Tuesday, May 19, 2015

School Campout

I really can't believe another preschool campout has come and gone.  This year flew by.  FLEW.  This is sort of our last big thing with school for the year.  And its always amazingly fun!!!  This year rain was predicted, but it stayed away and it kind of made for a fun, small, intimate group.

Kia and I sent this picture to one of our favorite people, the kids' teacher Sandy, she couldn't make it this year and we sure did miss her!!!!!  And yes we had face painted mustaches the whole evening, classy ladies!

Tractor rides

And these friends being terms for the picture!

Sweet friends:

Scott and Parker (not cousin).  Scott remembered his spider painted on his face last year and wanted to relive the memories, so funny what sticks with them. 

 Smores time.

And of course glow sticks.

Brian, Joanne and I raided the kitchen late that night and amused ourselves by adding to this sign.

Parker's mom needed to take her youngest home so Parker got to bunk up with the Campbell boys for the night, it definitely made it extra fun!

Waking up at school is so special. 

I'm so thankful Owen has two more years at this amazing school.  Its going to be really hard when our last school campout rolls around!!!  
Loved this night and all our memories with our village!


So I'm thinking about making this just a camping update blog, because we go a lot.  Our most recent trip, a couple weeks ago, was amazing.  Mimi and Papa used our RV and for the week, also helping us reserve a spot for the weekend, pretty amazing to know we had a spot leading up to the weekend.

Let the weekend begin...

So without going into too much detail, there was a little health related drama at school a few weeks ago, it all got resolved but it definitely left a bad taste in my mouth about how some of it was handled by certain people in charge and how many conclusions were jumped to.  So long story short, I have the funniest friends in the world and one of them left this little tapeworm in my cubby.  So in her honor I documented "Percy the Parasites" beach weekend:

Owen's new lovey. 

The boys soakin' up the sun...

Again, my friends, I just can't.  My wine yoke also from a girlfriend....its like they just know me. 
 Sunsets in full effect:

Which brother is which?

Boogie boarding of course (despite how cold it was!)

Afternoon cocktails with Percy.

Getting buried


Scott mastering his smash ball skills

Family selfies, always a must

Sunday morning Percy and I met Mimi for coffee in town, I definitely decided this will become our new camping tradition!!!

Hanging with the Daniels on Sunday.

Another great beach weekend!