Sunday, November 27, 2016

More fall fun

Remember when I said my friend Jen moved across the country?  Well the friday before they hit the road we had a little going away party for her with the whole cardio barre family.  Its really hard to describe what cardio barre has been for me, it sounds like its just my gym, but I promise you it has been so much more.  I started there when Scott was 6 months old because they offered free childcare. 6 years later and I no longer need the free childcare, but the women I have met and the friendships I have made have kept me coming back!  Jen was such an integral part of this place, she is so positive and caring and gave us 110% of herself every single day.  She helped me get back in shape for sure, but more than that she watched my babies grow up and contributed to who I am as a mother!  I can't say enough good things about her, she is deeply deeply missed already!

A picture for our friend Anna who couldn't come out that night.  She was with us in spirit!

A week later I took my last Jen class....and we decided the following:

So we danced about it....last song happened to be "Last Dance" by Donna Summer and we jut all got up and spontaneously danced it out til the very end!  Best!

Saturday it was birthday party day at the Daniels.  They hosted and awesome night for Maddox and ti was so fun to see so many friends we haven't seen in ages!

Complete with Uncle Aaron (soon to be dad in the picture)

Took this guy shopping one day....he always cracks me up!

We've had some nice evening walks before the time changed and it got dark early.  Love summer and fall evenings!

And we discovered a new hiking place minutes form our house

It even has a waterfall, who knew.

One monday afternoon we had had quite a day including a full smoothie spilling in the cupholder of my car (after I told Scott he couldn't put it in the front cup holder and then he leaned over it to change the radio while I was picking Owen up from a friends even though I had told him to not get unbuckled).  Brian came home and decided it was the perfect night to go out for mexican food and a stop at the pumpkin patch.  Daddy for the win!  He saved the day for sure!

Fall at Rincon

Fall really is my favorite time of year at the beach.  The water temperature is perfect, its still warm out - you can't beat it.

Its getting harder and harder for Charlie to join us for beach camping trips (getting down the rocks is really hard for him and too much time in the sand seems to hurt his legs) but we love when he joins us

Obligatory family selfie

Sunset, wine and combo

This trip was just a week or so before our 8th anniversary.  Thankful for this guy and the life we have together.

Fun in the sun!

We had family come up to visit so we built a bon fire on the beach (which is probably illegal)

Boogie-ing all day every day!

And dancing the sun down...
It doesn't get any better than this!

Soccer pictures

Owen age 4.5 and Scott age 6.5 fall 2016 Soccer pictures.

Fall fun

Alright before Christmas arrives I am determined to catch up on fall.  First grade, our last year of preschool, work and soccer have kept us super busy.

Back in September we found out our favorite barre instructor turned friend was moving with her family to North Carolina so we soaked up every last minute of "Jen Zen" that we could before she left.   Pictured below are me, Anna and Jen and Anna's baby (youngest of 4, go girl!) Samuel.  These two ladies have become very dear to me over the last few years and I'm so grateful to Cardio barre for bringing me such wonderful women.

Carpool mornings Owen and Kenz get extra hang out time before school

This particular morning they decided popsicles for second breakfast would be best.

I love these sweet moments between friends

Also back in September, book fair.  Pretty special when Mimi comes and reads books to you and your bestie.

Magical HH

This day my lovely friend Sandy saved me by taking both boys while I was at work and she even treated them to popsicles.  

Friends over after school checking out Scott's cool new game.  Video games are so over rated (and not welcome ever in my house!) all the kids said this was the coolest game ever!

Take a peek and electric light parade night at preschool.  Not complete without a picture with Clifford.

Hanging with Eeeds

One particular morning Auntie Andy, Kenz, Owen and I played hooky and headed to Hugo's for breakfast

I ordered gluten free chocolate chip pancakes and bacon for Owen which earned me a spontaneous hug.

There is really no one who likes food more than this one:

Friday, November 11, 2016

Eden Jeanne turns TWO and other fall fun...

Another post from way back in September....

The boys celebrating the weekend in pool!!!

Parker, Scott and Owen at Eden's 2nd birthday party

It was an art party complete with canvases and easels for the kids to create on!

Owen's masterpiece

The birthday girl

She's too cute for words.

The girls getting their cupcake on!!!

And Owen ; )

After cake it was piñata time.  Thankfully they tried to let them go youngest to oldest.  When Scott got the bat it was game over.  

Owen didn't want to go before Scott so after it was all said and done we let him have a moment with the bat and the empty piñata 

Cousins! Happy Birthday Eden Jeanne

And in other news we can see the fireworks for the thousand oaks high school homecoming game from our cul-de-sac.  So next year its on and I think we need to have a party! Love fall!!!