Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Spring afternoons

We are loving the weather and the parks!

So blessed to have such wonderful friends close by to meet at the park!
Scott has to do whatever Ryker does! Don't they look like such boys?!?!!

Another cool park...

You may or may not be getting sick of me posting about cool parks we visit. Well we found another one. Kind of modern art looking but really cool. The boys loved it....and so did the mommies!

When we first walked up to it Hilary said, "Wow, some of the toys look a bit too big for the boys to play on...but NOT too big for US!" She was "kid in a candy store" excited! Can you tell by her face?

Parker J. ready to play
Just give me the keys to the car, I might as well be a 16 year old with how old I look right....
Annoyingly sideways picture but I couldn't fix it for some reason (I'm not great with computer photo editing but I'm usually not that horrible) I couldn't resist posting this picture of Scott CRACKING UP (sideways or not)
There was this totally trippy slide with no sides, it didn't look that bad until you got to the top of the ladder then you would swear you were going to fly right off of it.

All the "fire poles" were different shapes and swung around...too big for the boys...just right for the moms! HAHA!

The boys were very excited to find there was a picnic table/clubhouse just their size. What a great place to have a serious cousin to cousin chat!

Spider web made of ropes

"Hi Mom!"

"Pinned ya...pinned ya again!"

I can't get enough of this spring weather and the sun staying out later....hurry up summer I can't wait to for you to get here!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Life's a Garden....Dig It!

I do not have a green thumb. At all. More like brownish-blackish. But I've been wanting to grow my own veggies for a long time. And many friends of ours do it and say its so easy. E-A-S-Y are speakin my language. So I've done some research and gotten some tips and we are diggin' in! We are all super excited!
Despite having my mom in town for a month and us talking about going to get supplies everyday, we never actually did it (amazing how busy you are when you don't even have that much to do). So Brian and I went yesterday and bought a few pots and some organic soil...then went back out today in search of plants. I'm very picky about where the plants are from and how they are grown so let's just put it this way: we made a lot of stops - thanks for being a good sport Brian. (His story may sound slightly different.)
All I could find for now was: bell peppers, jalapenos, butter lettuce, romaine lettuce and artichokes. I really want to do spinach and kale (because I spend a small fortune on these two leafy greens each week for my breakfast smoothie) but to my dismay no one has them, organic or otherwise. So....I bought seeds....yikes. My neighbor suggested sprouting them before planting....fingers crossed people!

So needless to say, Scott, Brian, Charlie and I had a blast planting our new plantlings this afternoon. Scott even had his own gardening tools to help out.

Not time to pick yet buddy....

Lettuce and peppers...just starting out.

Watering....not so much the plant but he was getting the least he was getting the grass...hey its green!

So The Campbell Family Garden is officially underway....we will keep you informed of our progress. If you think of it, remind me to water! And if all goes well we will bring over some yummy salads soonish!

13 months...

Today Scott turns 13 months old. A month ago we were having his first birthday party. His first birthday was a whole month ago. This is the first 27th of the month I haven't taken Scott's picture in front of his bear with block letters. I considered it. But come on, cut the cord mom, we don't need to do a staged monthly picture after the first year right. I know he's 13 months, and its not like I didn't take any pictures.
He is definitely a toddler now. I don't get to say when people now ask how old he is "oh he JUST turned one" he didn't, now i have to say he's 13 months, which is exciting don't get me wrong but we have fully ushered in toddler-hood!
Scott is Mr. Independent. He thinks he can climb stairs without sitting or kneeling, and go down the same way...totally unassisted. He is getting really good at telling us what he wants by pointing and or "saying" what it is. He is even better at telling us what he doesn't want: shakes his head 'NO' and even says "no" clear as day...awesome : /
His verbal skills are improving daily, and, for the first time ever, we finally got him to sign 'please'. He does another "sign" that we have no idea what it is....kind of looks like the "all done" sign but he only does it with one hand...kind of like a princess wave...we can't seem to figure out what he is correlating it with...any ideas?
He is becoming a great (knock on wood) sleeper. Bedtime around 7-7:30 wake up between 6-6:30. No complaints here. Some days he takes a good nap...some days win some you lose some!
Scott loves being out and about and going to activities and the park and playing with all his friends! His best friend is Parker J. Those boys love each other to bits. Every time they get together the first thing they do is give each other a huge hug! Love that!
Well, Happy 13 months little man! I will always celebrate your milestones and I will do my best not to do that in an embarrassing way (but I can't promise). We love you Munch!

Just Scott

Shopping for craft supplies with mommy - hilarious hat

Enjoying puffs with Charlie...

Saturday chores

Sweeping and mowing

Hanging out with Grandma and G-pa while mommy and daddy went to a work party...."you're kidding me?!?!"

Best seat in the house (ignore messy fridge)

Little Gentelman

Takin' his girl Zoey out for a ride

Thursday, March 24, 2011


Guess what FedEx brought today...
A birthday present for me from my parents... very own Vitamix! I'm super duper excited! I realize that it might seem strange to be this excited about a blender, but if you are a foodie like me then you get it, plus its so much more than a blender! I already have my favorites that I will be making in this baby and I can't wait to try heaps more recipes. I also think this will make my raw food eating days so much easier and enjoyable!

