Friday, October 28, 2011

Drum roll please....

It's a little brother!!!!

If we are friends on facebook or family of any kind or if Brian has your phone number (he did the texting while we were still there) then you already know no drum roll necessary. But I wanted to document anyways.
We found out Wednesday afternoon that we are having a healthy (operative word!) baby boy in March! Scott was right...he has said boy all along! The appointment was fun and it was great to learn the sex. We got the official report from my midwife today that everything looks healthy and right on track!
With Scott we always knew what his name would be....this time around is going to be a little tougher, but we are looking forward to the naming process (we didn't really have a process last time since we just always knew).
Hurray for baby brothers!!!!!

20 months....

and 20 weeks prego!!!! Scott turned 20 months on the 27th and I'm 20 weeks pregnant with bambino number 2! Too crazy and too fun!

Halloween sneaky peek

It was "wear your costume day" at this week's gym'n'swim we did! And how cute is our little monkey! More fun pics to come when we go trick or treating on Monday!


This year's October was a little different since Scott and I spent so much time at my parents' (see previous post). So we didn't get to do quite as much pumpkin patching as I would have liked, not to mention decorate (tear). We finally made it to the "patch" last weekend while we were home with daddy. I say patch because when you ask Scott to say pumpkin patch he just says the patch part...and now when he sees a pumpkin or jack-o-lantern anywhere he refers to it as "patch" - hilarious!

So anyways we hit the Pierce Patch right when they opened, unfortunately it was already 85 degrees and getting hotter by the minute which made for a less than fabulous time. We made the best of it by getting some pumpkin pictures and seeing some of the best attractions.

Scott really wanted to watch the pony rides and was disappointed that he couldn't ride himself (you had to be 2) or at the very least pet them. He kept saying "pet, neigh neigh peas mommy" sad!

We did get to pet the goats at the petting zoo...not neigh neighs but it did the trick.

Then we had a carousel ride - at least he got to ride these neigh neighs. He spotted the carousel the moment we walked in and talked about it the whole time until we rode it - we really had no choice.

We didn't even get a family patch picture this year so we had to settle for separate pics of mom and dad each with the can tell in the picture how hot and miserable it is by Scott's pink cheekers...good choice on the long sleeve shirt mom?!!!?!?!!

We picked out some "patches" and Scott loved this little one that he could carry around.

Confession: we didn't even buy pumpkins...turns out the are like 90% cheaper at Trader Joe's so when I did my shopping that afternoon I picked out a pumpkin to carve (2.99...would have been 13 or so at Pierce) and a small pumpkin for Scott like the one he's carrying above (for a dollar!). So we aren't total Halloween humbugs. Even though it was hot we still had a fun morning at the patch!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Mimi and Papa's

During our kitchen DIY (husband - not me) remodel, Scott and I have spent the last 3 weeks living at my parents rental house on and off. And no complaints here. While we missed Daddy immensely, we enjoyed living at the beach and getting spoiled by Mimi and Papa!

With the beach only four houses from theirs, we went down almost every day (let's see there was a day that rained, and I think one other day that was just too cold, other than that we were there!). Scott learned to say beach and would ask to go basically as soon as he woke up in the morning!
And of course Mimi was always willing to take him in the freezing cold water (it actually wasn't too bad once you'd been in for a few minutes)
Scott and mommy splashing around - the bump pictures are clearly not happening but here is somewhat of a profile shot of baby 2 at 16 weeks.
After the beach each day we got to partake in the amazing outdoor shower - Scott thought it was the greatest thing since sliced bread. And he learned quickly how to wash his feet by copying Mimi!

A long afternoon at the beach deserves a frozen treat don't you think? We had a stash of popsicles on hand for a post beach snack....
Cold desserts are Scott's favorite kind of torture....but he always comes back for more!

We were up early every day for breakfast and playtime in our jammies.

There was an elementary school across the street from the house so every morning Scott looked forward to seeing the school buses and watching the "deets" (kids) run around outside. He also really like trash day because the trash truck would pick up the big dumpsters from the school.

Some days Parker J. would come up to play. The boys tried really really hard to move this coffee table. Never happened because it was basically solid cement.

Sprinting to the waves...

The beach was extra fun with J!

Two nekkid babies in the outdoor shower

Making our very own lunch!

One of the nights we were home Brian and I set up Scott's new slide structure and let him explore it. Aside: I found this at Baby Green Resale - an awesome consignment sale that happens every other month in Simi - must check it out - fabulous deals!

On the corner of my parent's street is the ultimate treat: Frozen Yogurt! This place was awesome, they had 8-10 flavors of self serve yogurt that changed every few days, plus a toppings bar - dangerous. The best part was that they always had dairy free option...perfect for Scott!!!

Scott going to town on his pomegranite blueberry {with rainbow sprinkles - score!} with Mimi.

So good at sharing (after some coaxing)

When the yogurt was mostly gone he was determined to pick out all the sprinkles. Hey moms of toddlers: need hours of entertainment? Left over sprinkles in a cup that's kind of sticky - done and done!

Finally he said screw it and went in for the kill....
Resulting in rainbow sprinkled piggies!!!!

After our dessert this particular night we went back to the beach for the sunset. It was magical!

Scott and Mimi hittin' the waves

Apparently I need to learn camera settings for sunsets because all my pictures turned out really dark....the one below would have been awesome because you can even see mist from the waves...imagine this picture taken with the right settings....

My littlest goofus! He was having so much fun with the pumpkin sticker decorating kit!
We really couldn't have had better timing for the kitchen re do. A few weeks at the beach does a body good! We were able to relax (most days) and go for lots of walks and to the park and of course the beach! Thanks for having us mom and dad...we were sure spoiled!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Fall crafts

So I know that 3 babies in diapers on a beach towel doesn't exactly scream fall, but what can I say it's been really hot. We got the littles together for their first craft of the fall a few weeks ago (I'm doing some serious blog catch up right now). We started with markers on pumpkins in the kitchen but some of us were more interested in sucking the {non toxic} ink out of the markers. So we went out back for finger painting which was way more successful.

We even whole punched each of their names in their very own pumpkin.

Zoey worked hard on her craft - blue/green mouth was a casuality of the aforementioned marker tasting.
Andy took more pictures and got one of each of them holding their master piece at the end! Too cute! When I get my hands on those I will post them : ) Hoping for some cooler fall weather for our next fall craft day!

Block zoo

A fun memory I have from my childhood is of a day (quite possibly a birthday) where I had spent the whole day out in San Francisco with my dad (which was in itself a wonderful day), then when I got home and went in my bedroom my whole floor was covered with Barbies. My mom had set up a new set of fun Barbie pools and beach houses etc. and put all my Barbies out. It was such a fun surprise! So my effort to recreate this for Scott (on a reall small scale) was to set up a zoo made of blocks with new animals in it for when he woke up from a nap one day.

He was a little sleepy still but overall I think it was fun surprise. Some day I think I will something similar again, but on a bigger scale, maybe for a birthday surprise!