Tuesday, September 29, 2015

While dad was away...

Brian recently returned from what seemed like the longest trip ever.  I totally get that two weeks isn't that horrible, but it felt extra long this time.  We kept busy though and held  down the fort nicely I think.

We partied with friends at their new house:

And cooled off from this super hot weather we've been having in their new pool.

We had movie night and cuddles with our cousins:

We've been coloring and crafting during the hot afternoons:

And dressing up like ninjas whenever we get the chance:

And had whole foods sushi for dinner at least 5 times.  Its just too hot to cook and the boys go nuts for it!

Loves his "smooshie"

Its book fair week so last week while Brian was gone I set up:

And of course soccer soccer and soccer!!!!

We are so happy daddy is finally home.  We enjoyed an amazing beach weekend to welcome him back which was the perfect thing to do.  We appreciate all his hard work for our family and we are so glad to have him back for a while!

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Soccer Saturdays

We officially started soccer a few weeks ago and Scott is beyond loving it.  He asks every day if its a soccer day.  Unfortunately for him (but oh so fortunately for ME) there is only one practice and one game per week.

Game one was super fun and successful.  The only down side is the weather right now.  Its absolutely roasting out still which makes going to spend an hour or two at the soccer fields in the middle of the day on saturdays pretty miserable.  I'm looking forward to cooler weather where we can bundle up in sweatshirts and drink hot coffee while watching him play, ok that's a long shot, I'll just take not sweating while sitting still.

We ran into a friend from our class at school, her team played on the field next to ours.  Scott was super into taking a picture with his friend.  (They really are great friends believe it or not)

We practice for about a half an hour before the game.

Scott about to start the game at half time.

The hilarity of 5 year old soccer.  Herding cats.

Game 2 hustle.

Here's to two more months of Saturday soccer fun, hopefully not in the sun.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Owen's first day

This week it was finally back to school time for Owen.  It was a long two weeks for our littlest with big brother in school, he was ready!

Tuesday we were dressed, packed and ready with enough time to get Scott to school early!

Can you handle his excitement?

After the bigs got dropped off (We carpool regularly with the Richards gals) Andy and I headed to preschool with the littles.  

There they are!

Nothing like first day of school mornings with friends!

Our good friend and neighbor is in our class this year too!  Its all just so much fun!

Picking up some of the bigs from kindergarten, the regular crew!

After school we hung out at the Richards house for a while.  It was library day in kindergarten so we got right to reading!

Andy took this while I was dropping off the older siblings - he can only do so much "cheese" before he's over it!

That afternoon for "quiet time" they boys caught lizards.  So much for quiet.
The school year seems to be off to a good start for everyone.  Its definitely crazier than last year with the back and forth and different schedules but luckily so many of our friends are doing it too that there is always someone available for rides and pick ups.  Its going to be a crazy but fun year - here's hoping that I actually upload and post any pictures to record it all!

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Cayucos Beach weekend

At the end of our first week of kindergarten Grandma and Gpa treated us to a fantastic end of summer beach vacation in Cayucos.  

We headed up friday as soon as school let out and made great time to the central coast.

We arrived to this stunning view of the town and the ocean....

Exploring.  Throughout the weekend we were able to see many seals, a sea otter and at least one whale.  And apparently there was even a near shark attack a few miles down the beach from where we were boogie boarding (the shark only took a chunk out of the surfer's board), which I'm glad we did not see.

That night we did some puzzles (before the end of the weekend Scott had done every puzzle in the entire house, at least once if not multiple times.  The kid loves puzzles)

And drew more ta-waan-chew-wahs (tarantulas) than I can count

The next morning the boys were ready to hit the beach bright and early.  And lucky for this mama there was an amazing coffee shop around that corner that served up some matcha with almond milk, just my style!

We boogie boarded and flew kites

Love these beach boys.

That afternoon we explored the town and checked out not only the local cookie company that made the most ridiculous brown butter cookies (gluten free, egg free and nut free.....YAY for owen!) but also got some ice cream.  Treats all day when you're on vacation.

Family photo attempt.  No smile from Owen.  Typical.

That evening we explored the tide pools - and this picture just melted my heard!

And of course enjoyed some wine!

I will never tire of ocean views:

The pictures will not do justice, but that night we watched the moon rise over the town, it was pretty spectacular.

The next morning we headed a little ways down the coast and stopped in Pismo for a little extra beach time before we headed home.

The waves were pretty rough, but that didn't slow Scott down for one second.

It was the perfect weekend and the best way to end our first week of school and say goodbye to summer.  Thanks for a great time Grandma and Gpa.