Monday, August 31, 2015

Last week of summer

I tried my best to have a mellow last week of summer.  Fat chance of that.  We were super busy with kindergarten orientation, work, trips to the beach, play dates etc.

We made it out for one last school beach day and it turned out to be just my girlfriend and her two kids plus a borrowed and us.  Kind of relaxing and perfect.


Buried in the sand.  One of his favorite things.

Wednesday night dinners in the park is one of my favorite things, its because a summer tradition with our neighbors and I feel like its everything neighborhood friends should be!

Although no one is smiling (well I guess Owen is) this picture just makes my heart happy.  Typical of our little neighborhood crew.

Up next: Back to School.....

Last Rincon trip of summer

No better way to kick off the last week of summer than a weekend Rincon trip.  I'm pretty sure its a tradition now.

Lots of boogie boarding.  Lots of friends coming to visit and play at the beach. Lots and lots of sun!!!

I also got to paddle board again.  Fortunately Brian grabbed a shot pre voyage because my first trip out I got wrecked.  Totally bailed on a wave coming in and got smacked in the head by the board.  Rough stuff.  I decided to get back on the horse and ended up going back out a few more times that weekend (after some more tutorials from Brian!)

We watched from the rocks above as five boys had full on fight club on the beach before sunset.  It was pretty great to just relax and watch.  No one got hurt, no one cried or whined, no one got too rough.  Pretty fun!

Always sad to see summer start coming to a close, but with this heat wave I am more than ready to bring on fall.

Friday, August 14, 2015

Ventura County Fair

Tuesday morning we got up bright and early (good practice for kindergarten!!!!) and headed to Mimi and Papa's for a day of fun.  We started with breakfast/second breakfast in the back yard, complete with figs straight from the tree! Heaven in my mouth!!

Then we headed out with Mimi and Papa, Auntie, Parker J and Eden to the Ventura County Fair.  Parker J has been going for the last few years and was through the roof with excitement.  My kids have never been and weren't really sure what to expect but Parker's excitement definitely rubbed off on them. 

I'm not crazy about fairs, hence why my kids had never been.  It had just never worked out in years passed, although Mimi and Papa had invited us before.  This year worked out perfectly and I put aside my distaste for crowds, heat and smells and we had a magical day.

We started with all the animals.  The boys went into one exhibit to see a reticulated python.  Since it cost extra to see this I opted to stay out.  But it was a highlight for sure.

Loved this little calf named ChaCha!!

And we spent a good amount of time swooning over the baby pigs.  I have been pestering Brian for a while about getting a teacup pot belly pig as a pet (he is horrified at the idea) and totally unprompted Scott said, "I want a baby pig as a pet!" And then says, "They are so cute I can't even stand it."


And baby goats...

The boys were good sports about all the fair photo ops.

We stopped for lunch at this stage and listened to some fun jazz music.  We were probably the only ones who brought hard boiled eggs, cut up veggies and fruit etc. instead of indulging in fair food, but I just can't deal with fair food.  Ugh. Nightmares.  The mascot came through while we were eating and did a little dance, and Parker joined him.  Awesomeness.  You have to look closely but this a picture of parker getting down the mascot (I don't know exactly what it was but it looked like a germ, coincidence?)

After lunch we started on rides.  My two were not about the swings so Auntie bravely rode with Parker J.  I would have barfed.

Then the helicopters.  The big boys rode together and I though Owen would just take the back seat.  Nope.  He wanted to drive and was just fine going by himself.

Big boys in the police helicopter.

Then the carousel where Owen got a turn to ride with his cousin (Scott sat this one out because he didn't get the horse he wanted.  Life lessons. Sigh.)

The boy really wanted to do this but they weren't tall enough, thankfully, because it looked pretty dangerous. I really wanted to go on it and sing Grease songs though...

Hilary and I then took the big boys on the big ferris wheel. Poor Owen was too short.  They were a little nervous at first but ended up loving it.

Going up...

Love those views.
There is something magical to me about ferris wheels....

While the big boys were doing that Papa took Owen and the bumblebees and he had a blast.  Well, I think they both did.

Then we were on to the bumper boats.  This was probably the biggest hit of the day, especially for Owen.  So much so that he begged and pleaded to go on it again.

The last thing of the day was playing a little duck game where all the boys won a prize, and of course they all picked inflatable swords that were as tall as they are.

Thanks for a fun day at the fair, Mimi and Papa.

Loving these end of summer memories.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

My best friend's wedding....

The weekend has finally come (and gone).  We have been planning and celebrating all summer and last weekend was my childhood best friend's wedding to the love of her life.

Thursday night I went out to dinner with some old coworkers, and being my smart self I ordered an extra vedic latte to go to heat up in the morning.  (In case you're wondering it turmeric, ginger, vanilla and almond milk and Hugo's makes the best in the world).   So we hit the road early and I had a my treat in hand!

The wedding was just up the road from Grandma and Gpa's house.  Huge thank you to them for keeping not just our boys for the weekend, but also Parker John on Saturday during the wedding.  Scott had been excited all week that Parker was going to get to come see his Grandma and Gpa's house.  I heard they had so much fun and it was so nice to all be able to celebrate knowing the kids were in the best hands!

After we got the kids settled we headed up to SLO for the rehearsal and dinner.  Erin and I stayed at the Madonna Inn that the Love Nest no less.  Total bucket list place to stay for me, and I had just found out that my friend had spend her wedding night in this exact you know I texted her this picture!

Our view.  I love the central coast!

Later that night down in the restaurant for drinks.  I wish pictures could do this place justice...its so pink and gaudy, in the best way.

Top of the love nest...

The bride and I got matching manis without even planning it...

So I basically didn't have my phone out at all on the wedding day.  I just wanted to be in the moment and not worry about grabbing my phone or catching a bunch of pictures.  I took a few and stole a few and someday I hope to get some from the photographer.

MOB getting ready!  Growing up I called her Aunt Mom, and let me tell you she hasn't changed a bit.  It was so fun spending this day with her.

All but one of the bridesmaids.  Kara, sister of the groom, has a new new baby so she spent most of the day with him.  And of course Cason, the cutest ring bearer!

Erin being walked down the aisle by her brother, Kevin.

And being given away.

My sweetest Eden Jeanne was in attendance and I got to hang with her all afternoon. 

My handsome wedding date.  Thanks for putting up with all the girlyness this weekend, Brian.  He drove us all over the place and stopped for more wine and waters and anything else we needed.  Probably not his idea of the best way to spend the evening, a bunch of silly, giggly bridesmaids to drive around, but he was an awesome sport and I was so happy to have him with me during the reception and the rest of the weekend!  I'm so lucky!

My tiny dance partner...

Time for toasts.  I love that Vanessa captured this picture of the bride and groom listening to their toasts.  

Uncle B and the cutest little guest:

The bride and groom!
So happy for Erin and Drew and so honored to stand next to them and celebrate their love this weekend!!!!