it kicked my butt from here to Sunday and back, likely all that my body is doing during pregnancy it just couldn't fight it off as fast.
Normally the week leading up to Christmas is one of my favorites. I try to have most of my shopping done so we can just enjoy being home. Lots of hot chocolate, sitting by the tree, fires in the fire place, Christmas movies...you know, the works. I was devastated that I had to cancel the north pole breakfast and gingerbread house decorating party we had planned for months...there is always next year. I have the best friends in the world though because not only did they understand they went out of their way to help out...even offering to pick up my sick son so I could rest (fortunately Brian was home early that day and my mom and day were able to stay over a few nights so we didn't have to expose them and their kiddos before the holidays). Shout out to my dear friend Alexis (aka Dr. Daniels) for bringing me a shopping bag full of homeopathics for me and Scott to help us kick this thing.
So needless to say I felt like Christmas snuck up on us even faster than it normally does this year. Thankfully we were all feeling good(ish) by Christmas eve and we really enjoyed the weekend. Scott and I missed out on the family Christmas party but Brian was well enough so he went to that Friday night. Fortunately we decorate early so our tree and decorations were already up too!

Christmas eve day was spent in our jams all day. We took it easy and played and took naps. Scott's Grandma and G-pa were staying at our house then Mimi and Papa joined us in the afternoon for more hanging out and some Christmas eve snacks.
Before dinner Scott had a great time playing with his play dough "snow" making snowmen!

Our (oh so formal) Christmas spread. No real change from the ordinary as we usually do appetizers and snacks as our Christmas eve meal anyways.
Scott had his dinner in the "cave" and he even convinced Mimi to eat in there with him...see, we are really formal...
After dinner Scott had fun playing with the Santa hat, he took turns putting it on everyone and clapping after each turn (loving the attention much?). He even played Santa and distributed ornaments he had made to his grandparents (the one Christmas craft we managed to bust out this year)
Christmas eve day I made sugar cookies so that they could be cooled enough for Scott to decorate that night (normally this would have happened early in the week but we were lucky to get em done that day), by the way Trader Joe's sugar cookie dough mix in a box is totally rad - frosting and colored sugar included - I have yet to find a reason not to love that store! At first Scott wasn't that sure about what we were doing with the cookies...
But then he got the hang of it....and got "super excited"....
"I got this mom"
He didn't know about eating the cookies....at first....but then he figured it out (much to my gluten free dismay)
"Gluten....in my mouth....it tastes goooooood....how do ya like me know mom?!"
"Gluten free?.....puleeez"
I managed to escape with only half a cookie eaten. Sugar and gluten are not my first choice for post cold food but what are you gonna do I guess?
Christmas morning we woke up earlyish for stockings and Christmas breakfast. Love this little dude checking out his stocking!
My big guy enjoying his favorite meal of the year: Christmas breakfast!
After showers and more presents we let Scott play for a while

Then we headed to Mimi and Papa's for Christmas with my side and dinner. Scott slept in the car so Brian stayed with him in the driveway for a bit when we got there so he could at least get a bit of a nap (don't feel sorry for him either, he got to listen to the Laker game). Jay was going out of his mind waiting for his cousin to wake up to play.
Scott had a bit of hard time waking up, but Jay was right there to give him all the hugs he could ever need (whether he really wanted them or not).
We got some family pictures out back before dinner too.
Yes I am only 6 and half months pregnant, I know you (as many people who have been incredibly vocal about it) might think I should be due any day but since my due date is not until March I don't wanna hear it (people are truly unbelievable right?!)
At dinner someone snuck a roll - just loadin' this kid up with gluten this weekend aren't we? Fantastic : /
After dinner the boys opened more presents from Mimi and Papa and got to play and take baths together. The poor guys hadn't seen each other in almost two weeks due to the sickies so it was just what they needed and the perfect Christmas present!
We wish you and your family a very merry Christmas and a safe and HEALTHY New Year!

Oh and we've named baby bro! One of our "gifts" to our parents was to tell them.....stay tuned...

Friday, December 16, 2011

A Disney Christmas

This past Wednesday we took Scott to Disneyland. This was his second trip (we went for his first birthday) but this was both and Scott's and Mommy's first trip during Christmas. I have always ALWAYS wanted to go during Christmas but it just never happened until now. And it did not disappoint! The picture above is my favorite of the whole day, quite possibly my favorite picture ever. Scott spent a ton of time on Daddy's shoulders and loved being up there, probably more than he love the rides! It is just too cute! So here are some highlights from our day...
And to my So Cal friends who have been to Disneyland a thousand and one times and have been during Christmas skim fast and excuse the poor quality of the night time shots (they don't do the decor justice at all...I need some tutelage in night time photography).

Scott's favorite ride (at Disneyland or anywhere) was the carousel. The Disney carousel is so pretty because its all white horses (I think its King Arthur's horses or something along those lines).
Here is Cinderella's castle dressed up for Christmas...just gorgeous. I would love to have an unlimited budget and do this in my house.
We stopped in toon town of course. We met Mickey on our last visit and Scott was not super patient about lines this time so we played at Goofy's house for a while.
And even got to meet Goofy. Scott wasn't crazy about him. He was super into him from afar, he kept pointing to him and saying "Moofy" but when it was our turn he didn't want to get too close.
Scott wasn't as jazzed about the rides this visit. They all start out pretty dark and he got a little nervous. He held on super tight to your hands, necks, laps etc in all of them.
At California Adventure we got to see Lightning McQueen and Mater up close and personal.
"What do you mean I can't drive them?"
After school got out our good friends, The Johnsons, met up with us. First thing we all did was see the Disney Junior stage show. Riley and Parker have seen it before and definitely knew what was coming, but that was ok because they obviously still love the show. I love how things never get old for kids! This was probably Scott's favorite thing of the day. The show includes Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Handy Manny, Little Einsteins, and Jake and the Neverland Pirates. Scott has seen most of those shows but Little Einsteins is far and away his favorite. As soon as he heard the intro music for that part he got so excited. He loved clapping along and following 'big jet', or as Scott calls him "big BIG JETTT", fly around the room.
Scott wanted nothing to do with riding in the stroller we brought, but was thrilled to ride with Ri. Makes me so excited for Scott to have a sibling in 3 months.
The tree all lit up at night...again my night photography skills are seriously lacking, this doesn't even come close to showing how gorgeous it is.
I was so excited to see the park all done up for Christmas, especially at night. This may have to become an annual Christmas activity for the Campbell family (Brian rolls eyes here, sorry honey its just too pretty and fun) we even caught the snow at the end of our evening.
"Its a small world" lit up - love the Santa hat
Another go on the carousel
Cannot believe Riley is 4....my how time flies...we wish we got to see more of the Johnsons (as in we wish we lived down the street please!!!) but we are so blessed to have them in our lives and to have our kids grow up together!
In front of the tree...someday there will be a family picture where Scott is smiling....but not today, I swear he had fun though!
Mamas and first borns!
Then, for the treat of all treats, we got to meet SANTA that night. Riley was the only kiddo brave enough to hang with the big guy on her own...but being 4 she is an old pro by now.
Johnson crew...Parker looks a little unsure
Scott was very excited to walk up to Santa on his own (kind of, Daddy was right next to him)
And this was as close as we got to sitting on Santa's lap, but no crying so that's a good sign.
So we opted for a family Santa picture again this year...
Scott was pretty stoked to give Santa a high five afterwards
It was such a fun and magical day!