Tonight I was so excited that I decided to forgo dinner and made my typical breakfast smoothie instead...I just had to try this bad boy out! Kale, spinach, banana and out!
Thanks mom and dad!!!

Whatcha eatin'?

If Scott sees anyone take a bite of food...this is his instant reaction! Its almost like a reflex, he can't help it! Its hilarious! We are trying not to give in and encourage him to ask for what he wants and say please (parenting points!) - but its just too darn cute!

Easter Candy...

I am not usually a huge candy person or even sweets person...every once in a while yes and there are definitely things I can't say no to, but for the most part I'm not crazy for it. But something about Easter candy tempts me so. Robins eggs, Cadbury mini eggs (I despise the cream eggs...vomit), reeses eggs, jelly beans, peeps, today I even discovered peanut butter m&ms in the shape of eggs covered in pastel speckles - can't beat it!
Today in target I went down the Easter aisle for the first time and I seriously could have bought a bag of each (Dove also has a bunch of new yummies for Easter). I would like to especially thank Melissa from Cardio Barre for whooping my butt for an hour before I went to target (for contact solution - how did I end up in the Easter aisle? Its a mystery!) so I was highly motivated to not buy or eat candy. I did get one bag of peanut butter m&ms for the candy dish (we are the "m&m house" afterall) and some reeses eggs because Brian has been asking for them so I plan on surprising him by putting them in his lunch, but I did not buy the 10 bags I was drooling over! YAY will power!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


This picture has nothing to do with Parker's birthday...just a fun artsy picture of our two one year olds. I'm a day late with this post (but I don't think I will ever be able to post on a tuesday - tuesdays are my busiest days all week!) but Parker J. officially turned ONE yesterday! Now we have two one year olds! Holy smokes!
Our mom and dad left today...sad face! But we had a great time with them visiting and got to do so much. We just figure now the quicker they get home the quicker they can work on moving down this way! Fingers crossed everyone...EVERYONE!

Monday, March 21, 2011


I broke! Our disneyland photo pass was about to expire and they so kindly reminded me of this via email...what do you mean I can only view these awesome, magical memories for one more week? But for only 14$ (per picture) I could have the digital files!!! Well there were 6 to choose (because there was no freakin' way I was buying all 6) I did the family shot where we were all looking at the camera and Scott is lovin' on Mickey! So now I can post and print this picture to my heart's delight! So here I am: posting it...because I was not spending 14$ and not doing something with it right away....for that price I should post it every other day for the next year right?! Such a sucker!

Gotta visit this place....

Last week Hilary, Parker, Grammy, Grandma Kathy, Scott and I drove up the coast to visit a possible wedding venue for Hilary and Matt. I'm in love with this place and cannot wait to go back. It is a rustic, camp style "resort". They have tons of amenities and you can stay in cabins or permanent style tents (I'm doing just the absolute worst job of describing this place....go to if you want to get an understanding for it). The point is whether Hilary and Matt choose this place to get married at or not its a winner in my book and I'm already planning a trip back with Brian and Scott for a weekend (in my head planning...not actual booking a date and shelling out the cash planning).

H & P

Parker J. doing head butts with Auntie!

Oh and the top picture of Scott: yes we have leashed him up. Judge if you must but this kid will literally just leave. We are always watching and we hold hands in public but he literally doesn't care at all if anyone is with him or following him. So we bought the puppy dog backpack leash and it works like a charm so far!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Parker J.'s Par-tay!

Today was Parker J.'s first birthday party...Theme: The Very Hungry Caterpillar!!!

Pictures of Parker were all over....I especially loved the Happy B-day sign drawn on the kitchen chalk board (which I'm dying to have in my kitchen one of these days in case you care!)

All of these pictures were of Parker eating something and the red balloon in front is the head of the caterpillar...don't you just love Hilary's creativity?!?!!
Very Hungry Parker J. With tons of caterpillar and worm toys on the mantel above.
I'm super irritated that I didn't get pictures of the outside decorations and the food...all the food was focused on what the caterpillar ate in the book...and everything had a sign with the part of the book that coordinated (see a picture of this would have made for a much better explanation). There was also a plate to decorate with the caterpillar in the middle and everyone wrote around it - CUTENESS!

Parker enjoying some birthday puffs while we get his cupcake ready!

Face first: really the only way to do it!


And be sure Scott got in on the cake tasting action!
Then came bees to honey the babies came for the packages and paper and new toys!
Parker wasn't too interested in reading cards, unwrapping etc. so Scott lent Auntie a helping hand!

A very cool wooden board a friend of Hilary and Matt's made for Parker's room...they are all very artsy and creative!
P & Z enjoying the ribbons and bows!
S & Z checking out the new toys!

P & S "sharing" the lawn mower....
Side note on this picture: The mower was a gift to Parker from my parents. It has been staying at our house for the past week and every time Scott saw it in the box he so badly wanted to play with it. Fast forward to today and Parker opened it and Scott was beside himself wanting to play with it. So Uncle Matt graciously opened it up and put it together...and the boys promptly fought over it, so we removed the temptation (because it was only the 3rd or so present Parker opened) causing tears on all accounts. Fortunately when we brought it out later the boys did a great job taking turns and/or using it together. They actually have become great at sharing due to how much time they are around each other. It is very sweet to see them pass toys back and forth and give each other bites of their snacks!

Parker J. had a great party -- he will officially turn 1 on Tuesday! My how times flies!